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Heartwarming / Mighty Magiswords

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     3-Minute Shorts 

     5-Minute Shorts 

"Warriors for Hire"

  • As kids, Vambre cheers up Prohyas after they were bullied by reminding him of their dreams of becoming mighty warriors.

"The Desolation of Grup"

  • After being tricked into kicking Grup out of his cave, the Warriors happily let the little dragon live with them.

     Season 1 

"Mushroom Menance"

  • Vambre singing to Zombie pumpkin magisword to cheer him up.

"Case Clothed"

  • Vambre thinks Prohyas is going to make fun of her for wearing a dress, but he thinks she looks amazing in one. He even goes into detail on how it looks on her.

"Working For Scales"

  • This episode has quite possibly the sweetest moment in the show so far. When Princess Zange falls ill, the Warriors fight tooth and nail to get the cure from the Dinosaur Kingdom, leaving themselves bloody and bruised afterward. Once Zange is cured and is feeling better, the Warriors are so relieved and tired that they give her a big hug. Then we find out that the Warriors left without their payment. Zange is so touched by their altruism that she sheds a tear and blows them a kiss of gratitude.
    • Further, it showed Zange that their intentions were truly to help their friend get better, and not out of hope of some treasure.
  • To a lesser extent, King Rexxtopher congratulating the Dino Patrol for chasing the Warriors out of his kingdom and treating them to some tea.

"Dungeons And Dayjobs"

  • Throughout this episode, Mr. Spoony is conflicted between his desire to step in and help Witchy, and his desire to allow her to make her own mistakes and learn from them.
  • It's mostly a Tear Jerker, but when Prohyas calls Witchy "Simone" instead of "squirt", she's heartbroken, indicating that she might actually like it to some extent.
  • At the end of the episode, Witchy gets a pay raise, and she's so overjoyed she crushes Vambre and Prohyas in an enthusiastic hug.
    • And then she vaporizes Phil with a spell and returns Excaliburger to Prohyas.

"Champion of Breakfasts"

  • The entire episode is just Vambre and Prohyas enjoying good-natured rough housing like the siblings they are.
  • Prohyas and Vambre making sure Grup understand that they are not really fighting and trying to calm down their dragon friend.

"Gut Feelings"

  • Even if it ended badly, you gotta admit it was somewhat nice to see the Warriors bonding with Hoppus a bit.
  • Kablammica Warrior is shown to be quite a nice mother and is helpful to Hoppus' plight.
    • Hoppus genuinely likes Kablammica's broccoli soup, and at the end of the episode, he returns to her house to ask for more.

"Head Case"

  • Phil admits to reading to kittens—actually humanoid cat children in this universe—in his spare time, giving him an alibi for the eponymous theft. Even though the rest of the thieves in his guild laugh at him for it, Phil fondly remembers his good deed, pulling out a photograph of the kittens in question and looking at it with a proud tear in his eye.

"Elect To Decline"

  • The final scene: Vambre and Noville finally go on a date. Made even more heartwarming and hilarious by the fact that Vambre actually kept the dress that Zange got her.

"Squideo Games"

  • When Witchy Simone’s potion goes wrong and explodes, throwing her and Prohyas out of her apartment, she uses her magic to stop him from smacking into the ground.
  • Later, she spends all of her gems saved for potion ingredients on a Magisword that will help Prohyas complete his mission after she caused them to fail earlier. Prohyas then lets her have all of the reward money, stating that she needs her potion ingredients for the brew that will let her get back into Adventure Academy more than he needs a cool Magisword that he really wants.
  • At the end of the episode, Vambre uses money from the job she completed earlier to get Prohyas the Magisword he wanted, because she felt bad about being so competitive earlier.

"Sibling Sorcery"

  • Prohyas And Vambre are thrilled to meet the famous Witchy Sparkles - who is nearly just as thrilled to meet the famous Warriors For Hire. The siblings are both awed and ecstatic when she tells them that she loves reading all about their adventures in Mercenaries Monthly.
  • Witchy Simone fights her sister after getting fed up with her while trying to make a potion together. Eventually, the two sisters start yelling out things that they don’t like about each other. When Witchy Sparkles says that she hates how Witchy Simone doesn’t get the recognition she deserves, and that she hates how it makes her sister so angry at her, Witchy Simone just barely manages to stop the magic hammer she made for the fight from bashing her sister in the face. As they float back down to Witchy Simone’s apartment, Witchy Sparkles tells her that she also hates ”How the world doesn’t give you a fair shake, and I honestly think you deserve better” shocked, Witchy Simone says that she has never heard her sister - or anyone else, say that to her before. Witchy Sparkles goes on to say ”If I could snap my fingers and make all your hard work pay off, I would. I hope one day that it will. I recognize all that you do. And I’m rooting for you." Witchy Simone then admits that she’s been “a bit of a brat”, and Witchy Sparkles replies “You’re a pain in the toadstool, but I still love you” and the two give each other a hug.
  • When Prohyas And Vambre are about to use a Super Teamwork Combo on Phil, Witchy Sparkles excitedly expresses a desire to do one as well, so while Prohyas and Vambre do one with magiswords, Witchy Simone and Witchy Sparkles do their own Magic Teamwork Combo.
  • After getting her Golden Broomstick Magisword that she won from the World Witch Awards back from Phil, Witchy Sparkles gives it to Witchy Simone.

     Season 2 

"The Incredible Tiny Warriors"

  • Prohyas' Pep-Talk Song to get Vambre out of her post-near-digestion breakdown, and the low-angle shot of Vambre starting to smile, no longer thinking herself as hopelessly tiny.