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  • Of all the creatures that had to be put into the game, it had to be the Badger. You think they won't be that hard to take down, and suddenly you're watching Takkar wrenching five pounds of angry, snarling adorable furry death off his arm.
  • Your first meeting with Wogah. Takkar ends up falling into a pit, and Wogah- thinking he's one of the Udam- pisses on him. And from then on, Wogah keeps calling Takkar "Piss Man!"
  • The first time Takkar meets Tensay, the shaman is doing a funny dance with his staff.
    • Tensay gets another funny moment after Takkar captures Roshani. Visit the cage a short while afterwards, and Roshani will complain about Tensay pissing on him. Even if literal seconds have passed between Takkar putting Roshani in the cage and talking to him, which should not have given Tensay enough time to do this on-screen!
  • If Takkar has tamed a wolf, expect to see that wolf urinating at random intervals. Sometimes it urinates on enemies it's just killed for Takkar.
  • A Black Comedy moment. When Takkar catches up to Karoosh in Mog's cave, Karoosh has already killed Mog, and raises his head like a Dead Guy Puppet, cheerfully remarking, "Brother, this is Mog. (to Mog) Mog, this is my brother." Bear in mind, Mog is the Udam who scratched out Karoosh's eye and killed his son. He even jokes about the fact that Mog's last words were "Aaaaahhhhhhhh!"
    • Actually, you have two funny moments with Karoosh. At the start of the game, after you assist him in killing Udam, he cheerfully gives Takkar a Headbutt of Love- but a very violent one that makes Takkar stagger. At the end of his second mission, he headbutts Takkar again, and this time, he knocks Taggar over on his butt. Takkar then repays him by grabbing Karoosh's leg and pulling him over, and the two laugh together like a couple of drinking buddies.
  • When Jayma first calls Takkar "Mammoth Feet", one of her hunting boys laughs and imitates Takkar's supposed clumsy gait.
  • You can find Fred Flintstones' car beneath the lake at the south west of the map. Most likely, it was built by Urki, since the guy had all sorts of idea not from this time.
  • Urki is practically a one-man CMOF. Like his descendant, the guy had all sorts of crazy ideas and had Takkar fetch him the material to create them. Despite the failure of his inventions, he somehow survives.
    • Urki's introduction is pretty funny. Takkar walks into his tent to find him throwing birds at the wall of his tent to see how they fly. And, since he's squeezing them in one hand and spinning his arm around like he's winding up a baseball pitch, the answer is "Not very well". Luckily, he only gets to kill one bird before Takkar tries getting his attention.
    Takkar: Wenja.
    Urki: (doesn't see Takkar, so he speaks to the bird in his hand) Bird speaks? Tell Urki how you fly. Beat (more insistently, like he's talking to a small child) Tell Urki how you fly!
    Takkar: (taps Urki on shoulder) Wenja!
    (Urki lets go of his bird, startled by Takkar's presence, and releases it from the tent)
    • At the end of Urki's first Fetch Quest (bring him some feathers so he can build a flight suit), Takkar presents him with... two feathers, one to go in each hand. Then Urki tries doing a run-up from a wooden ramp, shouting to Takkar that he's going to fly across the valley to him "like sabertooth with wings!" Sure enough, the pudgy caveman with only two feathers falls to the ground like a lead brick. Good thing he's got a hay mound to cushion his fall, though he still feels pain.
    • Urki inexplicably has a deep Southern accent despite the game being set in Neolithic times. Then again, his descendant also has a Southern accent despite being from Montana.
    • The second time you meet Urki, he's killed an Udam single-handedly by beating his skull to a pulp with a boulder. When he stands up to greet Takkar, Urki has an Udam spear lodged in his stomach that he doesn't notice is there until Takkar tells him about it. What's Urki's response then? "Dang!"
    • When Takkar brings Urki a bunch of stones for him to make spear-proof armour, the area where you test it out is full of vervet monkeys. It seems we now know where Hurk got his obsession with monkeys from. And then Urki gets Blown Across the Room by a spear to the stomach. And he still survives it!
    • Urki getting Takkar to sniff his armpit before gathering ingredients for his bear deterrent.
    • Getting a tamed bear to test Urki's deterrent. The deterrent consists of honey, so said bear downs Urki in one swipe, and he doesn't die afterwards. For added funny points, try setting the Great Scar Bear on Urki.
    • By the end of his quests, Urki has set up camp outside the Wenja village, despite the fact that he doesn't have anything useful to contribute to Takkar's people. There's just no getting rid of him!
  • A rare funny moment from Ull, of all people. When he briefly captures Takkar and locks him in a cage in the Udam cave, there's an Izila in the background desperately pleading from his cage far behind Ull. Ull shuts him up by throwing a stone into his cage and hitting his head, but he's still looking at Takkar when he does it.
  • At the end, when you bring Ull's children back to the camp. The other Wenja are initially very suspicious, and Tensay tries to scare the crying baby by shouting in its face. The older child promptly punts Tensay in the shin, causing Tensay to let out a big belly laugh and decree that the children have strong spirits, welcoming them to the village.
  • The fact that, at the bottom of a lake near your village, you can find none other than Fred Flintstone's car.