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"Stories do not exist to tell you of monsters. You knew that monsters existed before you could walk, before you could speak. Stories exist to tell you monsters can be defeated."

Here to keep an eye on all you other yahoos editing pages mainly. Adds some page quotes and reviews too. In his spare time, he is the infamous That Troper.

A writer with no real desire to published, amateur military historian and tactician. (This sounds better than admitting he has a library of over 200 books dealing in the analysis of doctrine and tactics at least partially.) In his day job, he works at a bank for navy and marine folks.


Occasionally can be found posting stuff to here: Plots to someday appear on a Fanfic Recommendations page on this very wiki. Preferably without having added himself. In the meantime, he's going to deploy some of that critical analysis stuff he learned in school on the rest of the things posted on such pages.