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Nightmare Fuel / Sing

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

  • The Bear mafia and their repeated attempts on Mike's life. Mike is a jerk to be sure, and did cheat the bears for a large sum of money, but even he didn't deserve to be nearly choked to death by a giant bear's claws. The desperate way he begs Buster to open the chest is what really clinches it. And there's the fact that they can just swallow anyone they damn well please, as long as they're small enough.
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  • This portrait of Nana Noodleman. Yeesh!
  • The flooding of the Moon Theater and its collapse. As the newcaster said, "It's a miracle that anyone survived this unbelievable disaster."
  • From the trailer for the sequel, there's the tarsier singing "Bury a Friend" in a Creepy High-Pitched Voice while twisting her head 180 degrees. Even Jimmy Crystal is visibly creeped out by her In-Universe.

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