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Harry and the Shipgirls is a Harry Potter/Kantai Collection crossover fanfic written by Harry Leferts.

Decades before the start of the story, the first Abyssals came and attacked, and the event was covered up by wizards to keep magic hidden from the muggles. And then more Abyssals came and those too were covered up. Then more and more came in greater numbers over the decades, stretching the wizards thin trying to maintain the Statute of Secrecy.


And then the Dark Lord Voldemort openly started what would be later known as the First Wizarding War, forcing the wizards to concentrate all their efforts inwards. By the time the Dark Lord was defeated and the wizards had a first look at the muggle world in a while, the Abyssal attacks escalated into the Total War, and in response the muggles summoned the Shipgirls to battle the abyssal menace. Judging the situation unsalvageable, the magical governments decided to double down on hiding from muggles and hope for the War to blow over, while trying to cover up magical beings that were coming out of the woodwork due to the war thinning the barrier between the material and the spiritual, while many others took advantage of all of this to act more overtly.

Then one day, IJN Battleship Nagato along with others were attending a social dinner at the Dursleys', owners of a company that supplies materials to the Navy, where they found a malnourished seven-year old boy locked in the cupboard. With the Dursleys arrested for ration fraud, Nagato took upon herself to raise Harry Potter.


The story can be found on and Sufficient Velocity.

This Fanfic contains examples of:

  • Adults Are Useless: Largely averted. The adults in this series are all very competent and willing to help when necessary.
    • Played horrifyingly straight, however, with the Izu refugees. When Eric's arm got injured, Sora's and Samantha's fairies could have healed it, but because the adults had no knowledge at all about shipgirls, they wouldn't allow them to. And when their attempt at a rescue beacon only resulted in an Abyssal Princess finding them, the adults in the group all went past the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Airships: There are Airship girls with animalistic traits.
  • All-Loving Hero: Doctor Norihara, a minor character whose adherence to her moral code is so strong that she is able to cause an Abyssal to switch sides.
  • Alternate Universe Fic: In this universe, the First Blood War against Voldemort lasted twenty years longer than it did in canon, effectively letting Harry's generation grow up in a more modern age than they did in canon.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: Rose the Tea Set that was in possession of the Evans family for over a hundred years, gained awareness as a tsukumogami, and is able to project a human form that looks like a train conductor.
    • Later on more tsukumogami characters appear including the Muramasa and Masamune swords and other weapons that the Potter Family collected.
  • Anti-Magic: Shipgirls and the Abyssals are heavily resistant to magic, and those who spend a considerable amount of time near them tend to become so as well, most notably to the Obliviators' mind wipes.
  • Artist Disillusionment: In-Universe. Naka was a natural-born who simply couldn't get into the Idol business, no matter how hard she tried. Then she Awakened as a shipgirl and suddenly, all of those executives who had scorned her before now came back begging. Naka was not amused (to the point of "accidentally" dropping a torpedo on their feet). Now, she runs a Livestream (with young Harry as a frequent co-host) and plans to rebuild the whole idol business, once the War is over.
  • Badass Boast: "You want a fight, you termite-infested blue-belly?! Now you've got one, you up-gunned Damn-Yankee Garbage Scow! You've bought the whole fuckin' packet! I'm Kaylee Virginia McAmis, daughter of Eric and Crystal McAmis, granddaughter of James Aubrey Wilson McAmis and George Cecil Malone, and you ain't killin' me or mine, not today or any day! You hear me?! So come on, Kearsarge! Gimme your best shot! You wouldn't make a crotch-cricket in Alabama's petticoat, you hear me!?! WHOOO-EEEE! I'm a snappin' snarlin' she-wolf from outta the Tennessee Hills! Run, ya cow'rd if ya can!" The collected lines from a (probably canon) omake, shouted out as Kaylee charged an Eldritch Abomination in a wooden dory with nothing but a few dozen revolvers.
  • Balkanize Me: Magical Japan's state. In the years following the Blood Week and the decapitation of the Tokyo Magical Diet, most of Magical Japan became decentralized as a matter of practical survival, and even if no-one actually seceded, many places have become de-facto mini-nations within the nation. And then Magical Kyoto, tired of Tokyo's continuous failure to deal with the on-going crisis, declared that they are re-organizing the magical government of Japan around themselves.
  • Because You Were Nice to Me: a captured Ta-Class battleship bonds with her doctor after she suffers an emotional breakdown trying to understand the doctor’s kindness and altruism.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: Regina the Re-Class battleship is noted as being effectively Abyssal!Shinano, meaning most of the time she’s a sweet gal. She outdoes her Genki Girl counterpart Revina in sheer brutality and violence in combat however, literally tearing foes apart with her bare hands.
    • Hoppou, AKA the Northern Ocean Princess. She has the body of a child and is incredibly sweet... almost makes you forget she is the personification of a naval base, who can go hand-to-hand with a Gashadokuro and created multiple Princesses and Demons.
  • Beware the Silly Ones: British submarines (AKA the KNIGHTS OF THE UNDERSEA) spend the vast majority of their time in the story chewing the scenery, being goofy and in general making themselves impossible to ignore... but when they get serious, their ability to disappear is unparalleled.
    • Revina, a Re-Class Abyssal Battleship and expy of Pinkie Pie, is absolutely frightening when she is sufficiebntly provoked.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Kuroshi the jorogumo, a yokai who eats other yokai to steal their magic and has been pursuing Shiromizu in order to consume her divinity as a Mizuchi. Though she is one of the more challenging fights and provides something of a minor Wham Episode, she is ultimately little more than a Monster of the Week.
  • Blue and Orange Morality: This is the most charitable thing that can be said about Morrigan, as she saw a problem, enacted a solution with The Select, and doesn't see anything wrong with what she did. Other Pantheons vehemently disagree with her on this and her own pantheon has been forced to burn favors left and right, not to mention losing Champions to represent them to other pantheons who have cashed in on all the IOUs, because of her.
    • Hostile Abyssals don't see anything wrong with doing things like using human heads as balls.
  • Brass Balls: Without knowing who Oda Kotegiri was, Captain Itami of the JGSDF instinctively corrected her about the rank of Commander Tsubaki Doji. After finding out who he had mouthed off to, and the significance of the Oda kimono that she was wearing, he told Tsubaki that he still would have done it anyway.
  • Broken Bird: Tatsuya Haneda, a Badass Normal who has been fighting an endless series of battles against supernatural foes since he was nine years old. By the time Harry interacts with him, he is distrustful of magic users outside of a small circle and so worn down that he might not be entirely stable.
    • Renita, Hoppou’s only Re-class daughter, lost control of her inner demon years ago and fled her home to protect her family from her uncontrollable rage. She was found by her family in a near-death state, and even after being healed suffers from severe depression and PTSD.
    • Kaylee McAmis, the Natural Born CSS Viginia, was drugged and raped when she was eight, suffers from severe depression and is borderline suicidal because of it. She also knows it, self medicates, is too proud to seek help despite knowing that she needs it.
  • Broken Masquerade: Not quite yet, but it is definitely getting there. By the end of the second year the non-magical governments are informed and advised by concerned magical parties to prepare for the inevitable collapse.
  • Bequeathed Power: At the end of their Talking in Your Dreams moment, Lily transfers her shipgirl powers to Nagato.
  • Cast from Lifespan: Grateful to the shipgirls for saving his grandson, an elderly wizard secretly conducts a summoning ritual using his own life as payment, to summon shipgirls whose ship-selves had only ever existed on paper, such as the planned sister-ships to Shimakaze and Ooyodo, and the USS Montana. He later used the last of his life summoning Louisiana.
  • The Chosen One: Brutally deconstructed with The Select, whose ancestors were forcibly tasked by Morrigan to combat supernatural threats after the Statute of Secrecy was enacted due to the magical world no longer doing so. The ones who show up are all emotional wrecks to some degree or another, or are borderline sociopaths, if not outright sociopaths due to the emotional toll this constant shadow war has taken on them.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: Harry has a knack for summoning shipgirls in the hour of need.
  • Cloning Blues: The Abyssal Shipgirls created by the Research Princess, especially Abyssal Kisaragi, who retained the most of the original's memories and believes herself to be a fake that everyone will hate.
  • Cloudcuckoolander: Amaterasu, one of Shinto’s most significant Kami, has spent pretty much all of her time in the story goofing off in the guise of a white dog named Sunny (or as the readers call her, good doG).
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Harry is this, somewhat. Due to a combination of him being charming and adorable, he has managed to attract the attention of at least three women, with several others on the side. Being a kid and all, he's oblivious to all of this, though there are signs he's catching on...
  • Cool and Unusual Punishment: as payback for deliberately bailing on Nagato and forcing her to give the Talk to Harry alone, Goto, Richardson and Yonehara are confined to a room and given a “refresher” course on sexual education in the form of a powerpoint presentation... typed entirely in Comic Sans, using old HTML clip art illustrations, and presented by Kongou and Mikasa.
  • Cool Car: Kiba owns a collection of these, mainly to sell them in case of money emergency. With magic he can restore and maintain what others would have written off, and with Youkai longevity he plays a long game of buying them fresh of the factory and then selling them decades later as vastly more valued classics. The majority of collection was sold off after the start of Abyssal War to fund various JNHRM projects.
  • Curb-Stomp Battle: After a horde of Dementors was repelled, Tsukiakari monitored their flight path, used Harry's Time Turner, and let Cathynote  know about the situation before bringing her in their path. Cathy not only slaughtered most of the Dementors all by herself, but also hurt Azkaban through her link to them.
  • Dark Is Not Evil: Allied Abyssals in general. They may be literal monsters, but they would rather seek peace with humanity than try to kill them.
  • D-Cup Distress: Shinano does not like her bust size too much, because it reminds her that she started as a battleship before being converted into a carrier.
  • Desperately Craves Affection: The submarine girls. The other shipgirls are not exactly friendly with them, due to their history, so subgirls tend to act in an exaggerated manner (Japanese act lewd, while British subs are Large Ham personified, for example) as a bid for attention. Which they get, in the form of Harry.
  • Did You Just Romance Cthulhu?: Sirius Black romanced, and impregnated, an Forsaken Island Princess while he was escaping from Azkaban Island.
  • Dissonant Serenity: Gellert Grindelwald is a very chilling example, given that he knows full well what awaits him when he dies, accepts it, and points out that even then, he wins due to the fact that he will be remembered, and the fact that he made sure of that.
  • Dream Spying: Harry, paper-only Shipgirls and Kitsunes in the Yokosuka base had dreams of someone being trapped in the void. Investigating into it led them to finding Louisiana.
  • Driven to Suicide: A Re-Class who lost her fleet at Scapa Flow decided to undertake a last "tour" visiting the places where her comrades sank, before going to Scapa Flow again and sink herself. Fortunately for her, her fallen comrades came back to life and the Scapa Flow herself materilized as an Installation to stop her.
  • Enemy Civil War: Most Abyssals barely tolerate each other and often fight each other for slights both real and perceived. The first big one came when many Abyssals took issue with Hoppou's very lenient stance on humans, resulting with two huge fleets nearly annihilating each other.
    • This is implied to have happened the last time they manifested in large numbers. They caused the Bronze Age Collapse, but without a common enemy to serve as a distraction note , they devolved into infighting and destroyed themselves.
  • Enemy Mine: The one time the Fleet of Fog came knocking, the Shipgirls and Abyssals teamed up in order to defeat them.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: The MACUSA government. They believe that when the Statute falls, the end result will be the magical and non-magical worlds going to war against each other.
    • They also believe that once the Abyssals have been defeated, humanity will turn against the Shipgirls due to how unnatural they are.
  • Everybody Knew Already: When Hermione reveals to Ron and Neville that she is a Shipgirl, she is mortified that Ron, Harry and everybody else who spent time with Shipgirls knew that already.
  • Everyone Is a Suspect: As Naka states, there are simply too many possible suspects during Harry's first Quidditch match who might want to harm him.
  • Exact Words: Azkaban is holding to her agreement with Magical Britain to the letter of the agreement she has with them. At the same time, she is also holding them accountable to that agreement to the letter as well, meaning that she is not considering Sirius' acquittal valid. He was placed in her Maximum Security wing, so he is hers to do with as she pleases for the rest of his life, period.
  • Expy: A handful of the Re-class battleships in the story have ended up being characterized as Abyssal versions of the Mane Six. Most prominent are Revina and Regina, who imitate Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, respectively.
    • USS Taylor looks very much like descriptions of another girl named Taylor, which her sisters are always happy to point out. She does not appreciate the comparison.
  • Extranormal Institute: Capitalizing on Fenrir Greyback's death and hoping to heal the werewolf children and prepare them for the inevitable collapse of the Statute of Secrecy, Dumbledore with assistance from the Shipgirls is setting up one for them in the Welsh countryside.
  • Fan Nickname: Ofuda made by Natsumi, which are painted by a brush that has unicorn hair on it are very effective against anything evil or created by evil are called by people in the threads Nuke-fuda due to how bright the light they produce is.
  • Fantastic Ghetto: A few that are mentioned:
    • The absolute majority of Japan's Youkai and other magical creatures are placed in reservations shortly after Perry dragged Japan out of isolation as the consequence of the Japanese magicals snubbing the ICW, and later again as a part of punitive actions in the aftermath of WW2.
    • Saint Brendan's Isle is where those who played around with the Animagus magic too much and got permanent animal traits for their trouble are sent.
  • Fantastic Nature Reserve: Overlaps with Fantastic Ghetto.
  • Fire Purifies: The Wizards figured a way to cleanse the corrupted hidden islands that the Abyssals like so much, by supercharging a willing Phoienix's flames of rebirth.
  • Forgets to Eat: just one possible side-effect of a shipgirl or Abyssal dispatching their crew’s executive officer for extended periods—they stop paying attention to their body’s minor needs, such as itching, tickling and hunger.
  • For Want of a Nail: Besides driving the magical world even further into hiding, the Abyssal War also leads to:
    • Hermione Awakening as a Shipgirl.
    • Amelia Bones being in a much stronger position, politically, as in these uncertain times having a well-funded force of Aurors is in almost everyone's interest.
    • Related to above, all departments related to enforcing the Statue of Secrecy got additional funding and personnel, including Arthur Weasley's Misuse of Muggle Artifacts.
    • With more money and people to delegate, Arthur has more time to spend with his family, and it also results in:
      • At one point, he takes Ron to a chess tournament in the Muggle world that he wins first prize in, giving his self-esteem a much-needed boost. More importantly, he meets Warspite in another tournament.
      • With better financial situation in the family and more respected Father as a role model, Percy grows up to be a better person.
    • Many things before and in the wake of Basilisk's death led to the much earlier discovery of the Ravenclaw's Diadem, leading to Dumbledore revealing its nature as a Horcrux, and that Harry has one in the scar.
    • Due to the danger of the Abyssals, Steve Irwin never went out on his fatal diving trip.
  • Genius Loci: The spirits of Hogwarts, the Forbidden Forest, and the Great Lake, who during their meeting also discuss the spirit of Azkaban.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: Almost literally. Giant Abyssal Hermit Crabs masquerading as normal merchant ships.
  • Glowing Eyes: Harry's eyes glow when he uses onmyodo.
  • Godzilla Threshold: Azkaban directed her Dementors to attack Sirius and damn the collateral. The end result of the thwarted attack has Albus and others begin plans on eliminating her. One of those plans on the shortlist of ones that could work involve putting every blessing and blessed charm onto a nuclear weapon, get it inside Azkaban, and detonate it.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: During a sting operation against Fenrir Greyback, Hanna (the natural-born but not quite awakened Lutzow) beat up several werewolves using other werewolves, mainly with Fenrir himself.
  • Ground-Shattering Landing: In trying to get underneath Harry as he was struggling with his jinxed broom, Hamakaze jumping down off the bleachers and onto the Quiddich pitch craters the ground beneath her, the impact tremor so powerful that it disrupts Quirrelmort's concentration and spell.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Lily Potter (née Evans) was an Unawakened natural-born Shipgirl. As a result, Harry himself is half-shipgirl, allowing him a very limited use of shipgirl equipment, as well as able to see and feel Shipgirls, Abyssals, and other spiritual and/or supernatural beings.
    • A handful of Hoppou’s human prisoners managed to escape the invasion of her territory and went into hiding along with their handlers. Since then, several of the Abyssals ended up falling in love and starting families with their former prisoners.
  • Ham and Cheese: Ladies, Gentlemen, Shipgirls of all ages, we present to you, the KNIGHTS OF THE UNDERSEA! Also known as the Royal Navy Submarines.
  • Happily Adopted: Harry and Hoppou.
  • Hate Sink: There are a few character who are such, with Umbridge and the personification of Azkaban being particularly notable examples as they are portrayed as having no redeeming features whatsoever.
  • The Heart: Harry is this to the shipgirls of Yokosuka base, their cute little brother, and a reminder of what it is they are fighting for.
  • Hidden Elf Village: The island of Avrora, a phantom island in the Bering Sea, has been inhabited by the survivors of Hoppou’s Fleet ever since they were driven out of Dutch Harbor, letting them hide and heal for the past several years.
  • Hitler's Time Travel Exemption Act: All attempts to use the Time-Turners to prevent Blood Week failed as it disturbed the timelines enough to prevent any time travel to it. And before that, any attempts to kill Hitler also failed, for example one wizard trying to kill him during World War I but getting squashed by a falling airship.
  • Hold the Line: The Battle of St.Brendan's Isle, where the island residents sortied against the abyssal force in outdated pre-WWI ships, including a Torpedo Boat (who summoned herself in the heat of battle) to hold until the Shipgirls arrive.
  • Holy Burns Evil: Ever since Shiromizu (a very young river snake/dragon goddess) beat up Voldemort, the latter had to constantly feed on more victims to stay alive. And it is hinted that Harry also transfers some of the purification effect of his ofuda through their connection.
    • The Dementors learn this the hard way, three times. The third time is very notable as Harry's supercharged ofuda, drawing on Amaterasu's power, destroyed more than a hundred and scared the rest off. The add further insult to injury, the survivng Dementors run into Catherine, the tsukumogami of the Sword of St. Catherine, Jeanne D'Arc's sword, who uses her faith in God to decimate the survivors and release the souls they consumed. All told, only about two dozen Dementors at most, out of hundreds, survived.
    • It gets even better. Because Azkaban had connected herself to the Dementors when she sensed Catherine, she was hurt as a direct result.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Nagato's 16-inch shells, amplified by the ofuda which were written with the brush made of pure unicorn hair, which in turn was freely gifted with no ulterior motives, further amplified with her own's love and desire to protect Harry, resulted in the boom a size of a small tactical nuke that more or less erased the normally unkillable Gashadokuro from existence.
  • The Hunter Becomes the Hunted: How Greyback meets his end, by taking bait in the form of Unawakened shipgirl Hanna, who was pretending to be an ordinary, weak human.
  • Inhumanable Alien Rights: Under ICW many magical beings got shafted hard and put in reserves, if they were lucky. The Japanese Youkai in particular were treated badly as punishment for both Pre-Meiji defiance of ICW and in the aftermath of WW2. In one of the sidestories series many Youkai who were unsatisfied with the situation founded the Japanese Non-Human Rights Organization to fight for the Youkai rights, and they were gaining enough power and influence to actually make a difference. But then on the day they planned to introduce their Bill to the Magical Diet the Abyssals started the Blood Week, gutting both the JNHRO's and the Magical Diet's leaderships, and when the latter "re-organized" they snubbed the now weak JNHRO. In the following decade JNHRO rebuild itself as more of aid and charity organization for the Youkai.
  • It's All About Me: Harry though that Horcrux Riddle was so full of himself that he was practically a chunni.
  • Island of Mystery: The various phantom islands throughout history are explained as the result of wizards casting Unplottable charms on them for whatever reason, making them impossible to locate by conventional means. Unfortunately, the Abyssals who drove those wizards off these islands like to use them as staging points.
  • Just a Kid: With Admiral Goto away on Navy business at the time, Harry and the young shipgirls had to report their ominous dreams to an Officer who dismissed their concerns partly because they were kids and partly out of his anti-shipgirl opinions.
  • King in the Mountain: Mikasa, who had refused any summoning attempts until Harry got onto her museum ship during an Abyssal attack and pleaded to her to save his classmates.
  • Kitsune: The four-tailed Haru, who poses as a Miko taking care of a shrine dedicated to the departed sailors, but in reality guards Yokosuka Base from the supernatural. Her niece Natsumi is a one-tail and is Harry's pre-Hogwarts classmate.
  • Last Stand: Hoppou and her fleet of 380 ships (the rest of her ships being deployed elsewhere at the time) against five Abyssal fleets, numbering roughly 2,500, led by a pair of Battleship Princesses. If Hoppou lost, the people of Unalaska would be next on the attackers' list. The outcome? Hoppou was the last living Abyssal left in Unalaska when the battle finally came to a close, with her few surviving defenders scattered to the seas. The citizens of Unalaska were unharmed, and no more than a dozen of the enemy got away with their lives.
  • Let No Crisis Go to Waste: Everybody who had problems with the Statute of Secrecy are taking advantage of the increasing un-enforceability of it caused by the Abyssal War.
  • Life Drinker: Horcuxes only last as long as the one's natural lifespan, and to get around it Voldermort put a spell on his followers' Dark Marks that when said followers get killed, their remaining lifespan will be transferred to him, potentially giving thousands of extra years just from the casualties in the First War. Then Harry happened, connecting them, and their First Year encounter made the boy's divine magic consume the accumulated extra years and redirect it towards the summoning of the paper ships.
  • Literal Split Personality: All Abyssals, good or bad, have some darkness in their souls... but in the Re-class battleships, this darkness is great enough to take the form of a “demon” that they must struggle to keep control of, or else it will consume them.
  • Magic Is a Monster Magnet: Concentrations of negative energy, such as the sites of large massacres, attract Abyssals.
    • Likewise, Yokosuka and Sasebo are becoming very attractive to youkai because of the spiritual energy of the shipgirls, as well as the energy released during summoning them. This led to Fubuki and Yuudachi having to deal with a teke-teke when Harry was younger, and is why Haru is there. More recently, Hibiki was attacked by an Aka Manto; the biggest (and last) mistake of its life.
  • Mama Bear: If you try harming one of DesDiv6, Tenryuu will give you a closer view of her sword than you would ever want, as both a Re-class (who she cut in half) and a Light Cruiser Water Princess (who ended up impaled to the hilt) can attest.
    • The Northern Water Princess is fiercely protective of her sole daughter, who was born defective.
  • Masquerade: That is in process of unraveling due to the Abyssal War, and the vast majority of magicals are in blatant denial, while a small minority are preparing for heads to roll once it Statue of Secrecy finally collapses.
  • Mayfly–December Friendship: Nagato doesn't like to think about the possibility of outliving her son Harry.
  • Mayfly–December Romance: In the same vein, Haru warns Natsumi that this is inevitable if she decides to pursue Harry.
  • Might Makes Right: Fenrir Greyback the werewolf believes in this, and takes advantage of the collapsing Statute of Secrecy to attack and turn people more openly as an act of superiority, going as far as to attempt an attack on a brother of a natural-born shipgirl just to make a point.
    • The default behavior of most Abyssals, to the point that even the nicest Abyssals have an instinctual hatred of weakness or defects that they need to suppress.
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Prinz Eugen adopted (or got adopted by) a Tanzelwurm she named Matilda, a large cat with a lower body of a serpent. The wizards who initially tried (and failed) to cover it up, decided that it was ultimately not worth angering a shipgirl any further and cut their losses.
  • Mugging the Monster: over the years, several of Japan's less pleasant yokai have tried to prey on kanmusu, or family members like Jane Richardson and Harry Nagato-Potter. It has never ended well for the yokai.
  • Mundane Solution: While everybody else discussed how to find info on Nicholas Flamel, the lack of progress on that front and how apparently the wizards had hidden it, Niyodo simply looked him up on the internet.
    • When Wanko wanted reliable information about what happened to Hoppou, she traveled to a small town to look through their discarded newspapers. Sirius did something similar after escaping Azkaban.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Killing Quirrel put Harry into this state for weeks, until Haruna convinced him to let it all out.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Hoppou and Wanko are content with merely keeping their territories under control without interfering with the humans, for which the other Abyssals despise them.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: Diarymort chose to curse Malfoy to still be aware of the world before having the basilisk paralyze him. As a result, the Malfoys will have nothing to do with him now.
  • Noble Demon: Skadi Járnbrauð, Abyssal Northern War Demon, was chased to Gibraltar by a shipgirl fleet. Invoking the famed neutrality of Gibraltar and its now-manifest Installation Shipgirl, she used her two-day stay to repair and rearm, honoring her oath of peace both by word and spirit, paying well for her provisions and civilly conversing with the locals and even one of her pursuers. When her respite ended, knowing she could not defeat the shipgirls awaiting her at the territorial limit, she challenged Gibraltar herself, so that her final battle would be an epic worthy of the skalds. And it was.
    Skadi Járnbrauð, Abyssal War Demon

  • Nuclear Option: While it is clearly a plan of last resort, if nothing better or just as effective, can be found, using one and blessing it with every charm or purification and divine blessing that can fit on it is one of the plans on the table to deal with Azkaban.
  • Nuclear Weapons Taboo: Very much averted during Blood Week, where nuclear weapons were used in desperation against the Abyssals until the shipgirls began to manifest and stem the tide. Diego Garcia was nuked into radioactive glass to destroy the bloodthirsty by even Abyssal standards Elder Princess who made it her base of operations.
  • Obstructive Bureaucrat: The reason why Shiromizu decided to hide on the Shipgirl naval base instead of going to the magical authorities to request protection. They might have killed her on the spot for not being on her designated reservation, might have simply sent her back, and in the unlikely case they might have listened, the actual bureaucracy would take too long.
    • Magical governments and most of their officials as a whole are this, with the ICW being regarded with particular scorn by shipgirls and non-magical government officials who are aware of the magical side of things.
  • Oh, Crap!: Japan is briefly driven into a panic when a massive Abyssal fleet, numbering in the dozens and containing multiple Princesses and Demons, is discovered to be closing in on the Kushiro naval base. It’s the surviving members of Hoppou’s old fleet, coming to surrender to the humans so they can be with their mother again.
    • When Hoppou demonstrates the unique (so far) ability to extract a living Abyssal’s soul from her body, potentially revealing her true identity as an Elder Princess, Supply Depot Princess has a panic attack on the spot.
    • Hoppou, in the aftermath of the Dementor attack on Harry is so livid that every person sensitive to magic or her moods in the area can feek her anger. In fact, her rage is so great, it was felt thousands of miles away on Avroraby her own daughters and granddaughters.
  • Onmyōdō: Because they had Japanese magicals serving on them, Ryuujo and Jun'you can use Onmyodo. They, along with the Kitsune Haru, taught Harry some of it.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Hermione conceals her shipgirl nature while at school, as she is on a mission to learn more about the magical world from the perspective of an ordinary witch. Everyone who has ever spent time with shipgirls can see right through her.
    • Similarly, at one point Wanko and Revina attempt to infiltrate Yokosuka to check on Hoppou's condition. Wanko uses stealth-enhancing items captured from a particularly (and fatally) foolish witch; Revina puts on a fedora and glasses. And outfits her tail with Groucho Marx glasses and a wig. While humming the Mission Impossible theme. It's not clear if she honestly thinks this will work or if she's just taking Refuge in Audacity.
  • Patriotic Fervor: Aso, of the wrong kind. She cannot accept that the Empire of Japan was bad or wrong in any way, denies its war crimes, and hates foreigners in general and Americans in particular. Houshou and Katsuragi (who is less than 6-years old here) are among the very few who try to be friendly with her. Aso also uses this extreme nationalism as a crutch for her insecurities, and when she undergoes Heel Realization by meeting a group that is much, much worse than her, she comes dangerously close to suffering a total mental breakdown.
  • Perception Filter: Wanko has a ring with a powerful Notice-Me-Not effect on it, spoils from a witch who had tried to sneak in (not knowing that it didn't work against Abyssals and was in fact allowed to get inside before being killed) and bomb her.
  • Plausible Deniability: Tanzelwurms are on the list of magical creatures that are allowed to be discovered, just in case further coverup proves to be impossible, as other than their unusual appearances they have no overt magical traits.
    • How to explain away the island full of animal people without pointing at the magical world? Say that they got dumped from an alternate dimension into ours, because there is already a precedent of dimension hopping with the Fleet of Fog.
    • Haruto Hinata goes out of his way to know nothing about any smuggling that may or may not be going on at the Yokai Reserve he lives and works at specifically so that he cannot be pressured into giving any information about it away.
  • Powered by a Forsaken Child: Unit 731 had a magical side to it, intentionally creating Obscurials from children for use against Japan's enemies. Fortunately, they were destroyed before they could be deployed.
  • Powder Keg Crowd: The Tokyo Magical Government's lack of response and de-facto abandonment of Hokkaido to the arrival of fortunately peaceful remnants of the Fleet of Laughter resulted in various groups planning a protest by the Magical Diet building. Several of the groups wanted to wait and see how things would go first, but the more radicals ones decided to go with it anyway. Then the pro-government groups caught wind of this and organized their own counter-protest, and by coincidence there was a concert nearby with a lot of students, many of them drunk, who kept joining both. By the time everyone gathered and started glaring at each other, the leaders on both sides realized that the combined numbers now exceeded both the legal limits that they could do without requesting permits ahead of time, which they did not had, and their own ability to keep everyone at line. Then the rumors started flying of the Magical Government trying to sweep the recent fiasco under the rug, and crowd got agitated, and then in the case of Poor Communication Kills the Aurors starting arresting the leaders of both sides in plain view, after said leaders requested their help in containing the situation. And thus started a true riot which lasted for hours and left hundreds injured and eight dead.
  • The Power of Love: Lily's blood wards needs either a blood relation or unconditional love towards the warded one, and Nagato more than provides the latter for Harry.
    • Harry's love for his adopted mother is what also unlocks Nagato's "marriage upgrade".
  • Proportional Aging: Shipgirls age very slowly before getting their age locked at around 20, which is very noticeable on destroyers. This depresses the previously-human Tenryuu, as her two daughters, who turned out to be Inazuma and Ikazuchi, look considerably younger than their former classmates.
  • Refuge in Audacity: Revina, a Re-class battleship, accompanied her boss, Wanko, to Yokosuka to check on Hoppou. While Wanko had a ring with powerful enchantments meant to make her unnoticeable, Revina donned a hat and glasses (plus a wig and Groucho Marx glasses for her tail) as a disguise. It almost worked...
  • Resurrective Immortality: When the Research Princess is killed, she gets back by hatching out from one of her subordinates.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: The Abyssals tried to pass the blame of their own attempt on Hoppou on humans, in hopes of getting Wanko into this state. She did... against the Abyssals, after she found out about the treachery.
    • Haru slipped into this state after the Abyssals killed her husband during the Blood Week, going after low-level Abyssals before her sister caught up with her and beat some sense into her.
  • Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right!: On occasion throughout the war - but in no more powerful case than during Blood Week - magicals defied The Statute of Secrecy and their own governments in order to help save lives, be they ordinary citizens or magical beings, or even Aurora, who in any other situation would have been locking up such blatant breaches.
  • Shapeshifter Baggage: Shipgirls can change their weight, from their original tons to that of normal human.
  • Shocking Defeat Legacy: The Blood Week, when the Abyssal started their first full all-out offensive on humanity, which left many of coastal cities utterly devastated and with uncountable amount of fatalities. Only the appearance of the Shipgirls repelled the Abyssals.
  • Shrinking Violet: Shinano has self-esteem issues as heavy as her tonnage, due to her being an inefficient conversion as well as having no battle experience to speak of. Fortunately, Harry is there for her.
  • Sins of Our Fathers: The Nine-Tailed Kitsunes Hoshi and Tsuki are the daughters of Tamamo-no-Mae herself, whose actions cast the long and dark shadow upon them. They treasure any relation and friendship that look past that.
  • Stupid Evil: What Grindlewald considers Voldemort to be due to his making horcruxes and believing that they grant true immortality, and then making it so that people are too afraid to say his name. The only thing horcrxes do is make sure that the wizard or witch who created one will live the longest they can, but it doesn't mean that they won't eventually die. Doing so also results in the person being Barred from the Afterlife. And with his making it so that everyone is afraid to say his name, he has ensured that he will be forgotten, unlike Grindlewald, who will be remembered for his evil acts, and thus have a sort of immortality that way. Grindelwald says that for a man like Voldemort, this would be a Fate Worse than Death, and he did it to himself.
  • Snake People: Shiromizu and other Snake-like Youkai can transform into a lamia-like form.
  • Speaks Fluent Animal: Shiromizu gifted Harry an ability to speak with snakes naturally, without depending on Voldemort's Horcrux.
  • Spider People: Kuroshi the Jorogumo, who seeks to devour Youkai for their powers (an ability she has taken from an evil wizards who wished to do the same, he just had a misfortune to use it on her), with power of divinity high on her list, which she hopes to attain by devouring Shiromizu. Got killed in attempt to do so.
    • Kuroshi was a bit of an outlier in terms of her habits. Due to conditions in the reserves, other jorogumo were forced to overcome their predatory natures and learn to coexist with other creatures. Needless to say, they are much nicer as a result.
  • Sticky Fingers: Played for Laughs. It turns out that the Potter family has earned a reputation as "Bloody Magpies," much to Harry's bemusement. Such item acquired by the Potters include an F-14 Tomcat stolen by Lily, MULTIPLE B-24 bombers taken after World War II, various tanks, and Honjo Masamune. In the case of Honjo, Harry's grandfather won a bet against an American wizard aliased as Coldy Bimore. Subverted with Juuchi Yosamu, as that blade has become a legitimate heirloom that can only be controlled or wielded by a Potter.
  • Summoning Ritual: The non-natural-born Shipgirls are either summoned through rituals or materialize by themselves because of special circumstances. The biggest summoning ritual to date is a co-operation of Canadian muggles and magicals in summoning the Halifax Installation which involved the three days long festivities of Natal Day along with many Magical ones happening at the same time. The resulting magical storm that formed in the spiritual realm also had a side-effect of summoning a lot of other older shipgirls and nearby fort installations, and it blanked and then outright destroyed magical sensors from as far as England.
  • Supernatural Angst: Namiko Nagawa was caught up in the Abyssal raid during the school trip and awakened as Ushio, after which she started to panic-worry on who or what she is and what is going to happen to her, then her school friends argue with each other on how to help her get through with this, leading her to deeper depresion, and then her well-meaning but frantic and overbearing parents make it worse. Fortunately, her older brother cheered her up, and things go better after that.
  • Taking You with Me: This was the Kamo Government's plan when they saw that Japan would lose World War II. They dubbed it Operation Tatarigami, after extremely powerful ghosts of vengeance that could cause natural disasters.
    • When the No-Mag government prepared to surrender, the Magical military, higher-ranking members of the government, and certain researchers would gather in a certain caldera base, which was essentially an armored bunker thanks to the wards on it. Additionally, every single ship that the magicals had created would gather there.
    • Predicting that one month after the official surrender, the Allied No-Maj fleet would arrive in Tokyo Bay, they would revive the spirits of those fallen in the war and contain them in special "Ghost Shells", while also preparing shells and bombs that contained Fiendfyre.
    • Using a variant on the Portkey spell designed for heavy objects, the Magical fleet would arrive and launch their assault.
    • Between spirits tearing through battleships, Hell-Fire that took the appearance of various animals, and Onmyōdō and Yokai teleporting onto the decks of ships and killing the officers, Operation Tatarigami would have broken The Statute of Secrecy in the worst possible way, causing the end of World War II to quickly turn into the beginning of World War III, this time between the Magical and No-Maj worlds.
    • Luckily, Ume and Sakura, not wanting the situation in the caldera to continue, lifted the wards before the operation could even begin, allowing the Allies to destroy the caldera, completely neutralizing the plan.
  • The Talk: After trying to dump the responsibility on various people who bailed out or chastened her for trying to (including fairy Yamamoto), Nagato gave Harry the Talk. And then Kongou and Mikasa arrived and gave their own version.
  • Talking in Your Dreams: has occurred several times in the story, for shipgirls and Abyssals (usually close to Harry) undergoing upgrades or reconstruction.
    • During her upgrade (during which shipgirls are comatose), Nagato met with Lily on the dock between life and death, who thanked her for raising their son well.
    • Hibiki during her Kai Ni had a long discussion with James Potter, who had wanted to meet one of the girls after his son's heart.
    • Regalia the defective Re-class meets James and Lily while under reconstruction, and together they connect to the “sea of stars”—the afterlife of benevolent Abyssals—where her her deceased aunts get the chance to meet their niece and ask her to pass on a message to Hoppou.
    • Renita, able to have a peaceful sleep for the first time in years while she is rebuilt, is visited by her dead siblings, who offer their love, thanks, and forgiveness for everything she has done.
    • James greets Regina during her upgrade to Flagship, hinting that her bond with Harry together with her new power could one day result in something incredible.
  • Talking to the Dead: Victory's Christmas present to Albus and Aberforth is to bring out fairy Ariana to them, who is technically part of her crew since their Royal Navy grandfather pulled a few strings to have her baptized on Victory's hull with her bell.
    • Regalia, during her rebuild, gets to meet those of the Fleet of Laughter who died in their Last Stand to protect Unalaska from five Abyssal fleets attacking them. Through these interactions, she receives critical information that a member of the fleet thought to be lost forever is not only still alive, but trying to find her way back home.
  • Tangled Family Tree: The situation regarding Harry’s extended family has become... complicated, to say the least. The most recent additions to his family include a clan of Yokai, has a Fae ancestor, and (by having Hoppou as his adopted sister) close to a hundred Abyssals.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: By the 3rd year the actions Fudge/Umbridge administration are becoming so self-destructive that even Lucius joins an alliance of convenience with Dumbledore and Bones just to mitigate the damage.
  • Thicker Than Water: Regardless of where they place their loyalties, the Malfoy family is always owe their primary loyalty to their own family.
  • Triang Relations: Gale, Wash and Kirishima have, with the birth of Gale's children, evolved from a Type 6 to a full Type 8.
  • Undying Loyalty: Hoppou’s combined fleet, to Hoppou herself. As noted by a reader on Space Battles, many of them actually had the potential to evolve into Princesses and Demons and lead their own fleets like Aeroprin... but they would rather stay with their beloved mother, so they didn’t.
  • Unholy Nuke: At the end of Battle of Bikini Atoll against the Fleet of Fog, the Jellyfish Princess summoned two huge "fireballs", one from above and another from below the waves, made from the negative energy of all who died and suffered from the atomic and nuclear bombs. Nothing was left, only black glass for miles.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Action Girl Benio is a Yuki-Onna hanyou. Instead of receiving power over ice, she inherited an extreme susceptibility to heat from her mother, making it difficult for her to function in day-to-day life or overly sunny weather without overheating.
  • Wedding Day: The Big Fat Kanmusu Wedding between Haruna and Rose, overseen by the ghost of the late Imperial Prince.
  • Wedding Smashers: The Potter lineage and the Muramasa blades have a bad habit of inflicting this on whatever wedding they are present at, even jump-starting the American Revolution by complaining that there was not enough tea due to a tax hike within an ear-shot of a man who was friends with Adam Smith. When both are present for Haruna's and Rose's wedding, two different sets of smashers smashed into each other instead.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: This is one of the big differences between the Tokyo Government and the Kyoto Government. While Tokyo refuses to treat Yokai as equal to humans, Kyoto maintains that humans and Yokai are equals.
  • We Need a Distraction: In order to get into the base Hoppou was kept in, Wanko waged a silent war against other Abyssals to create an opening that the Shipgirls couldn't ignore, thinning the naval base's security.
  • Weirdness Magnet: Tatsuya Haneda’s community has been under constant assault by monsters and magicals alike for the better part of a decade. Several characters note that the rate of supernatural occurrences around Tatsuya is so phenomenally high, that the only plausible explanation they can come up with is that a deliberate and malicious force is behind it all.
  • White Sheep: Regalia, a Re-Class who was born crippled until she was repaired by Hoppou, is also the only Re-Class who never had a demon. Even Regina, who is a cinamon roll around Harry, has one.
  • You Didn't Ask: The Shipgirls that knew about the magical world but didn't reveal them stated this as an excuse, and that it is an unneeded extra headache during the War.


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