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BEWARE OF SPOILERS. Due to the nature of the show, with its many Walking Spoiler characters, twists, and turns, the only spoilers whited out are those for the current season "24: Live Another Day". Proceed with caution!

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Red Square

    Sergei Bazhaev 

Sergei Petrovich Bazhaev
Played By: Jürgen Prochnow

A high-ranking mob boss in the extremely secretive Russian crime syndicate Red Square, and was a co-conspirator in the assassination plot against President Omar Hassan.

  • The Dreaded: Even a crazy psychopath like Vladimir Laitanan is scared of him, and worries about merely calling him.
  • Due to the Dead: Buried his son Oleg like a soldier killed in battle.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: He runs the syndicate with his 2 sons, and he later asks for witness protection for him and his family for helping expose the Russian conspiracy. On the other hand...
  • I Will Punish Your Friend for Your Failure: When Josef tries to get medical treatment for Oleg, putting the operation at risk, Sergei kills Oleg.
  • Kick the Dog: He kills his son who was exposed to the rods, largely to punish the other son for his attempt to treat him.

    Josef Bazhaev 

Josef Bazhaev

Played By: David Anders

The son of Russian Red Square crime boss Sergei Bazhaev and Anna Ivanovna, and the older brother of Oleg Bazhaev. He and his father's group were active in the United States during Day 8.

    Oleg Bazhaev 

Oleg Bazhaev

Played By: Gene Farber

The son of mob boss Sergei Bazhaev and Anna Ivanovna, and the younger brother of Josef Bazhaev.



Played By: Doug Hutchinson

An assassin for an elite Russian criminal cartel, Red Square, during Day 8. He was the trigger-man for the plot to kill President Omar Hassan and had a cover identity of Mike Farmer, an NYPD officer.

  • Accent Relapse: Tries to get a coworker to switch shifts with him by asking nicely, but when that fails, he drops the American accent.
  • Character Death: Courtesy of Jack.
  • Dirty Cop: His cover identity is an NYPD officer.
  • Professional Killer: For the Red Square.
  • Starter Villain: He's a major threat the first few episodes of the season, but as the season progresses, it's clear he was just a pawn.



    Vladimir Laitanan 

Vladimir Laitanan

The man in charge of an illegal Russian arms-trafficking ring prior to Day 8. After the ring was broken up by undercover FBI agent Renee Walker, all of its members were arrested except Laitanan, who disappeared. During Day 8, Renee Walker and CTU New York targeted Laitanan through Ziya Dakhilov as the best possible lead in their investigation of the Russian crime syndicate Red Square.

    Ziya Dakhilov 

Ziya Dakhilov

Played By: Jon Sklaroff

A Russian convict with connection to criminal kingpin Vladimir Laitanan. The FBI offered him full immunity to turn Laitanan in, however, Dakhilov kept quiet and served his prison time, pleading guilty to a class-three felony. On parole, he worked in an auto-parts store in Long Island City, wearing a security tracking bracelet on his wrist. He also had a reputation as a pedophile: Renee Walker commented that he liked thirteen year-old girls.

    Lugo Elson 

Lugo Elson
Played By: Tony Curran

Vladimir Laitanan's right hand man during Day 8.


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