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A Denser and Wackier Spin-Off of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic was gonna have its Funny Moments.

Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies to Moments pages. All spoilers are unmarked!

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  • Just about any of the wacky Toon Physics in this show can count.
  • Also, the expressions. The show is very expressive and animesque, so there are many funny faces that show up.
  • Anytime Pinkie Pie puffers up and inflates from excitement, and then turns into confetti dust.
  • Whenever Rarity is being overdramatic and faints on a couch that she summoned.
  • When Twilight is overwhelmed, she'll often literally break like glass, as shown in the current page image.
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  • The Running Gag of Applejack being the Fourth-Wall Observer, a trait that seems to have been inherited from Pinkie.

Season 1

    Princess Probz 
  • Rarity overreacting when just one scoop of ice cream lands on her mane.
    Rarity: I will always love you, but... YOUUUU'VE RUINED MEEEEEEE!
  • In order to tell Rainbow Dash about the Royal Jelly Juggernaut, Pinkie (and soon after Twilight) drinks a telepathy potion and forces her head onto Rainbow's so that she can see her Imagine Spot.
    • In Twilight's Imagine Spot, Princess Celestia banishes Pinkie for failing the competition. The two other judges besides her are also Celestias.
  • Pinkie Pie scatting while making a cake, and then belching out "PAASTRIIIIIES" in a gruffy voice.
  • Twilight asks Pinkie if she has a plan for her audition.
    Pinkie Pie: I do! Step one. (accidently slips onto the floor) Have fun! (pan that she was holding falls on her mane) That's it. That's the only step.
  • This exchange:
    Twilight: We gotta make this place sparkling clean! Even if we have to turn it inside up and upside down.
    Pinkie: Good idea, Twilight! My pineapple upside down cake always impresses.
    Twilight: That's not what I meant.
    • Pinkie then grabs Twilight by the face, squishing her cheeks while telling her that she's brilliant without even trying.
    • And then when Twilight is let go and steps in batter, her appearance randomly resembles that of a cat. It's even funnier when you remember that Tara Strong is known for voicing another cat.
  • While Rarity talks to Pinkie, the scene goes full on Film Noir with a saxophone playing in the background as Rarity, complete with red lipstick on, describes how she gave up her life of stardom to focus on her suntan.
    Rarity: Where's that tan now? Don't ask, long story. (blows Pinkie a kiss)
    • Pinkie was the one playing the saxophone.
  • Twilight overreacting when Pinkie flips the cake she made upside down.
  • Pinkie only wanted to try out her flan recipe because it's so fun to say.
  • Rainbow Dash making a cheesy joke about the gang getting stuck in flan, much to the disappointment of her friends.
    Rainbow Dash: Looks like we're in a pretty...
    Applejack: DON'T SAY IT!
    Rainbow Dash: ...Sticky situation.
  • Applejack not being able to stop rhyming.
    Applejack: We gotta make a plan to get out of this flan! As quick as we can! Hand me that pan! ...Let's eat!
  • Pinkie Pie narrates her experience at the audition, and Princess Celestia lampshades it.
  • Princess Celestia laughing at her own cheesy joke.
    Princess Celestia: It's you who takes the cake. (snort) Hah! Did'cha get that? That's gold.

    The Best of the Worst 
  • Rainbow Dash trying to come up with a cool comeback to Dishwater Slog.
    Rainbow Dash: You'll rue the day you ever challenged Rainbow Dash! The brash! The crash! The... mustache?
  • Applejack telling the audience that the worst Rainbow's ever been is when she didn't return the book she lent her.
    • This comes up again when Applejack tries to make Rainbow mad.
      Applejack: Get MAD at me! Flying is overrated! There are too many colors in the rainbow! YOU STILL HAVEN'T RETURNED MY BOOK!!! Woah. Got real there for a second...
    • At the end of the episode, Rainbow returns Applejack's book back to her. Dishwater then smugly looks at the audience as he says that he's read the book and that he'll spoil the ending.
  • Rainbow tries to fail decorating a cake, but Twilight being the supportive friend she is cheers her on.
    Twilight: Wow, perfect randomness! It's... It's beautiful!!! (Rainbow angrily stares at her) Ehh, sorry, but ya have to admit it looks good!
  • Rarity casually walking into the Sugarcube Corner and fainting from how horrible Dishwater's drawing is.
  • Fluttershy shrinking to a small size and trying to convince Rainbow to hug her, to which she says no.
    Fluttershy: Rejection! NOICE!
  • When the Mane 6 are discussing Rainbow being challenged to lose a race at the Corner, it's treated more seriously than it should be.

    How Applejack Got Her Hat Back 
  • "This is a love story... about hats."
  • Applejack's Imagine Spots and how they end:
    • As an airplane pilot, the plane begins to malfunction but its actually Twilight using a vacuum.
    • As a firefighter, she is surrounded by flames but it's really Rainbow Dash using a torch to bake a cake.
      Pinkie Pie: I said PRE-HEAT, not overheat!
    • As a spacepony, Applejack opens her helmet and struggles to breath but it's just Pinkie Pie stuffing a piece of cake in her mouth.
  • Applejack pointing out the flawed logic in the alternative ponies wanting to be different and unique, yet they all look the same.
    Applejack: Not to nitpick but, acting as a group kind of negates your individua- Ahem. You know what? Yes. Yes I would.
  • Applejack wondering what happened to everypony's hats. Gummy's eating them.
  • Rarity noticing that Applejack is acting weirder than usual.
    Rarity: Do you smell toast? Do you need a snack? How many hooves am I holding up? Nevermind. Are you quite alright?
  • The alternative ponies ditch the squishy cubes after it becomes popular in favour of wearing tiaras on their flanks.
  • Applejack discovering the squishy cubes are edible.
    Applejack: Oh, for crying out loud! We could've been eating these THE WHOLE TIME?!

    Cute-pocalypse Meow 
  • The girls fawning over Fluttershy when she insists she can be tough and that she has a dark side, much to her annoyance.
    • In fact, Fluttershy's attempts to be intimidating and tough at the start of the episode are a mix of hilarious and, well, cute.
      Fluttershy: GET THOSE CAKES... IN THE OVEN!!!
  • Fluttershy not paying attention to her friends' conversations as she laughs at Bubbles' texts.
  • Applejack kindly greets Bubbles saying that she's heard a lot about him, but Bubbles' gives a snarky response:
    Bubbles: Yeah, I bet you have.
    (Applejack looks directly at the audience in confusion.)
  • Bubbles being a dick at the library and saying that all the books Spike and Twilight want to read are bad.
    • Twilight tells Bubbles that you can't judge a book by it's cover, and Bubbles says that he can... while suddenly wearing glasses.
  • "If you can't handle me at my realest, then you DON'T deserve me at my cutest!"
  • Rainbow fainting when Fluttershy and Bubbles have their cute-off.
  • Buttershy (who has a deadpan voice) ordering Bubbles (who exploded and blasted off from Fluttershy's cuteness) to make her laugh while she uses her tablet. As the cat screams in agony, she, still in her very deadpan voice, tells him that he's so funny.

    Bad Thing No. 3 
  • Rarity accidentally knocking Gummy into a closet.
  • Rarity acting like Gollum.
  • When Rarity and Fluttershy wear Rarity's potion-soaked headband, they have "terrible truths" revealed to them. Pinkie Pie's is that "sprinkles cannot fix every problem", causing her to freakout and go into denial, while Fluttershy's is "she speaks softly yet carries in her the most wondrous and terrifying force of all", and she says she already knew that.
  • After spending the whole episode freaking out and wanting to get the third bad thing out of the way before her walk with Fancy Pants, Rarity just spends a few moments with him, listening to him talk about himself, before realizing that she doesn't like him and that he was the third bad thing the whole time.

    Pinkie Pie Hyper Helper 
  • After a sick Rainbow leaves, Twilight wearing a flu mask sprays disinfectant at the window.

    The Trail Less Trotten / Death of a SalesPony 
  • Fluttershy scaring a monster by shouting "Trailer Trotters!"
  • The Alternative Ponies wearing cookies as a fashion accessory.

    Big Hoof Walking / The Fluttershy Effect 
  • Fluttershy calling Big Hoof's singing majestic.
  • Rainbow Dash being late on screaming alongside the others.
  • Rainbow Dash being scared of a butterfly.

    The Fast and Furriest / Disappearing Act 
  • Fluttershy using Angel to hold up her car only for it to fall on him.

    Badge of Shame / Discord's Peak 
  • The fact that Pinkie names the ovens she uses.
    • Dr. Dolores Q. Baker and Dame Dulce de Leche.
  • Discord starts helping himself to the treats at Sugarcube Corner. When asked if he's going to pay for them, he distracts the group and teleports away.

    A Camping We Will Go / Campfire Stories 
  • A lightblub appears over Twilight's horn when she get an idea.

    Friendship Gems / Dol-Fin-Ale 
  • Trixie trying out jump rope only to tie herself up.
  • Fluttershy mentions that she's being gone for months while Finn Tastic points out its only been a couple of minutes.

    Potion Mystery / Sick Day 
  • Rarity throwing up gems at the end.

    Meet Potion Nova! / Pony Surfin' Safari 
  • Potion Nova making a dramatic entrance only to trip and fall.
  • Twilight fangirling over Potion Nova.

    I, Cookie / Keynote Pie 
  • After she makes cookie versions of her friends, Pinkie does voice impressions for each of them. Her Fluttershy impression is naturally flawless due to their shared voice actress.

    Zound Off / Unboxing Day 
  • As Twilight flips through slides, images of Gummy in a bikini are shown.
  • While Fluttershy struggles to get the box open, all Angel does is kick it once and it works. Once Fluttershy realizes that Angel has the phone that was inside, she goes red faced with anger and starts chasing him down.

    Don't Look a .GIF Horse in the Mouth / The Root of It 
  • Applejack copying everything Pinkie Pie says. Pinkie tries to do the same thing but fails.
  • The Mane Six get the same haircut and mistake each other for one another.

    Whoof-dunnit? / Dear Tabby 
  • Once again, Detective Rarity makes an appearance, and she is just as hammy as she was in Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls.
  • It turns out Rarity performs a one-pony show called Mane of Thrones
    Rarity: (deep voice) When you play the Mane of Thrones, you win or you dye... your mane!
    • In a later scene, Rarity is seen doing a scene, declaring herself "Rare-eesi, Mother of Dragons", an obvious parody of Daenerys Targaryen. This is complete with an outfit resembling one Daenerys wore, a blond wig, and having Spike on a chain and leash. Rarity certainly commits to the role.

    Pie Vs. Pie / Superb Six 
  • Gummy dragging a car by himself.

    The Debut Taunt / FlutterDash 
  • Spike and Rarity fainting after seeing FlutterDash.
    Spike: Not this dream again!
  • FlutterDash turning huge and scaring the other particpants.

Season 2

    Cute Impact / The Crystal Capturing Contraption 
  • Twilight introducing her invention.
    Twilight: "It's a portable planetarium. I like to use it to study the stars and unlock the secrets of the cosmos. Plus... it's preeeetty!"

    The Comet Section / Cotton Candy-Colored Glasses 

    Close Encounters of The Balloon Kind / The Tiara of Truth 
  • Rainbow Dash's Imagine Spot where the monster complains about his name.

    Planet of the Apps / Back to the Present 
  • Rainbow Dash's face after being hugged by The Pulverizer.
  • The Mane Six encountering alternate versions of themselves.


  • Upon announcement, the show kept constantly being compared to Teen Titans Go!, and the comparisons only ramped up once the show got a proper trailer. Come art director Alex Vetter's Q&A on Twitter, and she didn't even know what Teen Titans Go! was until she read internet comments.


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