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A 2007 one-issue horror comic from WildStorm, which has two tales set in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchises.

In the first tale, "The Texas Chainsaw Salesman", a Traveling Salesman specializing in chainsaws finds his way to the home of the cannibalistic Hewitt family, and tries to sell his wares to them. In the second tale, "Copycat", the dreamstalking serial killer Freddy Krueger finds out that he has a fan of his work killing in his name.


The first tale provides examples of:

  • Driven to Suicide: Harris' narration mentions a "chainer" who couln't take the pressure of his job and killed himself with his product.
  • Irony: While leaving the premises, Harris' narration laments his luck running out for not being able to sell his wares to the elusive Thomas (whom audience knows to be Leatherface), who seemed to be a chainsaw enthusiast of sorts. The irony is that he would be certainly dead if he had found his potential customer.
  • Shout-Out: The salesman Tobe Harris is named after Tobe Hooper, the director of the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.


The second tale provides examples of:

  • Blackmail: To force his idol to team up with him, Otis has gathered evidence on Freddy's doings on his computer, which will be sent to various news outlets unless he is alive to stop it.
  • Cruella to Animals: Freddy recognizes Otis as the kid who was a "fat little sociopath, liked to dissect neighbours' pets and light things on fire".
  • Even Evil Has Standards: Freddy is left asking how someone like him could actually have fans. He says he never went after Otis when he was a kid because he was such a creepy little freak he didn't see the point.
  • Exact Words: Freddy employs Carter Millbury, another crazy fan of his, to get rid of the evidence about his existence on Otis' computer by promising to teach him what terror is really like. After killing Otis, he then turns against Carter.
    Freddy Krueger: I promised to teach you what terror really is, Carter. That means we've got a long night ahead of us.
    Carter Millbury: B-but why? I helped you! I did everything you wanted!
    Freddy Krueger: Because I'm Freddy Krueger, you stupid little shit. This is how I roll.
  • Frame-Up: Freddy has the computer-savvy Carter to wipe most of the evidence of his existence from Otis' computer, but he makes sure that some of it is left for cops to find. This implicates Otis as the perpetrator of his dream-killings, allowing Freddy to continue his business as usual without fear that someone else finds about him anytime soon.
  • Ironic Death: Otis used to dissect animals as a kid, and Freddy kills him by strapping him into an operating table and dissecting his guts.
  • Jack the Ripoff: Otis Emerson was a sociopathic kid who has always known about Freddy's true nature. As an adult, he wants to spread his idol's "gospel of fear" in the real world.
  • Loony Fan: Freddy learns from Otis that there are several other sociopaths who know about him, and who admire his work. He uses this knowledge to get rid of him.
  • Mystery Meat: The trope is referenced by Freddy when he appears before Courtney as a school cafeteria chef, and tries to slice her up with his claws.
    Freddy Krueger: Hello Courtney. Time to find out what's in the mystery meat!
  • "Not Wearing Pants" Dream: The opening narration notes while Freddy's intended victim Courtney Lefave often had dreams about showing up naked in school, the one she is having right now is the first one where someone is also trying to kill her.
  • Off with His Head!: To have a "gesture of good faith" Freddy tasks Otis to kill a youth who plans to exorcise him. Otis complies, and brings the guy's severed head to his idol in a plastic bag.
  • Precision F-Strike: Freddy's reaction when his supposed victim Courtney is killed by the copycat Otis after she wakes up.
    Freddy Krueger: What the fuck?!?
  • Scaled Up: Freddy turns into a giant snake and coils around Otis after telling him that their partnership could never work, as Freddy would never get to eat the souls of people killed by Otis.


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