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"Did you know that Elvis had a twin brother???"

Brian Keller Vaughan (born July 17, 1976) is a well-regarded comic book writer, most famous for his creator-owned series Y: The Last Man and Saga, as well as for creating the Marvel Comics series Runaways. He went on to write a run on Swamp Thing, before creating Y: The Last Man, which brought him much critical acclaim. He then launched Ex Machina, which met similar acclaim; when the title ended, he concluded that he was better suited writing creator-owned books and has refrained from working on company-owned characters since then.

He had a temporary break from comic work while he worked on TV. In 2012, he returned to comic writing with the highly acclaimed Image Comics series Saga, followed in 2015 by Paper Girls.

He's become very well known for writing complex and highly memorable characters, for his Splash Panel cliffhangers, and for writing some of the most soul crushing endings in all of comics.

Selected bibliography:

  • Y: The Last Man - Follows the story of Yorick Brown and his monkey Ampersand, the last males left alive after every mammal with a Y chromosome suddenly drops dead.
  • Ex Machina - The story of Mitchell Hundred: superhero-turned-Mayor of New York City.
  • Pride of Baghdad - Based on a True Story of a pride of four lions that escaped from Baghdad zoo and wandered the ruined city for some time.
  • Runaways - Six kids discover their parents are a fearsome group of supervillains. Co-created by Vaughan and ongoing without his creative input.
  • Doctor Strange: The Oath - A five-issue mini about Strange's attempt to save his friend's life while opposed by a corrupt pharmaceuticals company bent on Withholding the Cure.
  • The Hood - A six-issue mini which introduced the character who would go on to become a recurring menace to the Avengers.
  • Saga - A science fiction/fantasy hybrid which takes place in a far away galaxy. Involves robots with TV-shaped heads having sex.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 8 - A Comic-Book Adaptation of the television series. Vaughan wrote the "No Future For You" story arc (issues # 6-9).
  • ''The Escapists'' - The story of three friends who attempt to revive a Golden Age comic book hero. A spinoff/sequel to Michael Chabon's novel The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.
  • Swamp Thing - Volume 3, which focused largely on the Swamp Thing's daughter Tefe Holland.
  • Spider-Man/Doctor Octopus: Negative Exposure - A miniseries that follows a frustrated rival Daily Bugle photographer who helps Dr. Octopus break out of prison.
  • Tom Strong: A Fire In His Belly - A single issue story that focuses on Tom's robot butler Pnuman.
  • We Stand on Guard: A miniseries about an American invasion of Canada in the 22nd century.
  • Paper Girls: four preteen newspaper delivery girls band together for mutual protection during an apparent alien invasion of their late 80's Midwestern suburb.
  • The Private Eye: A near future Detective Noir series about an unlicensed investigator trying to find out why his client was murdered.
  • The currently untitled Gundam movie, the Sunrise/Legendary Pictures co-production.

BKV was also a writer on Lost. He was also the show runner for Under the Dome, based on the Stephen King novel.

Brian K. Vaughan's works contain examples of: