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Season One

  • Barry so desperately wants to join Gene's acting class that he tells Gene the plain truth: that he's a Marine and a combat veteran who became a hitman, and is now unhappy doing that and wants to try being an actor. Gene listens to him with no expression. Barry decides that Gene thinks he doesn't deserve to be in the class, and starts to walk off. Then Gene asks him "What's that from?", assuming that Barry was reciting a speech from a movie or, better, was improvising.
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  • Barry being asked to do Alec Baldwin's monologue from the movie of Glengarry Glen Ross. He completely misreads the tone of it and tries to do it as a cheerful, upbeat Rousing Speech.
  • Every minute of Barry and the other Marines at the party. Barry is a soft spoken awkward weirdo but around them he's actually loose, relaxed and sort of funny. His Cluster F-Bomb conversation with Chris about the fact his friend is a married father is amazing (and by all accounts a pretty accurate depiction of how reflexively Marines cuss).
  • Taylor putting on a loud porno for entertainment when Barry comes to visit him at his house, which makes the latter uncomfortable and makes several (ignored) requests to turn it off.
    • The fact that in the conversation that follows Taylor is fully engrossed by the porno and without ever taking his eyes from the screen calmly dissects the deeply abusive, one sided, manipulative nature of Barry and Fuches' relationship. Taylor can't have spent more than an hour in Fuches company but appears to just have a bad vibe about him, then calls Fuches 50/50 cut a scam, and even suggests Fuches wont 'let' Barry leave to do other things, suggesting an awareness there's manipulation and control at play.
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  • Barry's daydream set sometime in the not-too-distant future, where he is visibly middle-aged and speaks to his now-teenaged future children. He tells them not to be late for school at which point they activate the teleportation belts they are wearing and blip away in an instant, causing the entire house to shake; to which Barry casually picks up his nearby coffee cup before it rattles off the table as he continues reading his morning paper. Made all the funnier when it hard cuts back to present reality, as Barry's comedically wide-eyed stare at himself in the mirror he's standing in front of suggests even he realizes how ridiculous his fantasies are getting.
  • "Kill Fuches? No, I....I-I can do that?"


Season 2

  • Hank and one of his cohorts' failed attempts to assassinate Barry in his own apartment (which he immediately notices and returns the favor by way of a well-placed warning shot to the shoulder of the gunman).
  • Hank's "50/50 with Cristobal" dance.
  • After a solid minute-long gag of watching Fuches try to sneak from his hotel room to escape the LAPD detective he's been working with to help track Barry down via the balcony and futilely scale the wall before hitting a dead end about 3 feet away and getting stuck, Barry excitedly approaches him from the parking lot below with news. Fuches tries to shoo him off (for Barry's own safety), but the latter simply continues talking and approaches the building. Seconds later we see him swinging his leg over Fuches' balcony railing, apparently having Spider-Manned his way up the side of the building in mere seconds entirely off-screen, all the while Fuches still pathetically clings to the light fixture he's holding onto for dear life.
  • Barry's response to Det. Loach's proposition to kill his ex-wife's lover.
  • Pretty much the entirety of 2x05, "ronny/lilly" from start to finish.
    • Barry's affable attempts to get Ronny to pack his things and leave town for a while (as opposed to killing him).
    • The reveal of Ronny's unbelievably impressive Tae Kwon Do trophy room, leading to a deflated display of body language from a masked Barry that just screams "oh shit...this guy can definitely hurt me."
    • Ronny suddenly roundhouse kicking Barry into next week through a closet door (in mid-sentence, no less).
    • Lilly's transition from sweet-looking little girl coming home from TKD lessons to downright wild animal in an instant once she identifies Barry as a threat in her home; hissing, crawling, and attacking Barry with the fierce brutality of some feral creature.
    • Lilly scaling a tree and perching atop a house (that's not even hers) like a gargoyle when approached by Fuches, with the latter remarking "she ain't human." Even more amusingly, she stays there just like that staring down Barry and Fuches in their car until nightfall, creeping them both out.
    • Barry getting increasingly beat up over the course of the episode, coupled with Fuches' attempts to patch him up that only serve to make things worse. By the end, he's covered in his own blood, has been concussed, kicked around, stabbed, repeatedly passes out from exhaustion and blood loss, with his wounds at first crudely stitched up (which painfully pop out almost immediately) then slathered with superglue. All because he tried to take the noble path of not killing someone for once.

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