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Nightmare Fuel / Barry

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Barry isn't afraid to show it's darker side since both the character and the show can be goddamn nightmarish at times.
Aww, what a sweet little girOHJESUS

Season One

     "Chapter One: Make Your Mark" 
  • Barry's swift executions of a group of Chechens that were targeting him for not killing Ryan (after they killed him themselves).
     "Chapter Two: Use It" 
  • The last shot of the episode showing a Chechen gang member taking photos of Sally.
     "Chapter Three: Make the Unsafe Choice" 
  • Barry strangling Paco to death.
     "Chapter Five: "Do Your Job" 
  • Barry and Taylor raiding the stash house.
  • Pretty much everything about Taylor.
     "Chapter Six: Listen With Your Ears, React With Your Face 
  • The shootout between Vacha and Moss.
  • The ending. Barry, Chris, Taylor and Vaughn driving on the airfield towards Bolivian gang members despite Barry begging Taylor to stop. Sure enough, they're ambushed by gunfire and crash their car before cutting to black.
     "Chapter Seven: Loud, Fast, and Keep Going 
  • The entire scene with Barry and Chris which ends in Chris' death.
  • Barry's emotional breakdown afterwards.
     "Chapter Eight: Know Your Truth" 
  • Barry killing Goran and his gang.
  • Barry killing Moss.

Season Two

     "Chapter One: The Show Must Go On, Probably?" 
  • Hank telling Barry in a dead serious tone that he'll give him up to Goran's family as the real killer if Barry doesn't kill his new rival Esther (and he even says that they'll also go after his theatre group). Not only is it a glimpse of his terrifying dark side (that we have yet to see) it's also an utterly chilling reminder that for all of his many quirks he's still a mobster and a remorseless criminal who is not to be crossed or messed with especially when he's cornered. He utterly angry face throughout his speech doesn't help. By the end of it, Barry is unnerved to the core.
    • His final quote to him before he drives away: "Don't fuck with me Barry, it's not polite."
     "Chapter Three: Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday" 
  • Barry showcases one hell of a Death Glare when Sally's ex-husband shows up.
  • Immediately prior to the above, Sally has been trying to goad Barry into performing her domestic abuse scene. When Barry isn't giving her what she needs she goes full Cousineau and starts berating him. She takes it a step further and actually shoves and grabs Barry very aggressively, to his clear and obvious distress. He's blindsided and clearly shaken by it, but it's pretty frightening to see the normally sweet, shallow, sort of flaky Sally reveal this very hostile mean streak. Worse yet, the first time we, and her boyfriend, learn she has it in her, is in public, in front of everyone they know. It's never really challenged either, meaning Barry might have missed the first red flags for abuse. Even worse, is Sally's calculating look right before she starts. She grabs him to raise his hand to her throat and Barry draws back. He literally says 'Please, I'm not comfortable' and we see Sally think about it and then start shoving him. It's unbelievably cruel.
     "Chapter Four: What?!" 
  • Barry, consumed with some twisted sense of justice, goes to Sam's hotel with the intent of killing him (based solely off of what Sally told him about their marriage note ) and when Sally is the one to open the door, he comes dangerously close to shooting her in the head. He disappears before she notices he was even there, but the look on his face as he hides down the hallway reveals that he's scared himself with this stunt. It's no wonder he goes out and cries in his car afterward.
  • The truth finally comes out about what happened in Korengal: Barry's squad mate and best friend gets shot in the face and Barry, witnessing an apprehensive-looking villager duck into a nearby doorway, goes after him. Barry kicks the man's door in and immediately pumps him full of lead while the man's wife watches and screams in terror. The rest of Barry's troop bursts in shortly thereafter and forcefully restrain him, informing Barry that the man he's just killed is nothing more than an ordinary villager and the one who shot his fellow Marine was an enemy sniper on a rooftop that they've already dispatched. The look on his face as he realizes he's just committed not only a completely senseless murder, but a war crime is almost beyond description.
     "Chapter Five: ronny/lily" 
  • Lily. Just look at the current page image.
  • Barry's injuries throughout the episode.
  • His injuries and the fact he begs and begs Fuches to take him to the hospital, getting weaker and more emotional with each plea as Fuches just keeps ignoring him and taking him after Lily. Bill Hader turns out to be able to play 'horrifically wounded' as well as he portrays everything else, adding to the horror of his condition as he looks and sounds done, and so hurt.
  • Barry's flashback of meeting Fuches when he got discharged from the army. The fact that this contrasts to other soldiers happily greeting their family members, that Fuches is grinning and wearing a black suit and that this all happens in complete silence doesn't help.
    • The flashback could also be viewed as a hallucination about dying induced by Barry's injuries, showing him realising Fuches is not unlike the Devil, who offers Barry help, support, purpose, but in reality his tricking and manipulating him constantly, binding them ever closer and damning them to the same hell.
     "Chapter Six: The Truth Has a Ring to It" 
  • Barry tapping into his trauma over killing Detective Moss in order to perform spectacularly. Not only does this officially confirm her death to anyone who was wondering about her fate in the Season one finale, but his shocked reaction over killing her ends up slowly turning into a cold, empty glare.
     "Chapter Seven: The Audition" 
  • Fuches pointing a .45-caliber gun point blank at Cousineau's head, who is currently frozen with shock at the sight of Janice Moss' body. Mercifully, the sound of approaching law enforcement vehicles makes Fuches choose not to fire. Though what he does instead is perhaps worse.
     "Chapter Eight: berkman > block" 
  • The slow head turn and eerie glare that Barry gives Sally after she gives him a hard slap to the face to get his attention right before their scene during the showcase. She thinks she's genuinely helping him get into the proper head space to play an abusive spouse, ironically unaware that he's already harboring a barely-restrained murderous rage over Fuches' antics (thus resulting in his inability to concentrate). No doubt many a viewer expected him to take it out on her in that moment. To make this worse, Bill Hader himself stated in an interview that Barry would've killed Sally had she not deviated from the script.
    • Made even more chilling by the fact that Barry's Murder Soundtrack kicks in as she hits him. All season long we've heard whistling desert winds when Barry's trauma/anger gets so overwhelming that he's about to murder someone. It's our indicator he's checked out mentally.
    • The very fact Sally slaps him. It's completely unexpected, sudden and a pretty shitty thing to do to your boyfriend, even if it's 'for a scene'. Barry is clearly not in a good headspace and Sally whacks him. Could be an indicator she's got a much meaner side to her.
  • Bill Hader's downright terrifying performance during Barry's massacre at the Burmese monastery. Gone is any semblance of humanity from the man as he storms through the building, indiscriminately putting a bullet between the eyes of anything and everything that moves in his attempt to find and kill Fuches for his betrayal, making not a sound except to occasionally shriek the name of his target as he goes along. The guy spends all of season two deliberately choosing not to kill people and ends up with a bigger body count from this incident than the entire first season combined. He bears a truly chilling expression on his face of pure, seething hatred from the moment he bursts in the door and doesn't snap out of it until he goes back through the building and realizes what he's done after Fuches escapes via car. The last glimpse we see of Barry as the season draws to a close is of him slowly descending into a darkened hallway note , indicating a new chapter has begun in his life.
    • One moment that stands out in particular is when Barry guns down three men in quick succession only for one of them to stand and walk for a few steps while choking on blood from a gunshot wound in his neck before bleeding out while Barry moves on.

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