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     3-Minute Shorts 
"To Boulderly Go"
  • The entire short. Seriously.

"Land Before Swine"

  • When King Rexxtopher stomps on a house during his search for the Warriors.
    Phil: My house!
    Prug: That's my house.
    Phil: Ah. But you see, I stole it from you. You can have it back.

     5-Minute Shorts 
"Warriors for Hire"

  • The Warriors' slow realization that the hairball clogging the drain is actually a monster.
    Vambre: Och, still clogged.
    Prohyas: Yeah, all that hair, fingernails, the eyeball, the eyeball right next to it, the... That's a monster, isn't it?
  • The Warriors' reward for unclogging Princess Zange's giant sink: a plunger magisword.
    Prohyas: You know we... probably could've used this earlier.
  • In the end, the townspeople want to hire the Warriors... to unclog their sinks.
  • There was a little kid named Helmut who told the Warrior siblings that Ryboflayven doesn't need warriors. 15 years later, he shows up and looks EXACTLY the same as when they were 5, he claims he has a condition.
    • The princess also banishes Helmut for about an hour.

"The Desolation of Grup"

  • While the duo are sneaking towards the cave of the dragon, Prohyas plays appropriate "sneaking music" with the accordian magisword.
  • Grup somehow bumbles his way through every contest, much to the Warriors' bewilderment.
    • During the Target Practice Challenge, Vambre uses the snowball magisword to shoot 5 cans off of a log. Grup simply falls trying to reach for the magisword, and that fall knocks over a small rock, which rolls down a hill and knocks over a medium-sized rock, which continues to roll down the hill and knock over a large rock, which, in turn, rolls into the log and knocks all the cans off.
    • In The Watermelon Eating Challenge, while Prohyas and Vambre are quickly eating watermelon slices, Grup puts a straw into one and sucks up 3 whole watermelons through the straw in less than 3 seconds.
    • Finally, in the Figure Skating Contest, while Prohyas and Vambre are skating on the ice, Grup puts on one ice skate on his foot, but falls back and gets his behind stuck in the other one. Even in this instance, he skates with the single ice skate on his butt, and still performs a figure-8 and a spin in mid-air, whereas Prohyas and Vambre bump into each other at the center of the 8 and fall through the ice.
  • The Warriors finally vanquish Grup in a parkour contest. Vambre does a complex routine while Grup falls over just trying to climb the tree.
    • During Vambre's parkour routine, Prohyas comments on it using a soft-spoken sports commentator voice and what seems to be a microphone magisword. Even the normally loud announcer speaks softer during it.

"Pool Fools"

  • The Warriors acknowledging the Announcer.
    Vambre: Large-Voiced Gentleman, if you please?
    Announcer: OH, WHY THANK YOU!
    Prohyas: You can hear him, too?!
  • "Hey, you! Stop evolving!"
  • One of the dinosaurs end up eating the Warriors, only to be ordered by King Rexxtopher to spit them out.
    King Rexxtopher: Cough 'em up. That's a lawsuit.

"Too Many Warriors"

"Identity Theft"

  • The Warriors start talking in unison about how each other's day was before Prohyas intentionally says something random to stop it.
  • After defeating Nohyas and Handbre, the Warriors look in the mirror to make sure they're the real deal. Grup, on the other hand, doesn't recognize his own reflection and hisses at it.
  • This line.

"Can I Keep It?"

  • The slime word for divide is 'Hey' and 'shampoo' is the word for combine.
  • Prohyas trying to use the ground pound magisword to get Wobble out of the couch send him flying instead when it turns out the couch can convert to a bed. Instead of getting annoyed at her brother failed attempt, Vambre is excited and calls Witchy Simone and Zange about a sleepover at their house.


     Season 1 
"Mushroom Menace"
  • While in Transylberia, it seems that Vambre is wearing pants as part of her winter gear. It turns out that she's still pantsless; her legs just turned blue from the cold. Even Prohyas was fooled.
    Prohyas: "Wait, I thought you were wearing tights this entire time."
    Vambre: "How dare you speak to me that way?!?"
  • This exchange.
    Zombie Pumpkin Magisword: "That one over there, he's Jeff. Ooh! And that one over there, he's Jeff. And that one over there is-"
    Vambre: "Jeff?"
    Zombie Pumpkin Magisword: "No, that one's Derek. He's dead to me."
  • Vambre's early attempts at stopping the giant Smashroom, which is immune to plant-based magiswords.
    • "Wicker is made of trees Vambre!"
    • "Gum is also made of trees, Vambre! Chicle, Vambre! It comes from rubber trees!"
  • Zombie Pumpkin Magisword finally tells the warriors that his plant fighting power won't work on a fungus.
  • Eventually even the NARRATOR starts panicking.
  • "Yeah bro." *dramatic close up* "Yeah I can do that."

"The Mystery of Loch Mess"

  • After Hoppus delivers a summons from Princess Zange, the Warriors rush off, trampling him.
    Grup: You want a sandwich?
    Hoppus: No. Okay, yes.
  • The Warrior huddle, which is just the duo giggling maniacally.
  • After buying the Bacon Magisword, Prohyas states there is "one more thing we absolutely need to do." Cut to Slugburger.
    Vambre: We most certainly did not absolutely need this!
    • Right after that, Prohyas loudly announces their mission with the Microphone Magisword. It's loud enough to be heard from the Dinosaur Kingdom. However, Rexxtopher dismisses it with a simple "good for them". The real threat is Witch Way, who were less than ten feet away to begin with.
    • Right after that, Witch Way schemes to take over said mission, with Gateaux repeating Morbidia's words as usual. However, he says the wrong word a few times and asks why he isn't allowed to speak on his own.
  • Hambus takes the Warriors to see the ruler of Loch Mess, but they have to ride on his back. In addition, he makes motorboat sounds by fluttering his lips.

"Squirreled Domination"

  • Vambre's horrified reactions to squirrels.
  • At first, Vambre comforts herself by pointing out the Fridge Logic that squirrels wouldn't want anything to do with golden acorns because they're metal. After all, what squirrel would want metal? Golden squirrels. That's...that's what.
  • "Oh geez. She's crazy. We hadn't considered that."
  • While taking care of a sick Dolphin Magisword, Prohyas and Zombie Pumpkin Magisword stage a reenactment of a story called "Slappy the Elephant Shrew Saves A Ragamuffin". In the story reenactment, Jimbob the Ragamuffin (who is a sock puppet on Prohyas's hand) tells Slappy (Zombie Pumpkin Magisword with a pink elephant's trunk) that he has broken his leg. Prohyas then cuts off one of Jimbob's fake legs, prompting "Slappy" to suggest that Jimbob needs a doctor. Prohyas's reaction?
    Prohyas (sternly): There will be none of your modern medicine in this majestic little miracle of a story.
    • At one point, ZP has to burp on Prohyas's hand, due to the fact that Jimbob can only be cured with Slappy's magical healing burps. ZP's Flat "What" after hearing this sells it.
    • "And then they all shared a big bowl of famous Grup Soup."

"Case Clothed"

  • The Warriors try to flip a coin to see who would clean the house, but the coin lands in the trash.
  • This exchange
    Zange: "What's with the trash bash?"
    Prohyas: "It's a week's worth of our filth!"
    Vambre: "I'm not proud of it, but it is impressive no?"
    Zange: "How are you two even alive?!?"
    Vambre and Prohyas: "Eh...I don't....uh...."
  • While hiring the Warriors for a mission, Princess Zange starts fantasizing about big, strong pirates before Prohyas gets her attention with a snap of his fingers.
  • Princess Zange forcing Vambre to try on some dresses with her. Zange is posing and enjoying herself while Vambre looks absolutely pissed.
  • The psychotic glee that Vambre has when finally allowed to fight pirates like she'd been wanting to all episode.

"Surely You Jest-O"

  • Prohyas brought his and Vambre's swimsuits in case they needed to swim in a bathtub full of Jello. Vambre's confusion at this was enough to momentarily snap her out of her brainwashed state.

"Cleanliness is Next to Grupliness"

  • At Witch Way headquarters, Morbidia is absolutely livid that a magazine cover featuring the Warriors is so high selling. Gateaux points out that it's probably because she keeps buying copies of the magazine just to burn them.
  • Witch Way lodges an anonymous complaint at the Warriors over Grup's smelliness... and then show up to gloat about it.
  • After the Warriors fail at getting Grup into a hot tub, they decide not to let the hot tub go to waste.
    Vambre: (clearly enjoying the hot tub) "Right now, this is best plan."
    Prohyas: "Fine but only ten minutes."
  • When Grup locks himself in the house, the Warriors decide to bathe him by lifting off the roof and releasing a downpour into the house. When the water washes away, knocking the front door off its hinges, it's revealed that Grup used the Diving Suit Magisword to keep from getting wet.
    Vambre: He's still dry? Still smelly?!
    Prohyas: We nearly destroyed our house for a not-working plan?!
  • The Warriors get back at Witch Way for tattling on them by leaving Grup's stinky shed skin on their doorstep. The scene plays out like a burning bag of dog poo prank.

"Flirty Phantom"

  • When Prohyas get jumped by a werewolf, Zombie Pumpkin Magisword bets Vambre that Prohyas would be dumb enough to use his new magisword on himself to try and get it off. Vambre has faith that he won't, but he does and Vambre has to pay up.
    Zombie Pumpkin Magisword (upon winning the bet): Make it rain.
  • "Is that how weather works? Go fig."
  • Ralphio steals candy from a baby and gets away with it by telling the baby if it had ate it, the baby would have fallen asleep for 100 years.

"The Wrath of Neddy"

  • After numerous failed attempts to get rid of Neddy by force, Grup and his coworkers finally defeat Neddy by using his one weakness: being terrible at remembering names.
  • Grup gives the Beehive Magisword to Prohyas... and his initial use causes bees to shoot out and attack them.

"Working for Scales"

"Felonious Prose"

  • Vambre going into a huge rant after reading the fake Veronica Victorious book. She creeps out Grup and Old Man Oldman, forces the Mysterious Hooded Lady to disappear in a puff of smoke (then return to make her drinks stand disappear as well) and drives Zange to escort her out of the castle for spoiling the book.
  • When Witch Way decides to write Veronica Victorious fan fiction to distract Vambre Gateaux gives this gem
    Gateaux: My first fan-fiction! Now all the characters will share my opinions!
    • Gateaux in general is just hilarious in this episode.
    Gateaux: I ship EVERYONE!
    Gateaux: The horse is an allegory for Veronica's split personality disorder at the start of the book!
  • The episode ends with Vambre chasing down Witch Way while carrying Prohyas who is continuously launching a volley of underpants at them.

"Potion in the Ocean"

  • "You don't know what's under this patch! YOU DON'T KNOW ME!!!"
  • Man Fish the Fish Man. Just...him in general.
    Man Fish: "Do you want to hear my thrilling backstory?"
    Vambre and Prohyas: "NO."
  • Witchy literally rubbing her money in Prohyas' face.
    Witchy: "Plus, you said you needed the money! If I can't come with, no mission. And no mission, NO MOOLAH! RUB RUB RUB."
  • Witchy interrogating the eel man. "You like candy? Then why don't you HAVE A PIECE?!?"
  • Witchy constantly invading Vambre and Prohyas' Warrior Huddle.
  • Witchy's absolute OUTRAGE whenever Prohyas calls her Squirt. "THAT'S NOT MY NAAAAAAME!!!"
  • Yeah, pretty much anything Witchy says or does.
    Witchy: "Oh come on! He's got the same guilty eyes as my cat! He deserves it!"
  • At the end of the day the Warriors decide to compromise by giving the newt Zombie Pumpkin Magisword's eyes in return for its one remaining eye and everything goes back to normal. I mean the newt can see ghosts now but he's totally fine with it!

"Gotta Get Grup to Get Down"

  • Morbidia Turns Helmut into a frog.

"Thick as Thieves"

  • Prohyas influencing the Announcer.
    Prohyas: Signal's getting weaker, Vambre! My baby's getting far away, Vambre!! Let's go get her, Vambre!!!
  • Phil's dialogue in this episode is HILARIOUS.
    • "Now, if I were an insect-sheep hybrid made of jade, but also a statue, but still just as handsome, I would be...HERE!"
    • "Oh, beehive!"
    • "How are you two besting me, the very icon of masculine perfection known as Phil?!?"
  • Vambre's dialogue was even BETTER.
    • "Prohyas, the door is on fire and also no longer a door."
    • "We need to escape in a short but comical evacuation!"
    • "I dislike you to the maximum amount known to science."
  • Dolphin Magisword remembers Phil. But not very fondly.
    Phil: "You are a spicy tuna!
    • Subsequently, "The Fish Slapping Dance offends us!"

"Dungeons and Dayjobs"

  • The Warriors stopping to take a selfie with Phil. Who of course steals most of their gems. And Excaliburger.
    • Then Phil buys a bunch of crowns. Which he stacks on top of his head.
    • At the end of the episode he shows up at Slugburger. Why? He wanted to see what a propeller burger would taste like inside a slugburger. "Ingenious no?" And of course Witchy Simone responds by disintegrating him and giving the Excaliburger Magisword back to Prohyas.
  • "Yawn! Warrior huddles are long. And audible."
  • Possibly the funniest "Squirt" joke to date.
    Prohyas: "Thanks so much squirt!"
    Witchy: *demonic screeching that vaguely sounds like "THAT'S NOT MY NAME"*
  • Ralphio standing in the kitchen cabinet. And then selling Prohyas the Paper Bag Magisword for a pair of pants (the ones Vambre refused to wear.)
    • It later turns out that Ralphio sold him the magisword for such a cheap price because he knew that Mr. Spoony, their boss, would be so impressed by it he would buy more magiswords for use in the kitchen.
  • Throughout the episode, Mr. Spoony desperately wants to step in but is determined to let Witchy make her own mistakes and learn from experience.
    Mr. Spoony: "I wanna help you, BUT I CAN'T! But I wanna! BUT I CAN'T! But I wanna! BUT I CAN'T!"
  • At the end of the episode, Spoony throws in a Shout-Out...only to hastily correct it.
    Mr. Spoony: "I FEEL GOOD! Um...about this plan I mean!"
  • Helmut is STILL a frog!

"Little Sword of Horrors"

  • The 13 day montage of Prohyas watering the plant is just full of hilarious jokes.
  • Old Man Oldman's reaction to the Carnivorous Plant Magisword eating his pet, saying he's going to write a bad review this time.
  • When Morbidia and Gateaux fire a spell at Prohyas, the Carnivorous Plant Magisword eats it and spits it back at them, and the two end up switching species.
    Human!Gateaux: I just lost eight lives!
    Cat!Morbidia: [licking herself between words] I can't... stop... licking... my... arm!
    Human!Gateaux: Licking!

"Champion of Breakfasts"

  • Princess Zange's face when she realizes the King of Kotassium is just a muffin with a crown and deciding to just watch magimobile videos instead.
  • "Don't compliment me with a pun! I...I have no idea how to react."
  • Vambre pondering what Füd actually does for a job...then deciding she doesn't care.
    Vambre: "What does Füd do that she can afford to get all these extravagant things and give us so many gems?"
    Prohyas: "Do you actually care enough to find out?"
    Vambre: "NNNNNOPE!"
    • Then they proceed to haul the massive bag of gems onto their hoverswords and slowly make their way to Ralphio's...all while giggling maniacally.
  • Ralphio is about to close for the night...until he sees the Warriors with their massive sack of gems.
    Warriors: "Wait! Don't close! Don't close! Don't close!"
    Ralphio: "I...I would NEVER! Please! Please! Come in! Come in! *whispers* You complete me..."
    Prohyas: "Hey, eyes up here!"
  • This exchange as Ralphio shows the Warriors some swords they might like.
    Ralphio: (nervously) "Well, how about this trouser Magisword?"
    Vambre: "HOW DARE YOU?!?"
  • Grup's first interview is just him going "NOOOOOOO!"
  • EVERYTHING about Witchy's visit to The Mysterious Hooded Woman. For starters, Witchy saying "BOWL" as she dumps the corn chips into a bowl.
    • The Mysterious Hooded Woman's "friend", Human Woman #HWD1. Yes that's her real name. And she only appears long enough to say "Hey".
    • The Mysterious Hooded Woman grabbing some corn chips. With her surprisingly muscular leg. Yes. Leg.
  • The reason the reality show the Warriors were on was cancelled? Old man Oldman showed up.

"Gut Feelings"

  • Hoppus admitting he thought that Prohyas and Vambre were hatched.
  • After knocking Hoppus out, Prohyas can't resist booping him on the nose and making him fidget adorably:
    Vambre: ::squeeing:: Do it again!
  • Whenever Kablammica uses a magisword, the announcer speaks with a Midwestern accent followed by the phrase "Don't 'cha know?"

"The Tome of Morrow"

  • The Announcer getting interrupted when the scene cuts to the Printed Page Bookstore.
    Announcer: AT THE PRINTED—
    (Noville crashes through the bookstore's sign)
    Announcer: Yeah, AT THE PRINTED PA—
    (Sign falls to the ground)
    Announcer: (sighs) AT THE PRINTED... THE PRINTED PAGE.
  • A skeleton guy turns Helmut into a handsome prince by accident.
    Helmut: Hey! I'm hot now. Whoa!
  • A particularly quick shot depicts Grup and friends having set up the Cave of Stuff as Bavaria, complete with lederhosen, mountain goat and flimsy cardboard windmill.
  • Prohyas going gaga over a gem said skeleton guy paid them with, even so much as constantly licking it.
    Prohyas: Taste like pheasant.
  • When the Warrior siblings and Noville enter a room with a cauldron, they later find out the cauldron talks!
    Cauldron: Do not talk about me like I'm some kind of object! It is harassment and I don't have to take it!
  • "A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES!" Biblia And Monkey Chunks Book Into Battle!
  • Vambre's Lame Pun Reaction to the book's title.
  • Prohyas tells Vambra and Noville that they should leave before someone else who they met only once shows up. As soon as he said that, the Keeper of the Masked Magisword shows up.

"Share and Share Dislike"

  • Ralphio going to many lengths for the Warriors to eat his pickle chips, even to the point of removing his magiswords off the shelves at the end of the episode just to get them to try one.

"Grup Jam"

"Action Comedy"

"Random acts of Memory"

  • The Art Shift montage which includes Hand puppets, 8-bit video game and even a re-enactment of the opening to He-Man!

"Elect to Decline"

  • Noville mentioning the incident! Cut to a fire-breathing worm burning down the Printed Page and Helmut is just sitting there doing nothing.
    Helmut: DORK!
  • Lady Hiss explaining to Noville how the election fiasco started.
  • Grup's campaign strategies include placing a Banana Peel and shooting hoops. Badly.
  • When Noville asks a campaign question to Prug, Prug just loses his mind, rips off his suit and shouts 'ANARCHY!!!!!!'

"Hideous Hound"

  • Pugcake (the ugly dog) Jump Scaring the announcer by appearing on-screen while he's reading a transition card.

“Pacadermus Interruptis”

  • Manfish The Fishman has turned into Manbearfish the Fishbearman.

"Sibling Sorcery"

"Don't Read the Comments"

  • Vambre writes a review of the Printed Page, calling it the best bookstore in town, and calling Noville "the most platonic of friends." Quick cut to Noville in the bookstore, clutching his chest in pain as if he's just felt a disturbance in the Force.
  • The episode ends with one kid saying that the identity of the jerk reviewer is never revealed and the other kid arguing that it was the whole point, to which the first kid complains that the creators don't know what fans want.

"Hoppus the Hunted"

  • The montage song.


  • All the monsters Prohyas and Vambre listed.
  • Vambre, Prohyas and ZP's mugshots.

“Unconventional Dolphinism”

  • The narrator being overworked throughout the whole episode.
  • Dolphin Magisword uses Manfish the Fishman as a Magisword.


  • One of the questions Vambre is asked is what is her least favorite insect, which she answers with fig wasp. Prohyas asks why, but she tells him not to and that he shouldn't look it up.
  • On Galacton, Vambre and Prohyas Take a Number to see Thaddius Thirdwell. Their number is 13, but when Vambre rejoices that they're next the waiting room computer says it is now serving 12.001, then blue, then unladen swallow. When Vambre asks if it means a Rhyboflaven swallow or a Galacton swallow, the computer explodes.

"Quest for Knowledge"

  • The episode begins with a quick flashback to the prior episode. And right when it ends and the episode proper begins, the narrator interrupts them to go back to another one from when the Warriors were children. It goes on for over five minutes and has almost nothing to do with the rest of the episode.
    Announcer: FLASHBACK OVER!
    (cuts back to Vambre moaning and dizzy from exhaustion)
  • Once everyone from the Adventure Academy class is reunited (including Witchy Simone, who was stalking them despite not graduating), Cyrus reveals that they all have pieces of a legendary map, each with a word on it.
    Vambre and Prohyas: "Fortune!"
    Witch Way: "Favors!"
    Neddy: "The!"
    Bimm and Familiar: "Bold!"
    Phibby: " ! "
    Cattus: Coat of arms!
    Witchy: And I got... uh... nuttin. I got nuttin.
    Vambre: No, wait! (pulls out Magnifying Glass Magisword, reads) "Trademark Adventure Academy, do not photocopy."


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