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  • At the end of the Magician boss fight: "I've always wanted to do that..."
    • Also from their intro:
    Reed: "Dammit! Not again!"
    • In Off the Record, Frank's delivery to his reaction is also worth a chuckle.
    Frank: What the hell? That's not magic!
  • It's possible to use a can of spray paint to paint an "X" over the posters of Zombrex scattered around Fortune City. When you do so, you are greeted with 1,000 PP per poster and a line of Chuck trying to imitate the looters.
    Chuck: What a rush!
    Chuck: I could do this all day!
  • There's a movie theatre where Chuck can plop himself down. What's hilarious is his expression of anticipation during a horror film, with his knuckles at his jaw, and his look of rapt, slack jawed attention at a soap opera. It's glorious.
    • Most of the movies themselves are hilarious, especially "Mutant Crunch."
    "Brian, get me the anal probe. Its time to teach that son of a bitch a lesson."
    Chuck: "I laughed, I cried, it sucked."
    • At least Chuck got actual movies to watch. Frank only gets one feature, a one hour commercial for a time share company. Watching Frank try to stay awake during the DREADFULLY BORING presentation is hilarious, and as an added bonus, watching the entire cutscene nets you the Psychopath hairstyle.
  • The message "Barn Burner" results in you putting out a fire in the doorway of one of the arenas in order to free a couple. Once that's done, the woman will actually HIT ON CHUCK, causing him to simply respond with "...". Additionally, speaking to the man to recruit both survivors will reveal that they set the fire to keep the zombies away, but that they didn't realize how that would trap them in the room.
  • In the final battle with Tyrone King, Chuck and him will have the following exchange:
    TK: You gotta risk it all, if you're ever, really, gonna...
    Chuck: (throws him off the railing and to his death) Win big?
    • In Off The Record, this is changed to:
    TK: You gotta risk it all, if you're ever, really, gonna...
    Frank: (throws him off the railing and to his death) FALL TO YOUR DEATH!?
  • Frank wearing a wrestler's outfit in the completely different version of Terror Is Reality in the trailer.
    • Wait, it gets better; after you're done playing TiR, you can wear it. FOR THE REST OF THE GAME. There's something hilarious running around killing zombies in a wrestling outfit, a viking helmet and yellow sneakers.
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  • The entirety of the E3 2011 Uranus Zone trailer for Off the Record.
  • The entire boss battle with Evan, which is a complete 180 in mood from the battle with Adam in the original Dead Rising.
    • Especially, especially this line:
      Frank: I don't think you're going to sell a lot of ice cream right now. And I am not getting into your car.
    • This line from Frank when Evan finds out his identity:
      • The sheer sight of the autographed Frank picture suddenly flying up, pausing right in front of Frank for a whole three seconds and Frank never reacting to it is hilarious.
      • All the more amusing if Frank is wearing headwear that hides his face, like a Servbot helmet. How can Evan recognize him if he can't see his face? Maybe Frank West is just a big ol' trigger for him...
    • There's also something hilarious about Evan running around after he loses his stilts.
    • After this, Evan has a grapple attack where he runs up Frank and starts pounding on his face. Wiggling the left stick (or mouse) to get him off you will have Frank push him off and punt him across the sky like a football.
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    • And then there's his death scene. He tries to go for one of his ice bombs atop his truck, but can't reach them due to how short he is. He knocks one onto him and freezes himself. As he freezes and utters his Last Words, Frank completely unflinchingly walks up to the statue and nonchalantly pushes it over with his foot and shatters it, walking away without even changing his facial expression.
  • During an early part of the game, Chuck walks by Amber's dressing room on his way to get Katey. If the player actually steps into the dressing room, she'll get mad and scold Chuck.
    Amber: "Hey, stay out of my dressing room, Chuckie! Are you trying to catch a peek of a naked woman without having to pay for it for once?"
  • The opening cutscene for Off The Record's sandbox mode.
    Helicopter Pilot: So, Frank West; you here to get your next big scoop?
    Frank: No way, pal! I'm not here for work. This... is my VACATION!
    Frank jumps out of the helicopter towards a horde of zombies below with a cheerful smile on his face, the screen freezes while in mid-air like in action movies while incredibly cheesy music plays in the background.
  • The double dildo you can use as a weapon. Bonus points and laughs if you manage to defeat a psychopath with it.
  • Some Chuck's lines in Case West after destroying Phenotrans security cameras can be this. Notable ones include "Mind your own damn business!" and "It's rude to stare!"
  • Off The Record has this lovely gem after Psycho!Stacey gets crushed:
  • Another gem from Off The Record are the voice clips Frank and Chuck have. One such is if Chuck finds Zombrex:
  • The very existence of the Freedom Bear.
  • Given how Too Dumb to Live most of the survivors are in this game (not in AI, but some of the things they force Chuck to do to get him to "recruit" them), Chuck's lines when dealing with the more idiotic ones often involve things like "Are You Kidding Me?", "What?", or "...". This last one is used for when he has to carry a barefoot girl because "the floor's too cold", and when a redneck woman hits on him. Makes you wonder whether the silence is Chuck being afraid of pissing off the woman's husband, or afraid of what's under the bandanna she's conspicuously covering her mouth with.
  • When giving Tyrone King Zombrex, Chuck responds to his yelp of pain with "My daughter takes this better than you."
  • Frank's Zombie Walk move he can learn.
    (Completely nonchalant) "Brains."
  • Chuck and Frank's various responses to the fortune teller machine.
    Chuck: "Your beard is stupid!"
    Frank: "Nice beard, Jackass."
  • While the fight with Ted is pretty sad, what isn't is Frank's reaction at the start.
  • During one of the cutscenes with Bibi, Chuck/Frank tries to back out of doing her favors, when he gets some advice from her (tied up) audience,
    Juan Lee: Yo man, just do it!
  • In the Yucatan Casino, there's a bonfire with a prompt marked "Money to Burn". Activating the prompt has you throw $100 dollars into the fire and ups the price to do it again. This can be repeated with an ever climbing price tag for a measly "Pyromaniac" bonus and a sliver of PP each time. But burning cash up to and including the $100,000 denomination nets you the illustrious "Stupidity Bonus"! At least it's worth a bunch of PP. And lampshaded by Frank.
    Frank West: Why did I do that?
  • Among the survivors are four nerds playing Dungeons & Dragons. Normally, it takes Chuck a while to convince them to come with him. If he has a woman in his party, they join immediately.

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

  • During the Chuck Greene boss fight, Frank can yell a number of things. The context, by the way, is Frank having started the fight by accidentally grabbing the doll Chuck uses to replace his dead daughter.
    "You're taking this way too personally!"
    "Aren't you being a bit overprotective?!?"
    "Have you looked into grief counseling?!?"
  • Let's face it: just about all of the quips Frank fires off in Off the Record are comedy gold.
    (saving a woman who got badly sunburned) "Lady, you got the lobster look down."
    (co-op Chuck uses his camera) "Where'd you get that from, a box of cereal?"
    (buying from a looter-run pawn shop) "Hey, y'know what? Your store sucks."
    (defeated Slappy) "How's that smile working out for ya?"
  • One of the skill moves that Frank can learn as he levels up is the Snapshot. With this move, he grabs the nearest zombie in front of him and inexplicably takes a selfie with it. Yep. What helps is that it nets a decent chunk of PP in the "Outtake" category.
  • TK forces Frank to fetch him a men's silk thong.
    TK: I needed me some nice new undies. You better make sure that's the magnum size. XXL, bitch!
  • There's a survivor in the Uranus Zone, where he's surrounded by "NPCs" (zombies). When Frank rescues him, he's a video gamer who constantly breaks the fourth wall. He also mentions that his hands are for gaming, not fighting. This is true, since if he's given a firearm, he can't handle the recoil and is always knocked back when he shoots.
  • You find two survivors in Uranus Zone who are both wannabe-comedians trading really terrible jokes at each other. You have to give a trophy to one of them in order for them to follow you to the safe zone, much to Frank's disbelief and annoyance. The one who you don't give the trophy to will proceed to loudly cry over and over again for the entire trip.

Dead Rising 2: Case West

  • Frank inadvertently sets off the intruder alarm which attracts enemies to his and Chuck's position. After the fight, he uses old cliche lines to the person on the other end of the radio to try and signal that nothing's wrong. He looks up from his position to look at Chuck, who just shakes his head with the same stony face he usually wears.
  • One cutscene features Chuck and Frank sitting in the Shipping Office, with Chuck repeatedly clicking a pen to Frank's chagrin. Eventually Frank has enough and throws the pen into a wall. Chuck then delivers one of the best lines in Case West.
    Chuck: Y'know, you're a little high-strung for a guy who's covered wars.
  • The mad scientist's hair resembles Dr. Wily's hair style a lot.
  • Chuck and Frank sneak into a security room with one single visible guard. Chuck looks at Frank, whispers, "There's just one guy," and sneaks into the room... only to stand upright, loudly announce his presence and try to intimidate the guard to keep quiet, all while the alerted guard's partner throws him a rifle and steps in with his own, giving the poor guy an Oh, Crap! reaction. But what sells the scene is Frank's reaction as he watches the poorly thought-out plan unfold - as the guards begin shooting, Chuck barely dodges by diving into the next toom, while Frank had already nervously moonwalked out.

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