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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Kantai Collection fanfics, all of which have to be signed to stay on the page. Feel free to add a fanfic of your own to the list, but remember to use the template found here.

You can also add to the current recommendations if you want. Refrain from posting Conversation in the Main Page though; that goes in the discussion page. No-name recommendations will be zapped. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.


Do warn when a fanfic may head into non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business. And so is shipping those ships together romantically.

Authors and Websites

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General Fics

     Comics, 4-Komas and other visual fics 
Things Which The Girl Saw by Ataru (Cha2batake)
  • Recommended by SayuriUliana
  • Status: Finished
  • Synopsis: A story that follows both the valor and horror of war, this story follows Ikazuchi's viewpoint during the Second Battle of the Java Sea where her crew rescued 422 British sailors, and her eventual demise two years later.

Rabaul Base's Shiba Dog Admiral and the Fleet Girls' Everyday Lives by suetake (kinrui)

The Tiny Admiral's Holiday by Mizuki Maya

  • Recommended by Myssa Rei
  • Status: Published.
  • Synopsis: What happens when the Fleet Office sends a cute grade-schooler as its representative Admiral, and how the girls she's supposed to lead turn into her babysitters instead. Diabetes-inducing, for sure.

The National Fleet Kindergarten by Ko Ru Ri.

  • Recommended by Myssa Rei
  • Status: Ongoing.
  • Synopsis: The everyday experiences of Akagi, the Admiral, and Kaga, as they run a kindergarten for younger ship girls. Yet another Diabetes-inducing series.

A Destroyer's Destiny by zepher (makegumi club)

  • Recommended by CodenameStrike
  • Status: Finished
  • Synopsis: A 4koma series that begins with Satsuki pondering over her capabilities as a destroyer, later on dwelling into more serious topics like the origins of the enemy Abyss Fleet ships... Loses the 4koma format entirely once the destroyers from the neighboring naval district come and visit.

Tea Time with Kongou & Houshou by shimotsuki iko

  • Recommended by CodenameStrike
  • Status: Finished
  • Synopsis: Kongou and Houshou fighting to see which is more suited for Admiral, black tea or green tea.

Nagatsuki Is Doing Her Best by Ichimi

  • Recommended by MyssaRei
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: The day to day life of Nagatsuki, as she works as a secretary in a certain naval district, keeping things running for a strangely-absent Admiral.

The Old Admiral and His Ship Girls

  • Recommended by MyssaRei
  • Status: Completed.
  • Synopsis: All of which has form will break someday.

PuchiColle! by Yuureidoushi

  • Recommended by tehSandwich
  • Status: In Hiatus
  • Synopsis: A Petit iDOLM@STER parody featuring the Ship-Girls and the Abyssal Fleet with Super-Deformed mysterious creatures called "puchis" resembling them. At first, it has a very tenuous continuity which consists of the puchis appearing and random gags but it eventually gains continuity once the Admiral formally appears for the first time and the "Puchi Nursery" is formed. From there, the Ship-Girls and the Abyssal Fleet promptly make peace and the Abyssal Admiral (who turns out to be the Battleship Princess' puchi, one of a few puchis who can talk like normally, although she talks in Antiquated Linguistics) starts living with the Ship-Girls' Admiral, eventually sparking a Heterosexual Life-Partners relationship between the two.

Fleet Journal by yua

  • Recommended by: FireKiller87
  • Status:: Ongoing.
  • Synopsis: The story of a newly appointed admiral at the Yokosuka Naval Base with Inazuma as his starter ship. Who also needs to acts as the resource manager since this admiral burns through them like there's no tomorrow. Said admiral also got the devil's own luck. (His first construction? Kongou. His first carrier recipe? Kaga. Not to mention that he already got Suzuya.) One of the defining features of this manga is that the admiral is a former Abyssal-fighting Super Soldier who eventually trains his ship girls into knife- and machete-wielding fighters themselves, each with almost psychotic bloodlust in battle.

Fantasy Fleet Theater: Provisional Marriage by Masukuza J

  • Recommended by: FireKiller87
  • Status: Complete. Has sequels.
  • Synopsis: The Admiral has a big announcement, what with HQ finally giving its go-ahead. However he chooses the wrong place at the wrong time to make said announcement. How can Kaga get him out of the hole he managed to dig himself into?

Fantasy Fleet Theater: The Carriers' Vacation by by Masukuza J

  • Recommended by: FireKiller87
  • Status: Complete. Has follow-ups.
  • Synopsis: The Admiral shows his gratitude for Valentine's day, as well as Kaga's construction anniversary, by funding a hot springs trip for all his fleet carriers. Also shows how it's a BAD IDEA to have Akagi along when there's an all-you-can-eat menu involved.

The Beginning by Boushi-ya

  • Recommended by: Gunbazca
  • Status: Finished, with side stories
  • Synopsis: Aptly named comic with an in-depth in-universe look on how humanity came to gain the knowledge on shipgirls, how the Abyssal Fleet rose and become a menace, and how humanity fought back. Basically, almost all the gameplay mechanics weaved into a tale.

The Macho Admiral and the Fleet Girls by Tonda

  • Recommended by: NZRedBaron
  • Status: Finished, with Side Stories.
  • Synopsis: A Slice of Life series starring a burly but kind-hearted Admiral (who bears a passing resemblance to M.Bison), and the strange antics that he and his Fleet Girls get up to. Mostly comedic, but becomes a little more serious as it goes on.

Historical KanColle by Sakazaki Freddy

  • Recommended by: Gunbazca
  • Status: Ongoing, the format is rather similar to an endless comic strip; There are untranslated parts
  • Synopsis: Another aptly named comic, this time about the history of the Pacific War as told by the KanColle girls.

Kantai Collection - Kouji Manga by Kouji (campus life).

  • Recommended by MyssaRei
  • Status: Ongoing, with spinoffs.
  • Synopsis: A series of comedic vignettes featuring a rather hapless (and swimsuit-loving) Admiral at a certain naval base. Has some continuity, as the spinoffs build off the details of the previous strips (like the Akatsukis all being married to the admiral), but more obvious when featuring the female admiral from the neighboring naval base. Notable in that it portrays a non-lesbian Ooi who's romantically attracted to the admiral.

Everlasting Summer Blizzard by Kouji (campus life).

  • Recommended by MyssaRei
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: Set in the same continuity as the rest of Kouji's stories, this one focuses instead one of his admiral's lower-ranked contemporaries, a young admiral named Tokonotsu who's just started up his tour of duty on a small island base. With him is Fubuki, whose mix of earnestness and unconsciously seductive behavior make it a SERIOUS test of Tokonotsu's willpower. Will Tokonotsu survive his tour of duty at this rate?!?

Everyday Hoppo-chan and Wanko-chan by Yamato Nadeshiko.

Pacific- World War II US Navy Shipgirls by Morgane of the Mists

  • Recommended by Rmpdc
  • Status: Ongoing, with two volumes so far, as well as several spin-offs and Concept Art Gallery compilations.
  • Synopsis: Artbooks featuring US Navy ships . This book, currently at two volumes, features your favorite US Navy ships in Moe Anthropomorphism form. Most notable among them is USS Enterprise (CV-6), the equivalent of both The Hero and Big Good in this work for obvious reasons. This link features more US ship girls by the same artist, which have yet to appear in the upcoming volumes. As of October 2015, Volume 2 has been partially released, with several updates on The backstory for this one is essentially an Expanded Universe/ Alternate Universe to the main series, with the US Navy ship girls helping fight the Abyssal threat alongside their IJN counterparts, joined by their British, Soviet, and German counterparts.
  • Now has its own page: Pacific: World War II U.S. Navy Shipgirls

Level 1 Zuikaku by Sakimiya (inschool)

  • Recommended by myssarei
  • Status: Finished
  • Synopsis:A story of the everyday lives of Kaga and Akagi as the two of them take care of a young Zuikaku. Episodic, but eventually delves into the whys of Zuikaku's current state, when it's soon revealed that the story is set in the peace that came about after the end of the war with the Abyssals.

Kancolle Fantasy Manga by Shimazaki Kazumi

  • Recommended by Toshiaki
  • Status: Ongoing; There are untranslated parts
  • Synopsis: Fubuki and Miyuki are two middle-school students in a harbor town, where nothing important seemed to ever happen. One day, their lives changed when Miyuki decided to snoop around into a local shrine...

The Last One Week by c-button

  • Recommended by Toshiaki
  • Status: Finished; Fully Translated
  • Synopsis: The war is over. The Abyssal Fleet is no more. Still, an old soldier was assigned to a naval base...

Kaga-san came. by atsushi (aaa-bbb)

Kancolle Manga - Light-hearted Kancolle by Pekeko (Pepekekeko)

  • Recommended by The Kaizerreich
  • Status: Ongoing; Fast Translation
  • Synopsis: Chronicles the misadventures of female Admiral Watabe Koharu, as she gets transferred to a new Naval Base, asigned office #310 and meets her secretary ship, Inazuma... who is less than pleased with Koharu's inexperience and constant wasting of ressources for R&D. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Tags: Slice of Life, Original Character

KanColle Manga by ha (akabouzu)

  • Recommended by freecom
  • Status: Ongoing, Fast Translation
  • Synopsis: A series of lengthy, silly arcs focusing on a particular character, with a rather meek Wo-class that has a Split Personality that switches upon taking off her "hat", Akatsuki acting unusually mature, Kiso getting flustered around her admiral in almost every page, and a clumsy Murakumo dealing with the antics of her perverted admiral.

KanColle 4koma by nonco

  • Recommended by freecom
  • Status: Ongoing, Fast Translation
  • Synopsis: A 4koma with a very oddball sense of humor. For starters, U-511 is silent, airheaded and has a childlike mentality... which includes trying to eat everything.

     Textual Fanfics 

Forgotten Battleship by Timelordsoul54

  • Recommended by: Rmpdc
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: A story about the titular forgotten Battleship, one USS Arizona, the first ship guy, and his exploits in fighting the Abyssal horde. Later joined by a few...unusual ship girls and guys as the story goes on.
  • Tags: Original Character
  • Notes: Now has a sequel - The Demons Shadow (Dormant; last updated September 2018)

Kant-O-Celle Quest by planefag (TVTropes Link)

  • Recommended by: 83drew
  • Status: Hiatus
  • Synopsis: By the same author and in much the same style and tone as Strike Witches Quest. Mixes (surprisingly well) wacky hijinks, crazy awesome situations, and deadly serious takes on what might be going on under the skin of a reincarnated warship that died horribly in combat. Link to PDF of approximately the first half of the main storyline

The Greatest Generation by sasahara17

  • Recommended by: Sayuri Uliana, mysterius
  • Status: Dead
  • Synopsis: The Abyssal War rages on, with Kanmusu worldwide holding the line... except for the American shipgirls, conspicuous by their absence, when the US Navy and the world needs them most. Yvonne Swanson, US Navy intelligence officer, sets forth for Yokosuka Naval Base to find answers, both about the ship girls and the Abyssals... but she may not like what she finds...

Fight our Battle Cry by Breakaway25

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Status: Discontinued
  • Synopsis: With the rest of the world embracing the ship girls, it comes time for the United States to follow suit. They turn to a young naval officer who has seen first hand what the Abyssals are capable of to lead the program. This is his story, and the story of the early days of the United States Navy's ship girl program as they begin their fight against the Abyssals.

Fight the Ship by Breakaway25

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Status: Discontinued, rewrite live
  • Synopsis: The war against the Abyssals is not going well. After a major defeat, the US Navy stumbles onto something that may change the course of the war, a group of young girls who claim to have been ships and who can fight the Abyssals better than anything else. With a seasoned officer at the helm of a new program, the US Navy sets about to finally win the war.

War Surplus by NovaFloresca

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: With the Abyssal Fleet seemingly vanquished, the question becomes: how best to adapt the girls to civilian life? The answer chosen by Fleet Command is an adoption program, but both the girls who are to be "mothballed" in this way and their adopters just might find that winning the peace will be harder than winning the war.

Belated Battleships by theJMPer TvTropes link

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Abyssal forces have a stranglehold on mankind, and it's taking everything the combined naval and kanmusu forces of the world can do just to break even. USS New Jersey finds herself thrust into the middle of this world, but how much difference can one battleship make? Are you really waiting for an answer? The answer is *a lot*. Seriously. She's a frigging BATTLESHIP.
  • Note: also hosted on, first by Obssesed Nuker and currently by CabooseHelpsU

Indestructible Spirit by Skywalker_T-65

  • Recommended by: L Sand 91
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Born and raised in Britain, HMS Indestructible served a worthy career under the flag of the Royal Navy. She had expected to rest in peace, and be remembered for her service alone. She had most certainly not expected to be summoned in a human body, in the country that had abandoned her... abandoned the battlecruiser Kongou...

Blizzard of the Red Castle by Mashadarof402, K9Thefirst1, lt_agn02, and Lord K TvTropes link

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Kanmusu aren't just summoned, breaking of certain military laws resulted in an unexpected surprise, and there's a reason why Fubuki idolizes Akagi of Carrier Division One...

Things Involving Shipgirls That Are No Longer Allowed by CV12Hornet (Link to Part 1, Link to Part 2)

  • Status: Part 1 - Complete; Part 2 - Dormant (last updated May 2019)
  • Synopsis: A Slice of Life drabble series about shipgirl shenanigans. Contains many non-canonical shipgirls from various Navies, big and small.

Changing Destiny by Skywalker_T-65

  • Recommended by thejmpr, CrusaderJerome
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Funky, almost outright magic, was something that Admiral James Thompson was quite familiar with. Ship Girls operated on the stuff after all, and let's not even get into the Abyssals. But outright getting shot back to serving aboard the girl he considered his best friend? That wasn't something he could really say he expected with his life...

The Life of Female Admiral by EshtarWind

  • Recommended by: dragoncliff
  • Status: Dormant, Last updated February 2018
  • Synopsis: A story of a female admiral in a Kanmusu naval base and how she deals with the many different personalities around her and also in her unique situation.

Harry and the Shipgirls by Harry Lefferts

  • Recommended by: K 9 Thefirst 1
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synapsis: The Boy Who Lived, due to having no alternatives in the wake of his parents murder, was placed with the unpleasantly normal Dursleys... Until a twist of fate lead to him being discovered - and adopted by - Nagato, of The Big Seven.



Ambience: A Fleet Symphony by Hieda no Akyuu
  • Recommended by: magictoaster
  • Status: Dormant since April 2019
  • Synopsis: Set in the summer of 2029, an alternate world is beginning to recover from the fallout of a nuclear World War III. Society has collapsed, and governments around the world have been reduced to nothing more than local power holders vying for global power. But underneath the rubble of the war lie secrets of a forbidden technology that may bring the world out of its misery, or end it.
  • Tags: Fusion Fic, Touhou, Madness Combat

Murasa vs Kancolle by gaoo (frpjx283).

  • Recommended by Andyzero
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: Captain Murasa, the spirit of a drowned sailor; finds some common ground with the Abyssal Fleet. But she was saved by a saint; and their grudge has not been appeased.
  • Tags: Crossover, Touhou

Spirit of Steel by Bishop-chan

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: A young girl who wishes for the most powerful Servant to serve by her side gets what she asked for... though who said only humans can become legends?
  • Tags: Crossover, Fate/stay night

Hearts of Steel by Butcher-Bird190

  • Recommended by: Murakumo FF, eagle108
  • Status: Dormant (last updated August 2017)
  • Synopsis: Yamato, pride of the imperial fleet, finds herself in a reality where humanity is struggling for survival against enemies from the stars rather than from the deep. What impact will she have in the UNCS's involvement with Requiem?
  • Tags: Crossover, Halo

Greenhorn by acceptmyusername; link

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Status: Dormant (last updated April 2017)
  • Synopsis: The Abyssals. Well, they came from the ultimate abyss, the void of space. What else would we have called them? They were the Covenant all over again, unstoppable, burning planets in their path. All fell before them. There was no hope. Until one day, they came. "UNSC FFG-201 Forward Unto Dawn, reporting for action." Let's hope we can train them all.
  • Comments: More of a Fusion Fic than an actual Crossover, as it doesn't follow the more common crossover scenario of "Kancolle characters interacting with Halo characters", and the game itself is mentioned as a reference. That aside, acceptmyusername certainly captures the feel of the Halo-verse with many characters that would eventually come to work with what could easily be the Halo franchise's own ship girls, each unique and with their own individuality that could almost fit in with Kancolle.
  • Tags: Fusion Fic, Halo

For Earth and Her Colonies by HistoryAnonymous; SpaceBattles thread

  • Recommended by: eagle108
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: It has been five long years since the Abyssals appeared, and the war is far from over. Even with the spirits of past ships summoned to help, humanity faces a long and hard fight to rid their oceans of the Abyssal threat. But one mysterious girl might help turn the tide. Just, what on earth does "UNSC" mean?
  • Tags: Crossover, Halo

Our Kongou-san by Kaname Aomame

  • Recommended by: Toshiaki
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A hypothetical scenario where, after the 2012 Winter event, the Fleet of Fog battleship Kongou decided to stay after a certain Tawi-tawi admiral defeated her. Kuudere antics, misunderstandings, and comedy ensues.
  • Tags: Crossover, Arpeggio of Blue Steel

Rise of Leviathan by BlackAdder42/Sukrai

  • Recommended by: Yirash; SpaceBattles thread
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: During the last days of the Fall of Reach, Leviathan, a Marathon-class heavy cruiser, was crippled in battle and initiated a suicide attack on a Covenant carrier, but she soon finds herself awakened as an Abyssal ship-girl. However, the most significant difference between Leviathan and other Abyssals is her staunch loyalty to humanity.
  • Tags: Crossover, Halo

Harry and the Shipgirls


Sakura no Kantai/The Cherry Blossom Fleet by Okitou Endo.
  • Recommended by MyssaRei
  • Status: Published.
  • Synopsis: In the aftermath of a major battle, an admiral finds out that the greatest losses often hit close to home.

KanColle Manga by hamaguri (hamaguri1234)

  • Recommended by freecom
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Synopsis: A manga where Zuikaku and Kaga are (or are on their way to) kissing in just about every page that has them "on-screen". Has some Hie x Kongou and some Nagamon antics.
  • Pairings: ZuiKaga, Hiei x Kongou

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