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  • From the same guys who do Red vs Blue, Camp Camp also has copious swearing, often delivered by children.
  • "History of the Word Fuck", from Jack Wagner, ranging from trouble to incompetence to "fuck the fucking fuckers".
  • The Emperor from If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device is certainly Sir Swears-a-Lot, to the extent that it starts to bug the usually-Yes-Man Custodian. His very first sentence after getting the TTS device is just the beginning:
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  • Kizuna AI: During her Let's Play of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, "Virtual YouTuber" Kizuna AI tends to repeat protagonist Ethan and Clancy Jarvis' f-bombs.
    Clancy: Fuck you.
    Kizuna Ai: Fuck you! Fuck you fuck you! FUUUCK YOU! Mo owatta yo!Translation 
  • The Most Popular Girls in School like to swear like this. Either that, or it's a Precision F-Strike. Would you like to watch this Supercut? And this isn't even all of just the first two seasons.
  • Lars Ulrich in Napster Bad uses "fuck" as frequently as "like".
  • Neurotically Yours: Given that it's primarily Rant Comedy, Foamy tends to get into this often. Especially when dealing with fan mail. note 
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  • The Newgrounds flash "Tiberium ecstasy", where a Nod Commando drops one while stomping his hat after figuring out the squad leader was lost in a drinking contest the night before. "MOTHERFUCKINGGODDMANFUCKINGPIECEOFSHIT ARE YOU SERIOUS?!" Just as funny is a GDI Rocket Soldier that noticed a Nod Harvester roll through the base completely unmolested. After a second, he has realizes what just happened, and the Cluster F-Bomb is dropped.
  • PONY.MOV involves a ''lot'' of the F-Bomb (as well as other swears, even this one), but the Ask Jappleack blog uses this literally. "FUKUFUKUFUKU FUKUFUKUFUKU-"
  • Red vs. Blue:
    • The Season 5 prep-video-thing is a condensed version of all the episodes from Seasons 1 through 4... but only the vulgarity. It starts with "Whoop-de-fucking-do", and goes downhills from there. Common phrases include — fuck, fucktard, shit, son of a bitch, crap, dick, shisno, bitch, and cockbite. It goes for about 2 and a half minutes.
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    • Large portions of that show run on this trope, to surprisingly hilarious effect. Suffice to say, the absolute best quotes from the show are unfortunately inappropriate for anyone under the age of around forty-five.
  • The third video in The Vampair Series by virtue of song choice.
  • "Winter's F***ed Up" by Animated James is all about this. It gets more vulgar as the video progresses, with the end credits being almost composed of such (with a few other swears mixed in).
  • Much of YouTube Poop, or at least the more vulgar varieties thereof, is littered with abundant swearing, often applied for the comedic effect of editing children's shows to sound vulgar. Even works that aren't quite aimed at children but involve the occasional Precision F-Strike will be edited to sound like a Cluster F-Bomb. (For example, Billy Mays using the s-word in the form "you shittin' me?" during Pitchmen was used as a way to edit infomercials of his to sound littered with the s-word.)
  • Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation seems incapable of finishing a sentence without using some curse-language along with really complicated words. And most of his rants have some sort references female body parts as well. Well, he did try to avoid such references for the Tomb Raider review... Which he finishes off with a magnificent Cluster Funbag Bomb. Which makes is a bit of Hypocritical Humor when he notes in his review of The Witcher that since it's a dark fantasy everyone says Fuck like it's on their word-of-the-day card.
  • Dragon Ball Z Abridged
    • In Ep 19 , after vegeta notices that the ginyu force is besides them and the dragon balls , he starts rapidly drop down curses , censored by jeice's scouter sounds.
    • In Ep 60 part 2, this is Cell's reaction to being knocked down to his "Semi-Perfect" form and losing anything resembling a chance of winning a fight with the Super Saiyan who'd gotten to knocking him around.
  • Almost every other word in Anon is "fuck".


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