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Ajay Ghale

  • When Ajay witnesses a funeral pyre he remarks that he's never seen anything like it, only for Bhadra to remark that she's never seen a man carry around his mother's ashes. Ajay's reaction is simply "Touché."
  • Ajay's rather violent reaction upon meeting Yogi and Reggie again after completing their first mission. Note that he says this while barging in with a loaded gun pointed at their heads.
    Ajay: Still alive, shitbags!
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  • One of the "Hunting: Control" missions begins with the quest-giver frantically telling Ajay that his wife was eaten by rabid honey badgers. Ajay proceeds to laugh it off... only to realize that he was being serious, whereupon he awkwardly retracts his statement.
  • On a meta-level, the "secret ending" where Ajay does what Pagan Min asks at the beginning of the game, and just hangs around in his palace for Min to come back. When Min returns, he lets Ajay put his mother's ashes to rest without issue, all the while offhandedly explaining the entire plot of the game in casual conversation. They then hop back into their helicopter, with Min bellowing "Maybe now we can finally shoot some goddamn guns", and the credits roll.
    • The quote may count as a comedic What the Hell, Player?. Why the hell did you buy a game like Far Cry if you're just gonna wait 15 minutes idling for a pacifist's ending? This is a fucking First Person Shooter, go do some shooting already!
  • While it appears only for a brief moment, Ajay's face when Pagan takes a selfie with him at the beginning of the game is priceless. It's a beautiful mixture of "I am absolutely terrified for my life right now" and "right now, I have no idea what on earth is going on".
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  • When Sabal saves him from an avalanche.
    Sabal: You're a tough man to kill, brother!
    Ajay: That's a good thing, right?

Pagan Min

  • Pretty much everything Pagan says or does has a serious streak of Black Comedy to it.
  • Some of his most entertaining lines and actions are reserved for Darpan, the old guy whom Ajay meets in the bus during the game's cinematic intro. Yes, it's terrifying to see Pagan torture the man before handing him over to De Pleur for even more torture, but it's also disturbingly funny due to Pagan being, well, Pagan. He continues this trend throughout the game whenever Darpan pops up in conversations.
    Pagan (all business-like, having just kidnapped Ajay for dinner): Again, terribly sorry for what happened before. This is more what I had in mind. So, fresh start. Introductions. Ajay Ghale, our guest of honor. (To his right) Paul, our very gracious host. (To his left, Darpan, looking terrified) The little monkey, whose name I still don't know. And I, of course, am Pagan Min.
  • When he notices Darpan has been covertly texting at the table, he slams the man into the table, jams a fork into his back...and then slaps the hand holding the phone until Darpan relinquishes it, like a parent admonishing a child.
    • Then he admonishes his guards for not searching Darpan.
      Pagan: Really, guys? We're not checking for these anymore?
  • Listening to Pagan talk about Kanye West's Twitter can be pretty funny, if only for the sheer unexpectedness of it.
    • It also shows that both of your crazies with a radio have a weird thing for Kanye.
  • Pagan's rant about whoever is going around lighting all of the candles around Kyrat is funny as hell. Especially the fact that it annoys him to the extent that he declares to his confused aide "Gary" that all candles are now illegal and lighting one is punishable by death.
  • Pagan rings up Ajay on the radio, telling Ajay he had a suit made for the kid, because his current outfit just isn't fit for the next king of Kyrat. He then subtly makes fun of the game's crafting system by asking what Ajay keeps in all those zippered pockets, "handfuls of meat?" and acknowledging that he probably does, so let's work that into the suit?
  • Pagan claiming that he's gotten over his Caligula phase:
    Pagan: Yes, yes, I murdered countless innocents. Yes, I outlawed religion. Yes, I changed the currency so that everyone’s savings were meaningless and yes, I may have gone through a period of bathing in yak’s blood and slamming rails of coke. But I’m reformed now! Look at me! Getting this country back on its feet again. Top shape, Ajay. (sound of Pagan slamming a rail of coke) Top shape.
  • In the ending he decides to teach the player a valuable lesson regarding choice and responsibility:
    Pagan: All choices have consequences, Ajay! I've given you Kyrat, but I'm keeping the helicopter!
  • In an early radio message, Pagan assumes Ajay fled the compound in the beginning because he didn't like the crab rangoon. Pagan tells him not to worry: he had the cook executed for incompetence, so it's all good. Or maybe it was the cook's family...
    Pagan: That's the last time I'm kidnapping a fucking TV celebrity chef.

Rabi Ray Rana

  • Just about everything Rabi Ray Rana says is this. He is a constant never-ending stream of Lighter and Softer wackiness in an otherwise Darker and Edgier game.
  • At one point during his speeches, he says that Pagan Min dresses like he "stole someone's Joker Halloween costume" and "robbed a metrosexual pimp".
  • His constant talk about how hot Amita is eventually results in her calling his station to tell him to stop.
    • Even better, his attempts to talk up the resistance turn into Misaimed Fandom and Unwanted Assistance as while he brings up Pagan Min's atrocities, he also paints Amita as a Tony Montana-esque drug lord who wants to turn the country into a narco-state and Sabal as a fun-hating religious fanatic. Not exactly the sort of thing you want your propaganda guy to describe you as.
  • At one point, he rambles on about how the Noble Peace Prize isn't going to be won by anyone in Kyrat before he starts talking about how they've begun handing it out to people who "do drone strikes like they're going out of style." Then he clarifies he's talking about Obama. And quickly realizes the US would have a much easier time taking him out than Pagan Min if they really wanted to.
  • Rabi takes some listener answers about what they think is hidden in Pagan's mines, and is quite dismayed by the responses. He first talks about how one person thinks they're housing an undead army given to Pagan by the lizard people living under Los Angeles. He then talks about another theory that they contain gold-painted lead bars, heard from the submitter's cousin's best friend's girlfriend. Finally, he brings up one last response, from his brother - Rabi's balls. Rabi says that if that were the case, he has some pretty big balls.
    Rabi: There are some pretty interesting theories out there, and by interesting, I mean fucking stupid.
  • He gets a little ahead of himself when he informs Ajay of the second propaganda center.
    Rabi: Hey Ajay, I found another propaganda center. I'm sending you the coordinates now. Head over there and take it out with extreme prejudice. Man, I've always wanted to say that. 'Take it out with extreme prejudice'. That's, like, some serious black ops shit, man. 'Extreme prejudice'. Okay, sorry, I'm just getting off topic now. I'll let you get back to doing what you do best. This is Rabi Ray Rana, signing off... okay, why am I talking like I'm on the radio? I mean, I am on the radio, but I'm not on the air. Ah, fuck it! Just... I'm gonna go. Sorry. Ajay? Please don't think I'm a loser. 'Cause I'm not.

King Min's Kyrat

  • This is the royal government's official guide to the game's setting, which is of course filled with all kinds of bullshit propaganda that regurgitates all of Pagan Min's egotistic delusions.
    • The People section heaps a lot of exaggerated praise for Pagan and his allies, while also mocking and scorning their enemies.
    • The Places section likewise insists that all areas of the war-torn nation under Min's control are a perfect paradise.
    • The Animals section humorously compares most of the wildlife to human beings, from the Royal Army to the Golden Path.


  • Some players may find all the various NPCs' South Asian accents to be amusing. Doubly so if they're familiar with Hindi/Urdu profanity.
  • The quest giver for entering Noore's Arena is a topless woman who might taunt Ajay when he approaches by expressing disbelief that he wants to enter the arena, when he's barely old enough to look at her breasts.
    • "If it isn't Mr. Stare-At-My-Tits. The Arena is waiting (to cheer) for you." note 
  • While Ajay fights in the Shanath Arena, the announcer has a very morbid and cruel sense of humor, punctuated by bursts of sadistic cackling, appropriately enough for all the brutal bloodshed and crazy chaos of the events.
    • He asks the audience if they feel entertained enough, as all the combatants (except Ajay) have literally "died for your amusement!"
    • He warns that any spectators who are found to be carrying weapons, or who merely fall into the arena, will be forced to become another contestant in the games.
    • He states that side bets are not allowed, and anyone who violates this rule "will be fed to tigers... and my ex-wife!"
  • Due to the animal AI, some Black Comedy can happen. You can rescue some hostages from enemy captivity, only for a pack of wolves to ambush them without warning. You can be tasked with assassinating a Royal Army lieutenant, only for a freaking tiger to roll in from nowhere and do the job for you.
    • Like all the other predatory animals in the game, even the black eagles are annoyingly aggressive; they'll randomly attack Ajay or other people for no reason, despite the fact that these birds are obviously too small to even eat a human being (if they encounter some Golden Path rebels, they'll narmfully yell out "EAGLE!" while shooting at the air in panic). Even more amusingly, it's entirely possible to see an eagle abducting a freaking pig, even though these animals should (probably?) be too fat and heavy for any birds to carry.
    • There is something just delightfully absurd about the animation used when repelling an attacking honey badger. It's like every single time Scrappy-Doo was pulled off the Monster of the Week.
  • Speaking of badgers, there's the the "Fashion Week" quest to hunt Gulo the Honey Badger. Starting the mission requires you to go through at least five confirmation menu screens, the last one asking "Are you mad??"
    • Gulo is apparently so badass, that he murdered multiple armed humans and larger animals; such as Royal Army soldiers (along with their burnt out vehicles), wolves, tigers, and even a rhino! Killing Gulo requires the use of a light machine gun.
  • Hurk's One-Scene Wonder:
    Hurk: Let's kick some Golden Path ass.
    Driver: We're the Golden Path!
    Hurk: (very loudly and slowly) Man-I-do-not-und-er-stand-what-you-are-saying. I-don't-speak-your-lang-uage.
    Hurk: You call, we swoop in and help you— me and my, uh... ah...
    Ajay: (Quietly) Golden Path?
    Hurk: Golden Path buddies! That's right.
    • Ajay complaining when he's sharing an elephant with Hurk.
    Ajay: (removing Hurk's hands from his waist) You know what? That's, that's enough.
    Hurk: Okay, it's all right.
    Ajay: Yeah, just watch the beard on my neck.
    Hurk: Whatever, man. I mean, this elephant has got two butt holes, two taints, and four balls on his back, and you're complaining about one penis.
    Ajay: I wasn't talking about your penis. It's, it's your beard, it's itchy. Get it off my neck.
    Hurk: Oh, sorry, man, no problem. But you're cool with the penis then?
    Ajay: That, too. Back it up.
  • Pranav, the driver, from the Armed Convoy missions has one.
    "If you look to your right you'll see one of Kyrat's many beautiful temples. Take a photo because we are not stopping!"
  • In one cave, you can find a sleeping bag and a Lonesome Planet entry that extols the hospitality of the people of Kyrat, specifically about how they will let travelers sleep in their homes, but with an editor's note that adds "I AM BULLSHITTING THIS ENTRY I AM SLEEPING IN A FUCKING CAVE".
  • The people who supported Sabal and watched Death Note before playing Far Cry 4 can have their fun from comparing Sabal's sentences when he refers to the godess he worships, Kyra, to the alias used by the protagonist of Death Note.
    Sabal: "Now it's time to remind that Kyra watches over them"
    "Amita needs to go. It's the will of Kyra."

  • Longinus. Just- Longinus.

  • Elite Heavy in Don't Look Down
    • In this mission, once you scale down the mountainside, there is an heavy guard in this mission that bemoans the state of his wards and his coworkers to his dog.
    Heavy: "You smell their fear, boy, huh? Yeah, that's why I like it here too. They know their place around us, don't they boy? Yeah. They do. Look at these idiots. Pathetic. They're not living up to their potential, are they, boy? No. Fucking soldiers are just as bad as the prisoners... wasting away instead of being the most they can be and blasting through the maximum. I bet I could bench press twenty of these losers without breaking a sweat. Maybe twenty-five if I carb-load first. Yeah. Definitely. What do you think, boy? Bet I could do ten squats with twenty of them on my back. Most guys don't work the legs, but I do. Core, legs, chest, back, repeat. That's why nobody fucks with me. Fuck with me and I'll bench press them for breakfast. Isn't that right boy? Yeah, you know it is."

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