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Nightmare Fuel / Far Cry Primal

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Warchief Ull: Seven feet of hulking, cannibalistic Neanderthal come to ruin your whole day.

  • Batari's death. After a long a difficult boss fight, Takkar holds her against the fire that her and the Izila worship. As a result, she slowly roasts to death over the fire that her cult worshipped. And you are made to watch it all in gruesome detail.
  • The opening mission. After Takkar and his hunting party have successfully tracked down and killed a woolly mammoth, a saber-toothed cat appears out of nowhere and starts killing Takkar's friends one by one, shrugging off a spear to its ear and nearly murdering Takkar himself, not to mention actually murdering his brother.
  • Whenever your tamed beast is running towards you at night. Even though you know they're not running to attack you, it's still pretty jarring to see a gigantic cave bear with glowing eyes running at you.
  • The page image is of Warchief Ull when he first attacks the Wenja village. This gigantic, thuggish tribe chieftain with a partially-burnt face shows up out of nowhere, attacks the villagers, and grabs Takkar himself in a two-handed Neck Lift when the hero impulsively attacks him, and rasps at him, "Softblood Wenja no stay. You go. 'Or you DIE!!!" and then punches Takkar backwards several feat. Thankfully, you get revenge later, but Ull came this close to murdering Takkar on the spot.
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  • Takkar himself could be considered this. The Udam have been waging this war and winning for a long time, when this one Wenja softblood arrives. No big deal, just another hunk of flesh to eat. But then what happens? He reclaims the best and brightest of his tribe, and gives them a home to live in. You go there to offer your objections through the use of clubs and poison. Then he comes with beasts. The animals that can destroy an entire hunting party obey his commands. His weapons become more and more complex and polished and his tactics more and more intricate. Then he assaults your fort, then your homeland, alone and completely slaughters anyone he finds there. Though his own skill and tenacity, Takkar has single-handedly doomed whatever little hope your tribe had left. Taken even further if you clear the Outposts while remaining undetected. Do that consistently and Takkar has essentially become a force of nature. Your tribe in these outposts are all dying over the course of one afternoon... and you don't even know why.
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  • Bears have always been a staple of Far Cry. While the game does feature the traditional brown bear, it also has cave bears appear from time to time. These bears are much, MUCH larger than the brown bears and are big enough to take down a mammoth. What makes it even worse is when the bear comes in contact with other cavemen, often snatching them in its mouth and shaking them like rag dolls.
  • Mammoths. While they do tend to be rather docile for the most part, when threatened or injured, they will come after the player. And by they, the entire herd.
  • The predatory fauna in general, especially at night. You've just led a group of Wenja to a small campsite as night creeps in. It's too dangerous to leave, and you may think you're safe. Then the wolves come. You can spend the rest of the night fighting off packs of wolves and they slowly and surely pick off everyone else.


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