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Nightmare Fuel / Sing

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  • This portrait of Nana Noodleman. Yeesh!
  • The bear mafia and their repeated attempts on Mike's life. Mike is a jerk to be sure, and did cheat the bears for a large sum of money, but even he didn't deserve to be nearly choked to death by a giant bear's claws. The desperate way he begs Buster to open the chest is what really clinches it. And there's the fact that they can just swallow anyone they damn well please, as long as they're small enough.
  • The destruction of Moon Theater is quite terrifying. The raging rapids exploding from the squid tank causes the building to crumble and collapse around everyone's heads incredibly quickly, while the rising water levels puts them all at risk of drowning to death on dry land. Poor Meena has an especially close shave, when she gets stuck inside the front entrance to the theater. Thankfully, Rosita, Gunter and Johnny manage to dislodge her, saving her life. And only a minute after the theater animals stumble out onto the street, catching their breaths, the entire building collapses behind them. Which means that if Buster, Miss Crawly, Eddie, Nana Noodleman, and all the contestants had been been even sixty seconds slower making their escape, everyone most certainly would have died.
  • At the end of the film, Mike and his girlfriend Nancy manage to escape the bears and decide to skip town together. However, unbeknownst to them, the leader of the bear gang is holding on to the back of their car, grinning wickedly to himself. This is their final scene in the film, and what happens to them next is left up to the audience's imagination, but their predicament is not looking good.