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Tear Jerker / Barry

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It's considered a tragicomedy for a reason.
"My lord, the Queen is dead."

Season One

    Chapter Five: The Morality of Murder 
  • Barry trying to defend himself while the drama class trashes Macbeth and his Lady for being murderers. Forgetting or not knowing that Barry was a marine (and of course, none of them knowing he's a hitman) they declare that taking a life irrevocably marks your soul and changes you for ever into a monster. Barry, an actual combat veteran who has taken lives in the line of duty, (plus, you know, for money) sheepishly argues that Shakespeare was never a soldier and that he doesn't understand what he's talking about. The class gets snippy until Barry quietly snaps that he's killed people, before asking if that means he's doomed forever and should he just kill himself. Only then does Gene remember Barry was a Marine and informs the class about it who back down a little. Of course, Gene goes on to say that if you leave the army and keep killing people, then you're an irredeemable psycho, but Barry's eyes-cast-down defence of his own service is pretty heartrending.

    Chapter Four: "Commit...To You" 
  • Sally crying in her car after not only not being allowed to audition for a potentially lucrative role, but finding out it's because she's been dropped from her representation after she rebuffed her agent's sexual advances.

    Chapter Seven: "Loud, Fast, and Keep Going" 
  • Though it doubles as sort of funny, Fuches reaction to the news of Barry's apparent death at the airfield is moving. His first reaction is a literal collapse of grief over his dining table. When we next see him, he and Hank are on the same call and Fuches is fondly talking about how he met Barry as a child, calls him 'the sweetest kid you've ever seen'. While a lot of what Fuches does can be viewed as performative, since he is so manipulative, he appears in that moment to be genuinely moved and depressed by his belief Barry has perished. Of course, he IMMEDIATELY ruins it by complaining that Barry never got the chance to apologise to him. But for a second there, just a second, he might have been able to pretend to look as if he sort of cared.
  • Barry killing his friend Chris to keep him quiet about the botched ambush.
    • He then leaves his pistol behind with Chris' corpse (with it being gripped in his hand) to frame it as a suicide.
    • When Chris starts nervously rambling and briefly mentions his wife, you can see the exact moment Barry realizes what he "has" to do. He fights back tears from that moment until Chris' last and he seems like he's desperately trying to talk himself out of it in his head, but Chris is too upstanding of a citizen to keep what he's seen to himself forever and they both know it.
      • "I told you to get out of the car man."
    • On the same coin, Chris himself realizes the decision Barry has made at about the same time and resorts to all but outright begging for his life. His last words are NO NO NO NO WAIT—
  • Barry imagining Chris' wife reacting to the news of her husband's death.
    • "My lord, the Queen is dead." (Shown in the page image above)
  • Barry's full freak out afterwards.
    • Also the fact that some time before his death Chris reluctantly saved Barry from being killed by a Salvadorian by killing the man himself only to freak out completely afterwards since he never killed a man during his time as a veteran. Ultimately, saving Barry turned out to be pointless since Barry reluctantly kills Chris anyway which makes it even worse.
      • A particular twist of the knife is after Barry delivers his single line, Gene comes in to praise him. Barry is still DEEP in his nervous breakdown and completely incapable of speech. The only way he can find to communicate that he wants Gene to leave is by first punching a mirror, then tossing a chair across the room. Knowing that Barry's greatest difficulty is expressing himself anyway, to see him so overwhelmed as to be reduced to wordless shrieking is devastating.

    Chapter Eight: "Know Your Truth" 
  • Barry finally seems to have everything he wanted: a loving girlfriend, a social life, a career path he's actually passionate about (and doesn't involve murdering people), and has cut all ties to the criminal underworld. Too bad Cousineau has to recount the tale of Barry's "monologue" in front of Detective Moss.
  • Barry desperately pleading with Moss to just let him go and forget she ever saw him. She refuses. Then we see the gun hidden behind the tree...


Season Two

    Chapter Three: "Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday" 
  • Sally cruelly abusing poor Barry while practicing their scene at the acting class. The fact that Gene (who Barry views as a father-figure) joins in by berating him alongside Sally makes this worse.

    Chapter Four: "What?!" 
  • Barry screaming, crying and beating himself up in his car, ashamed at himself after he nearly murdered Sally.
  • Barry telling Gene about what happened at Korengal.

    Chapter Seven: "The Audition" 
  • Fuches' utterly cruel decision to show Moss' decaying body to Cousineau, who's spent all season holding out hope that she was alive and proceeds to lapse into an Heroic BSoD that lasts all the way through the next episode. What's worse is that Cousineau is a complete innocent and this was nothing more than a petty way to get back at Barry.
    • When Barry finds Gene in the next episode after Fuches leaves he's seen utterly sobbing his eyes out.
  • Gene Cousineau getting arrested for Janice's murder after Fuches framed him.

    Chapter Eight: "berkman > block" 
  • Continuing her abusive behaviour towards Barry from episode 3 here she outright slaps him before they perform their scene while ignoring the fact that Barry was clearly not in the right headspace at that time. Sally dodged a bullet there considering he could've killed her for doing that.
    • And then there's the actual performance of their scene. Barry sticks to the script only for Sally to go off-script completely by flipping a table at him before screaming in his face and shoving him repeatedly hurting and scaring poor Barry in the process. All of this happening not just in front of their friends (again) but also in front of an actual audience this time around. By the end, Barry just walks backstage in utter silence.
  • Barry's reaction on realizing out that he killed his pupil Mayrbek during his rampage at the Burmese monastery.

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