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"Most people wouldn’t leave the fate of an entire world in the hands of children. Here in N’al Ren, that is changed."

Infinity's Row (created by ~Hermione~) is a Magitek, Heroic Fantasy, Play-by-Post Game series on Creativity Center, the same forum that hosts Anaphora). The septalogy officially began on June 10, 2013, and is currently in its seventh and final chapter of the first series as of January 30, 2016. The first of its second series, Infinity's Row 2, is set to come out later. The Infinity's Row Information and Application Thread can be found here.

In Infinity's Row, the fictional continent of N'al Ren (the main setting of the RPG) has forever been scarred by the events of the Clan Wars, a multitude of battles and disputes that took place 700 years prior to the beginning of the RPG (700 AW). During the Clan Wars, guilds and families vied for control of Ald Ruhn, the capital city surrounded by the Vernon Downs mountain range, and the three mystical generators that provide power to the lands. After weeks and months of fighting, Runite's Row, headed by Oulwind Runite, prevailed and vowed to protect N'al Ren and her people.


For 700 years, every five years, the Row admitted twelve children between the ages of 14 and 16 into the clan - each group was known as a Squad. (After the events of the first two Infinity's Row chapters, this rule was since repealed.) Each member is admitted to train in one of four weapon categories; swords, axes, guns, or scythes. This preference is specified on the form when the member applies - however, new members have taken to other forms of weaponry. Like fingerprints, each weapon is unique – it grows and builds on the personality of the wielder, allowing for effortless skill in combat. With these weapons, the new Row members are tasked with guarding N'al Ren at all costs - even with their own lives.

The world of Infinity's Row is open-ended - the players are given plenty of freedom over their characters, their back stories, and how they want their character to progress. It's even possible to create antagonists bent on destroying or conquering the land. Just about any story is possible in the RPG, which may have something to do with its popularity on Creativity Center. Over the two years since its inception, Infinity's Row has seen intricate plot-lines, several of which overlap with one another.


Currently, several veteran players of the first Infinity's Row series (Infinity's Row, Infinity's Row: Apocalypse, Infinity's Row: Renaissance, Infinity's Row: Iron Maiden, Infinity's Row: Runite's Return, Infinity's Row: Awakening, and Infinity's Row: Unbroken) are in the process of compiling the events of the role-playing games into a series of books. Links to its Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr can be found here, here, and here respectively.

Tropes in this work:

  • The Alliance: A cooperation between the Fa'alwind Regime, Runite's Row, and the Ald Ruhn Knights.
  • Alternative Calendar: N'al Ren is currently in the year 701 AW (After War). Years before the Clan Wars are denoted BW. Its month system is also set up differently from the Gregorian calendar. They are as follows: Hanellat, Remiel, Eredeat, Phaeat, Draenat, Verediat, Magniel, Runos, Cemdnat, Jundiel, Cleonat, Gaiat.
  • Alternate Techline: Notable inventions include communicators, hovercraft, monorails, floating generators, and more.
  • The Alternet: A similar form of the real world Internet, accessed mainly by communicators.
  • Always on Duty: A Row member rarely sleeps. And when they do, they're probably actually unconscious.
  • Anyone Can Die: Mortality is a common theme in Infinity's Row. Several Row members have perished during their travels.
  • Cast Herd: Divided into Squads 140 and 141. Depending on the circumstances, divided even further.
  • Chekhov's Gunman:
    • Several characters, including Miko Alchame, Luka Blundeau, etc.
    • Mordecai. He was introduced in Renaissance as an extremely minor character. Turns out he's actually a major antagonist.
  • The Chosen One: As the RPG takes place within or at the beginning of great turmoil, characters are typically destined to be the ones to save N'al Ren. (Or destroy it.)
  • Citadel City: Ald Ruhn, surrounded by large mountains, with the city gates as the conventional entrance and exit.
  • Coming-of-Age Story With the weight of the world resting on their shoulders, characters are forced to understand what the real world is like, including their grasp with Adult Fear, eventually leading into The Hero's Journey where some of those fears actually come true. In the world of N'al Ren, Growing Up Sucks.
  • Common Tongue: N'al Renian.
  • Conlang: N'al Renian is a fictional language "crafted" by Hermione. Several others have been constructed by other role-players. Such languages are an amalgamation of real world and fictional languages. Oftentimes, the language isn't specified, to leave room for the imagination.
  • Constructed World: At least five continents have been mentioned, and possibly many more still exist.
  • Dramatic Irony: So common it might as well be one of the themes.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: At least 14-15 active players, with 1-3 characters to each. More than 33 total characters, including non-Row members.
  • Magibabble: Magic in N'al Ren is hard to define. A pure essence of supernatural force, it can be (through trial and effort) be used to create something new - for example, when the Zenh'aliems crafted a new branch of Necromancy called Sanctumism during the Clan Wars. It can also be found in raw forms and used to fuel magitek, speaking of which...
  • Magitek: central to the infrastructure of N'al Ren. A harmonious balance between magic and science exists to serve humanity the greater good. Unfortunately, "humanity" also encompasses the jerks.
  • Official Couple: There are quite a number of ships in the series that become canon throughout the RPGS, beginning in Renaissance:
    • Renaissance:
      • Cameline (Caroline and Cameron) become canon at the beach, after Cameron pees on Caroline's foot.
      • In the wake of the fight with the Iron Dragon, Yufdec (Yuffie and Aidec) also become canon. It's much to Azula's chagrin.
      • Evember (Everett and Amber) become canon fairly quickly, with Amber finally allowing herself to truly trust someone after her life of misery.
    • Iron Maiden: After loads and loads of Ship Tease in Renaissance, Genlias (Gentry and Elias) at last attained canon status.
    • Runite's Return:
      • Jasocobe (Jason and Jacobe) marked themselves as the first canon LGBT couple in Infinity's Row after becoming canon.
      • After being caught in a deadly ship war with Reshony ever since the very first Infinity's Row RPG, Reshlet (Resh and Laylet) finally shared a kiss at the end of this RPG.
  • Oh, Crap!: Happens many times within the series.
  • The Order: Runite's Row, but now and then devolves into an Adventure Guild.
  • Pastiche: "Infinity's Row" is loosely based off of the Final Fantasy series - in particular, the Fabula Nova Crystallis: Final Fantasy series. Many locations, plot-lines, elements, and characters are all loosely based off of various parts of the series.
  • Rebellious Princess: Azula Rolaye, even though she's technically a duchess.
  • Reference Overdosed: Lots of them, including Yuffie and Azula's names, almost everyone's face claims besides Aidec's (his original one isn't attributed to any specific anime), Ald Ruhn's name (which turned out to be odd coincidence, as Hermione never played The Elder Scrolls), etc.
  • Schizo Tech: Where halberds and anti-gravity machines coexist.
  • Shining City: Ald Ruhn, capital of N'al Ren. Generally seen as the center of the Infinity's Row universe.
  • The Team: Many of them, divided into Squad 140 (Yuffie Abatan-Bliss, Resh Archambault, Azula Rolaye, Aidec Farenart, Cameron Valerio, Amber Valentine, Laylet Celarandir, Gentry Yate, Elias Carstairs, Ebony Marachelle, Folly Z., Mackenzie Aevitta) and Squad 141 (Xanther Blundeau, Caroline and Melana Fray, Jacobe and Dederick Altir, Aven Ialis, Fawn Briar, Silvien Dalakanth, Eridia Aldamar, Farron Prose, Sergon Malrick, Isis Rhion, Natasha Reaves, Everett di Romano, Fulmine Vino, Cormac Vasilas, Elyse Persephone, Aerith K'hintor, Jason, Lucio Ryker, and Miko Alchame). More characters can be found on the Character tab.
  • Weapon of Choice: To rephrase, each weapon is individualized to each character - no two characters have the same exact gun, or scythe, or sword.
  • Webcomic Time: Even though one N'al Renian year (and a few months) has passed since the beginning of the RPG, Infinity's Row has been running for almost 3 years now. This will, of course, change slightly when Infinity's Row 2 begins - 23 N'al Renian years later.
  • We Help the Helpless: One of the main goals of Runite's Row.
  • World of Badass: It's much easier to name people in the series that CAN'T completely destroy you than to list the ones that can.


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