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See the balance of power?

The Servant is a 1963 English film by an expat American director Joseph Losey basing on a script by Harold Pinter.

It is a story of Tony, a wealthy aristocrate, who hires a lowlife servant Hugo Barrett, played by Dick Bogarde, who proves to be a stronger person, corrupts aristocrate and starts to dominate the household. The aristocrate attempts a rebellion but in the end he loses and remains subdued to his manservant for good.

One of the film's main fortes is its gorgeous B&W cinematography by Douglas Slocombe in the fashion of the early 60's. It also touches on the topics of social position vs psychological strength.



  • Antagonist Title: Hugo Barrett is a definite villain here.
  • Foil: Hugo Barrett and Tony are that for each other. One is a somewhat blank aristocrate, the other a charismatic manservant.
  • Generic Guy: Tony lacks distinctive character features.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Hugo Barrett oh so much. Played by the suave and sinister Dick Bogarde.
  • Only One Name: Not by chance Tony's surname is not mentioned. While the antagonist is Hugo Barrett.
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