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Avoid using First-Person Writing, please. Especially "This Troper".

Pinkie's potions
  • There is actually a bit of mystery behind Pinkie's potions that she hides at the Sugarcube Corner. For starters, who gave her these potions? Was it Potion Nova, and if so how come she entrusted Pinkie with them? Does she know of the likely frequent usage of these potions?

The Elements of Harmony
  • Were the Elements of Harmony as a concept Adapted Out? It's not like there's much of a need for them anymore when this is essentially a Continuity Reboot. This might as well be supported by the theme song as (for the most part) they are described by their personality instead of the elements they represented in Friendship Is Magic. Applejack's element was honesty, not fun, for example.

Pony Life is through the lens of Pinkie Pie
  • While it's easy to chalk up this show's existence as some weird alternate universe to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, there is the ever looming possibility that this show is through the lens of Pinkie Pie's mind... starting with the fact that she seems to be the main character instead of Twilight. Everypony's personalities seem to be extremely turned up to eleven in terms of craziness, and fourth wall breaking abilities that only Pinkie Pie would be able to master in the original show. They all even treat the Sugarcube Corner, now completely run by Pinkie, as a Local Hangout of sorts! Just look at it, the entire show seriously looks like it's her sugar-high dream.

Applejack's personality
  • In the theme song, everyone's descriptors seem to line up nicely... except Applejack's. She is described as being the "fun" one, which while she had her moments of being this in the original show, one would argue she is more hard-working and level-headed, while Pinkie is literally Fun Personified. Perhaps this means she'll be a lot less hard-working and more fun, while also being the one to lift up the mood. This isn't helped by how Hasbro just happened to not make a Meet Applejack video.
    • On the other side of things, a few scenes in the trailer seem to suggest that AJ may be the self-aware one, commenting on the rather bizzare things that happen in the series while still going with the flow. Which is somehow fun... Maybe.
      • Confirmed! We can also assume that's why Applejack is described by the fun one.

Fluttershy's growing powers
  • So in a promotional image and her character bio video, we see Fluttershy claim she "has a dark side" and she then grows big when she got angry. Does Fluttershy have the power to grow big whenever she gets angry, just cause?
    • Additionally, this could be Played for Laughs in one episode, and is likely just some weird Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
    • Or this could also just be the work of one of Pinkie's potions.
    • It's essentially confirmed that all of the Mane 6 have "adorabilities" (or special powers) that they use mostly depending on their emotions, so it's likely not a work of potions. However, why and how exactly that they have these powers is still uncertain. Maybe it's just cartoon logic.
    • Confirmed: Fluttershy has the ability to grow or shrink whenever she wants. If she's angry, that can be reason enough for her to want to grow.

  • So...Gummy. In the trailer, he seemed mighty aggressive and feral towards Rarity, and somehow he still gives off those vibes in the intro too. Perhaps he has a mixed relationship with the rest of the Mane 6 and acts like a dick towards them unless Pinkie is around, to whom he acts innocent.
    • Seems to be semi-jossed; Gummy was just being defensive in "Bad Thing No. 3" to protect Pinkie Pie, which makes sense.

Discord won't appear at all

The Cutie Mark Crusaders will appear, but with different cutie marks or none at all
  • The cutie marks the CMC have in Friendship Is Magic are extremely plot heavy to that show. It would seem pretty weird to have those same marks here. Bet the CMC will either get different cutie marks that are more in tune with their personality and talents, or they'll remain blank flanks here. Or they won't show up at all.
    • Jossed. This video shows them with their cutie marks from the original show.

Fluttershy's ability to change size is a gift from Discord
  • Fluttershy growing and shrinking seems to be something she has control over. Fluttershy and Discord seem to be good friends, or on good terms in Pony Life. Giving his friend some kind of superpower as a gift seems like something Discord would do. He could have picked it and random, or chosen it so that she has an easier time conveying how she's feeling without speaking (i.e. growing large when she is angry, or shrinking when she feels upset or small)

Octavio Pie is Marble after gender reassignment surgery.
  • Similar hairstyle, exact same color scheme. He was a Shrinking Violet as Marble due to a form of gender dysphoria. As for the different cutie mark, currently can't explain that but there's certainly like a magical explanation.
    • Several other characters have differing marks from what they have in Fi M, this could just be an extension of that.

This is the real life of the Animated Actors of its predecessor
  • Basically, the original series was a long-running TV series these characters were actors on, and these are what happens between seasons out-of-universe as they prepare for their next season.
    • Jossed unless Twilight got species reassignment surgery (as opposed to her transformation in FiM) to transform from unicorn to alicorn, which does not seem to be a thing.