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  • After a long time of being The Quiet One, Big E's hilariously awkward (first?) promo on RAW not long after his debut - in which he channels (or attempts to channel) Triple H and sets up with his now immortal, "OH I GOT THE MIC NOW" - definitely qualifies. Explaining it doesn't quite do justice to its awkwardness - just type the line into YouTube's search engine and watch for yourself.
  • Big E's Twitter account - but especially his running repartees with Dolph Ziggler, AJ Lee, and Kaitlyn, which tend to be chock full of witty exchanges and Continuity Nods.
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  • He tricked Vickie Guerrero into putting him into the main event match after The Miz was taken out by The Wyatt Family. When she wants to talk to Triple H about it, he says "Aren't you the Smackdown general manager? Or did I walk into the office of Brad Maddox?"
  • After successfully retaining his Intercontinental Championship against Curtis Axel at Survivor Series 2013 in Boston, he was interviewed in the ring by Renee Young, and he stated that, "It's great to be here in Boston (crowd cheers), and I don't mean to pander to the crowd Boston (crowd cheers), but me defending the Intercontinental Title here feels like DAVID ORTIZ WINNING THE WORLD SERIES! (crowd goes crazy)
  • Him and Sheamus appearing in a K Mart commercial and jokingly argue about whose stuff is better.
  • You may need the WWE Network to watch it, but Big E's press conference reaction to his loss at Extreme Rules is pretty hilarious.
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  • His Eagleland promo in his match against Rusev at Money in the Bank.
  • Big E No Selling a bucket that gets bounced off his head. He barely flinches, and then just has this look of 'Did you seriously just throw a bucket at my head?'
    • He has much the same reaction to Ric Flair throwing his jacket at him and getting knife-edge chopped.
  • He gets a Kick the Dog moment played for laughs when he takes Teddy Long's cheeseburger and eats it in front of him.
  • A vast majority of anytime he holds a microphone up to his mouth in The New Day.
  • When he was down with an injury in May 2019, his Twitter went from hilarious to straight-up comedic gold. The crowner has to go to his, um, deep and abiding appreciation of Becky Lynch's mama.

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