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Main game

Raymond Sullivan: Looks like you finally got your story. Too bad you won't be getting that award though.
Chuck Greene: You bastard. You're on their payroll!
Raymond Sullivan: Yup. You're supposed to die in the outbreak, Chuck. All of you were supposed to die.

Katey Greene: I knew you were the bad guy!
Raymond Sullivan: Kids say the cutest things, don't they?

Raymond Sullivan: Fortune City was a small price to pay to preserve our country's way of life!
Chuck Greene: You murdered these people!
Raymond Sullivan: Acceptable losses! It wasn't the first time, it won't be the last!
Chuck Greene: You Bastard! did it! You caused the Vegas outbreak too, didn't you? You killed my wife, destroyed my family...
Raymond Sullivan: Everything that we have done has been absolutely necessary!

Raymond Sullivan: We're the good guys, Chuck, not you.

Case West

Frank West: I never did like that damn show.

Chuck Greene: Hey, you look familiar. You must be...
[Frank pushes Chuck down]
Frank West: Hey, you're the one who is all over the TV. They say you caused all this.
Chuck Greene: That's bullshit!

Frank West: And the name's Frank, Frank West.

Chuck Greene: Shit! A dead end. Nice investigation work, Frank.
Frank West: Just drop it, Chuck.
Chuck Greene: Get your ass out of my face.
Frank West: Back up, back up!
Chuck Greene: You're too close.
Frank West: I said drop it.
[The two fall from the air vent]
Chuck Greene: Consider it dropped.

Chuck Greene: The world needs Frank West.

Off the Record

Frank West: I clawed my way out of Willamette. I fought hard to uncover the truth of what happened at that mall. And things were good...real good...for a while. Then, I let things get to me. I let things get out of control. I think deep down, I knew I had to uncover what was really going on. Things got pretty dark, but this is my get back in the game.

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