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Welcome to Somerset, Clanner Scum. We've been waiting for you. Have you met The Bruce, young Rhiannon? As far as the offworlders are concerned, she's the 'Duchess,' but nobody cares much about that around here. She'll be your guide during your brief visit, showing you to such lovely locals as 'Crushing Defeat Canyon,' 'The Mountains of Massacre,' and you can expect your passage through our atmosphere to be marked by attrition. She's a little hellion, our Rhiannon, and has very special ways of dealing with uninvited guests. Don't take our word for it, you'll learn soon enough.
— intro to the first thread

Heir to the Bruce is a BattleTech Quest by the Spacebattler Lordsfire. Where you play as Rhiannon The Bruce, Duchess of Somerset who has recently inherited the title after the death of her parents when they fight off rogue Ronin from the Draconis Combine. The Quest begins 3018 and you have to guide Rhiannon through her life as the head of a planet and a massive clan.

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Heir to the Bruce Quest provides examples of:

  • A Child Shall Lead Them: Rhiannon becomes Duchess-in-Waiting of Somerset after her parents die at the tender age of seven. She actually becomes Duchess at fourteen as an emancipated minor.
  • Ace Pilot: Rhiannon became an Ace in a day with 8 kills against the Draconis Combine. The 36th Dieron Regulars jumped into Thorin in the Lyran Commonwealth ambushing her convoy during her transfer trip to New Avalon. Even though the 36th brought an Achilles and Vengeance the convoy fended off the ambush and captured both Dropships and shocking victory.
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  • Badass Family: The Bruce Clan, The Steiners and The Davions (and many others from canon)
  • Bizarre Taste in Food: Rhiannon likes to combine her food into things that should not mix together much to the horror of people that see her eat for the first time.
  • Boot Camp Episode: Rhiannon went through basic training in summer 3025 at the Nagelring where she was apart of the Kitten Platoon.
  • Child Prodigy: Rhiannon's younger sister, Iona is a math genius so much so that she enters Tharkad University at twelve years old. She later invents double heat sinks that are similar to clan double heat sinks at 14
  • Corrupt Politician: A distant relative of Rhiannon's, Flurry Bruce is behind a tax theft scheme and an assassination attempt on Rhiannon and her family and friends when her regent, her uncle Thomas notices discrepancies in the planet's treasury. Flurry also becomes her regent when her uncle Thomas is put into a coma by the bombing but he is stopped a few months later.
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  • Power Armor: Rhiannon's Ducal Guard has a set of Nighthawk Power Armour for guard details. First seen as part of the Ducal Guard on New Avalon after an assassination attempt against Rhiannon and Iona. Nighthawk Armor is a "light" power armor that was originally developed by the SLDF and later rediscovered by Rhiannon and company when they miss-jump into Draconis Combine space.
  • Princess Incognito: Melissa Steiner travels from Somerset (where she was visiting Rhiannon) back to Tharkad to attend the Nagelring in disguise as "Mary Bruce" a supposed distant cousin of Rhiannon.
  • Mentor Archetype: Hanse Davion himself mentors Rhi in how to maneuver in court and rulership when she is staying on New Avalon for medical treatment
  • Off Screen Moment Of Awesome: Estoc Ddraig and Akio Matsumoto of the Somerset Ducal Guard after Slaughtering DCMS Boarders on the Grim Memory took one of the Boarding shuttles and tricked their way onto the enemy Achilles Dropship by claiming they had a VIP prisoner on board. Once they were onboard the Achilles Dropship they attacked the crew of the ship with swords and took it intact. And captured Hadji Rajpuman a notorious DCMS general responsible for massacres of Civilians in the Federated Suns and all the information that was onboard.

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