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There will be a shout out to Western Animation/Ice Age.
A Woolly Mammoth, a Sloth, and a Sabretooth will all be living together.
  • Jossed. There's no Ground Sloths in this game.
There's gonna be a Call-Forward to the mythical parts of the previous, or rather future in this case, Far Cry video games
This might explain what the mythical parts really are.
  • Which may even link to the Assassin's Creed series, given how the Lost Expeditions of Far Cry 3 had links to said series.
FCP will be a Prequel that details the Metaplot.
The second, third and fourth Far Cry games were apparently building up to be a kind of Shared Universe, and Primal will finally get down to business; Oros is or will become "a place which calls the strong" just like the UAC, Rakyat and Kyrat, and Takkar will demonstrate exactly how this happens/cause it to happen; he's too primitive to understand exactly what is happening, but the player will recognize whatever technological/mystical/technomystical process that turns otherwise-average human beings into insane gods of battle.

The Wenja are early assassins.
You are building what would eventually become the brotherhood, and the hunter vision is the Wenja name of Eagle Vision

  • The idea that this is the Brotherhood is arguably disproven by the fact that Assassins Creed Origins reveals the Assassin Brotherhood was formally organized during the reign of Cleopatra.

That said, there were precursors to the Assassins before that, which could include Takkar and his friends. It would explain why Takkar obtains many of the same skills as assassins, like being able to stealth kill, air assassinate enemies and work with an Owl similar to Bayek's Eagle. He's developing the skills later developed by proto-assassins and eventually the Brotherhood. In short, he's not so much starting the Order we've come to know from the Assassin's Creed games as he is laying the groundwork for what will eventually be accomplished by Bayek of Siwa.

Additionally, Urki does fall off a cliff and land in a pile of hay (albeit by accident, as he was trying to fly like a bird). Perhaps in doing so he unwittingly created the "Leap of Faith" maneuver practiced by so many assassins. If this is indeed where it originated, it might explain how Bayek of Siwa was able to perform the same stunt even before he had anything to do with the Assassins.


The Izila are an early precursor to the Order of the Ancients

The Izila seem to value domination and control. They are shown practicing slavery and Batari views herself as an absolute ruler who would settle for nothing short of total control. Other members of the Izila seem to share these feelings.

After Batari is killed by Takkar, the remainder of the Izila tribe is scattered (much like the Wenja after Ull's massacre) and struggles to survive. They slowly manage to come together again and realize they need to work to secure dominance in the area. Remembering their culture's history, they determine that total control of the other tribes is the only way to maintain order (and with it, their own survival), but they also believe they need to do it more subtly. Thus begins their search for ways to control others which eventually leads to the precursor sites.


It could also explain why the Izila society is so technologically advanced compared to other tribes, if Batari was ever exposed to a Piece of Eden.

Batari is a long distant ancestor of Citra
They're both Ambiguously Brown enough as well as warrior priestesses of their own clans.
  • I think it's more likely that Sayla is Citra's ancestor. She looks a lot more similar to Citra than Batari does.
Oros is a prehistoric Kyrat
It's been pointed out that Primal uses the exact same map as 4. Over time, earthquakes and continental shift helped to turn it into the land it is in the modern day
  • Jossed. Is prehistoric Europe. Germany to be exact. Check Oros in Far Cry wikia.
Takkar is a long distant ancestor of Jason Brody and Ajay Ghale
  • Game Theory theorizes that this could be the case. They also theorize that Connor Kenway is also part of the genealogy.
    • If Takkar has any modern descendants at all, they would include the majority of the human race due to the way genealogy works. So it's not impossible but if true it wouldn't have any special meaning as Takkar would also be the distant ancestor of most of the nameless mooks all three of them slaughter over the course of the game, and any genetic similarities they shared with Takkar after 10000 years would be incidental at best.
The inevitable DLC will have dinosaurs.
Seems obvious, considering Blood Dragon was an eighties' sci-fi, and Far Cry 4 had yetis.

Tensay's "drinks" are a precursor to the various drugs used in other Far Cry games

Tensay passes on the recipes to his descendants, who in turn pass it on to others. Over time, Tensay's concoctions evolve through experimentation and refinement. As humanity advances applications of the substance also change from "spiritual visions" to recreation and torture, leading to further efforts at experimenting. This eventually leads to the development of multiple types of drugs, which include the experimental drugs Yogi and Reggie constantly force Ajay to take ()they're just carrying on the tradition of improving and modifying them and The hallucinogenic drugs Yuma forces onto her prisoners.

The effects of Tensay's drinks also bear some resemblance to the Bliss seen in Far Cry 5, with the way they seem to blur the lines between supernatural visions and hallucination (much of what he sees is probably hallucination, but he does manage to discover a few things using those drinks). The Bliss similarly makes it nearly impossible to tell the distinguish hallucination from reality or supernatural visions. During the player's encounters with Faith it is very hard to tell if they are actually meeting her or experiencing hallucinations brought on by drugs, especially with some of the more bizarre and surreal sequences Where she seems to defy the laws of physics. The Bliss is simply a much more refined version of Tensay's drinks that Faith is able to mass produce.

Takkar is a member of the Bloodline

For a caveman living in the stone age, Takkar shows a remarkable ability to withstand punishments such as being clubbed, shot at with arrows, falling off cliffs, being set on fire, being attacked by bears and big cats. You know, ordeals that would probably kill others in a similar position. Ubisoft has also frequently hinted that Far Cry, Watch Dogs, and Assassin's Creed are all set in the same universe.

In Assassin's Creed Odyssey we learn about an ancient bloodline that contains DNA from the Isu, though they do not say how far back it goes. One of the easiest ways to identify individuals with those genes is the fact that their bodies tend to be much more durable than average.

This would make it entirely possible that Takkar is of the same bloodline as Kassandra and Alexios. This would also explain why he has similar abilities to other assassins, such as hunter vision or the ability to see through an owl, and why the Udam and Izila both have so much difficulty killing him. It might also give the Izila more reason to want him eliminated- like the Cult of Kosmos they see members of the Bloodline as a threat, and Batari could easily use her tribe's religious beliefs to cover up her true motivations.

This could also make it possible that Takkar is an ancestor of Kassandra.