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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • The beginning of the movie, Buster is narrating how he became enthralled with show business, pulling a ...And That Little Girl Was Me. Unfortunately, some stagehands are waiting outside his office demanding to be paid.
    Buster Moon: And I should know, because I am Buster-
    Angry chimpanzee: Moon! Open this door!
    • The part where he noted that his child self's "dream of becoming the first koala bear in space had become toast" is also good for a laugh.
  • The audition scene is by far the funniest moment of the movie! Highlights include, in order:
    • The shrimp singing "Crazy In Love".
    • A trio of frogs singing Van Halen's "Jump".
    • A sheep singing Seal's "Kiss from a Rose".
    • The red panda group performing the Japanese pop song "Kira Kira Killer". Mrs. Crawley enjoys it and claps along, Buster's face screams "What the fuck is that?!"
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    • A quartet of turtles singing an a cappella version of Donavan's "I Love My Shirt".
    • The rabbits with "Anaconda" invert the reactions to the red pandas: Buster enjoys the show with a big smile on his face, while a mortified Mrs. Crawley covers her face with her clipboard.
    • Lance and Ash go... a bit too high in the decibels.
    • A llama tries to play a tune that sounds suspiciously like "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida on guitar, but keeps stopping to re-tune it every few notes. We eventually cut to Buster cringing.
    • An alligator sings the rap song "The Humpty Dance" by Digital Underground while dancing like a robot.
    • A beaver sings "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton while swaying his arm back and forth.
    • Sherry-Anne's mother takes her daughter out of her pocket pouch to let her sing "The Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats.
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    • The group of spiders singing Las Ketchup's "Asereje". Potentially even funnier to Brazilian viewers due to there being a translated version of the song that was massive when it was first released in the early 2000s, is still fondly remembered by those who grew up during that period, and overshadows the original in terms of popularity there. The song was also a hit in the UK, which makes sense seeing as the director is British.
    • Pete singing a really long opera note.
    • Ray, the snail, who has to stand on the microphone, singing "Ride Like the Wind".
    • Daniel, the giraffe, sings Michael Jackson's "Ben". Buster's amazed reaction is just priceless.
  • When Buster bikes up to the fancy restaurant he's meeting Eddie in, he tells the valet to be careful as the bike's "A classic". The minute Buster enters the building, the bike falls apart, leaving the confused valet holding a rusty handlebar and seat.
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  • One of the frog singers ends up quitting in hysterics. When Buster asks why, he replies "They said I was an intolerable egomaniac! I don't even know what that means!"
  • You wanted to see Matthew McConaughey sing "Call Me Maybe"? This movie answers your prayers! And when Buster gets Ash to sing a bit of the song too, she does so... in the most sarcastic way possible. Yet, Buster still can't see past her sarcasm.
  • The moment in the final contestant selection where it is first assumed that Richard the buffalo pooped his pants, but is subverted when a Wilhelm Scream follows it, and it is then revealed that Richard actually stepped on Ray. Richard's reaction to this is hilarious:
    "You alright? Just hang in there, Ray! I gotcha! Oh...oh...whoopsie...oh...gosh..."
  • How Johnny was selected. In the end, it was a toss-up between him and a giraffe named Daniel, and Buster initially chose Daniel. However, Daniel's neck was so long that Buster had to speak into a megaphone in order to be heard. Realizing "That's gonna drive me crazy", Buster changed his mind and switched to Johnny.
  • The dialogue when Buster gives Ash "Call Me Maybe" as her contest song:
    Ash: I am not singing this!
    Buster: What's not to like? You're a female and you're a teenager. This song was made for you!
    Ash: Wow! It's like you can see inside my tiny teenage mind!
    Buster: I know, right?
  • The red panda group keep showing up everywhere in the theater, either unaware that they failed to make the cut or just that determined to be part of the show. When Buster relents, he tries to tell them in Japanese, using a language book - and whatever he actually said offended them so much that the girls walk out, one taking a moment to slap him. According to the script, what Buster says translates into "You are smelly. Like toenails."
  • Two during Johnny's training session for driving the escape car for his father's gang:
    • Johnny, apparently getting fed up with his dad criticizing his driving cuts said criticism off by speeding off, interrupting Marcus in the process. Then we cut to him driving like a crazy person, as he imitates his old man.
      Johnny: "Too soft on the corners, Johnny! You're not doin' it right, Johnny! Speed up, Johnny! Do it like I showed you-" (realizes he's charging straight towards his father) - AAAAAAAAHH!!
    • When Johnny hits the brakes, his dad is nowhere to be seen. Both Johnny and the viewers are led to believe that Johnny ran his old man down... but Marcus pops up and isn't mad at all. He's ecstatic that Johnny beat his first time!
  • When about to explain to Eddie why he's so dedicated to the theater, Buster points to a bucket his father used and asks if his friend knows what it's for. Eddie guesses that it's to catch rainwater, but Buster corrects him, pointing to the other bucket that happens to be full of rainwater before continuing his story.
  • Mike struggling to hold onto, well, the mike, as helicopters arrive and blow him away.
    • And then there's his initial reaction: "You gotta be kidding me!"
    • After it, the group who dismissed him when watching Rosita and Gunter perform on TV are shown again, all of them with tears in their eyes.
      Cat: That pipsqueak really was great!
  • Meena failing to audition because of her stage fright is pretty sad, but as she walks dejectedly out, she kicks a tree and all of the leaves fall out of it.
  • The reveal that Buster quite literally lives in his office. He sleeps in his desk drawer!
  • During Ash's performance, she starts head banging, sending her quills everywhere. Her audience has to duck and hide behind their seats, and when she's done, Ash is forced to awkwardly ask, "You guys okay?". As the audience then bursts into cheers, Buster comes out to congratulate her, and he's got about three or four quills stuck in his head (which he doesn't even notice until she points them out). And the bank representative is more or less turned into a living pincushion. Nana Noodleman, when Buster spots her in the crowd, also has a quill in her hair. Earlier in the movie, she already accidentally threw some quills in Buster's face as she was bawling over her recent breakup with Lance.
    Buster: Ow! (Removes one quill) OW!
  • Buster twice pulling a Stealth Hi/Bye on Eddie:
    • The first time, Eddie is taking a late night swim in his pool. Cat Stevens's "The Wind" is playing, he's gracefully doing laps... and then he looks up, and there's Buster, casually sipping a soda, and asking him this:
      "Are you wearing a Speedo, Eddie?"
    • The second time, Eddie is going to visit Nana, and Buster calls him, causing a split screen. When Buster compliments Eddie on his jacket, Eddie turns, and we see it's not a split screen, Buster is sitting right next to him on the wall surrounding Nana's property.
  • Gunter has several funny moments:
    • The part in the scene where Gunter and Rosita are in their dressing room for the first time where Gunter wants Rosita to warm up before dancing with him:
      Gunter: Come on! Let’s take off zeez clothes!
      Rosita: That—that is not necessary. Oh! That is a lot of skin.
      Gunter: Don’t you look so vorried face! I’ve got one for you too! [holds up a tiny red ballerina costume as Mike walks into the room]
      Mike: Hey, Porky! Keep it down, will ya?
      Gunter: Oh, sorry.
    • Gunter playing with glow sticks during the blackout. And the fact that Gunter even had glowsticks in the first place.
    • When Rosita is comforting Ash after her boyfriend cheated on her, Gunter comes up with this nickname for him:
      "That total super-jerk dinkleschplatt!"
    • When Johnny asks Rosita if he can go before her in the dress rehearsal, she agrees. However, Gunter has already run onto the stage and started their number.
    • Gunter's answer to Buster's question intended for Rosita after she tripped:
      "Oh yes, I'm fine, thank you. How are you?"
    • Gunter's head popping out of a cardboard washing machine during his performance of Shake It Off with Rosita. Everyone found it funny In-Universe, too.
  • The trio of gangster bears get a moment of Black Comedy at the end of the film. After they go hunting Mike yet again, they grab him out of the final show and walk down the street with him in tow. Ignoring his pleas, the leader glances to one of his subordinates and nods at Mike as if asking 'hey, you wanna eat him?'. The other bear shakes his head, looking surprisingly repulsed, probably fed up with chasing after one mouse for so long. Even before that, when the three of them are sitting quietly in the club, and one of the bears suddenly sees Mike singing in the final show. Cue Spit Take, that visibly sprays onto his friend's jacket.
  • Mike's reaction to finding an inhaler in someone's pocket:
    Mike: What do you smoke out of this?
  • Lance's reaction to the list of songs that Ash had to choose from:
    Lance: These are the cheesiest songs of all time!
  • Mrs. Crawley's line when she hears Johnny's dad calling him on the radio, that's hidden in Johnny's jacket:
    Mrs. Crawley: Oh, Johnny, your jacket's talking!
  • This line that a bull in the prison says while talking to his mom:
    "No, mom! I haven't made any friends! What do you think this is, kindergarten?"
  • From the "Gunter Babysits" short:
    • There is one part where Gunter has been tied up with fruit strip candy by Rosita's piglets, and as he goes into one room, he sees one of Rosita's piglets licking a TV:
      "My tongue feels warm..."
    • This exchange after Gunter escapes from the fruit-strip candy trap, and grabs his phone:
      Piglet: He's gonna call Mommy!
      Gunter: I didn't want to have to do zis!
      [Gunter places his phone in a dock, which makes it play Pump Up The Jam.]
    • The fact that the font on Rosita's clock is Comic Sans might be amusing to some people.
  • From the "Eddie's Life Coach" short: At the end of the short when Eddie and the dog who created the headphones that Eddie's mother brought for him are playing a video game, Eddie sits on the remote again, causing a commercial that is similar to the one that played at the start of the short to come on the TV, except with a bull who claims he can help people who just sit at home all day and are lazy. Eddie's reaction to this is hilarious:
  • When Rosita has to bring one of her piglets to rehearsal because he was sick, he of course spends the whole scene running wild in the rehearsal space. Rosita's reaction sells it:
    Rosita: Well, you look fine now!
  • As Rosita comforts a heartbroken Ash, she then leaves to go onstage for rehearsal and leaves her purse with Ash, telling her to help herself to any gum or candy in there. When Rosita comes back, Ash is chewing gum and blowing bubbles.
  • The Running Gag of Nana Noodleman's scowling being accompanied by Scare Chords.
  • In "Love at First Sight", we get quite a few moments.


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