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  • "Do you think she has to take that thing off when they make out?" Ah, Dylan...
  • From the episode "Underwater":
    • Norma hitting the loser real estate agent with her purse.
    • Stoned Emma. Every second of stoned Emma.
  • "You're a dick!" Norma loves to express her opinions to the town council!
  • When Norma goes to Bob Paris' office to make ridiculous demands from him, Sheriff Romero sits next to her absolutely stone faced while Norma acts totally oblivious to how in over her head she is. Granted Romero's upset because Paris is probably going to murder the both of them, but just how distraught he looks while Norma says the pettiest things, like wanting a pool, is great.
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  • "Ok mother, I'm following you. In a masculine and attractive way." Oh, Normon!
  • It's hilarious and satisfying after an entire season of Norman and Romero psychotically obsessing over Norma's preserved corpse to see Dylan just straight up vomit at the first sight of it (i.e. the reaction a normal human would have).

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