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List of characters in the Intercontinuity Crossover Stars Above and its side-stories My Sunshine and Pioneer, with their associated tropes. As this fic contains characters hailing from mutliple universes, please also see their respective Character pages for more context.

This page will contain unmarked spoilers, both for the fic and for the Puella Magi franchise. It is strongly recommended that you finish watching the Madoka Magica anime before reading this page. You have been warned.


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    Characters from the Lucky Star universe, 2007 

The eleventh-graders who attend Ryouou High, whose lives are disrupted by the arrival of Homura and Kyubey.

Kagami Hiiragi

  • Enemy Within: A bit of Vittoria apparently exists within her, pushing her to ruin her life. After the essence of Vittoria is forcibly extracted and absorbed by Desideria, this is no longer the case.
  • Tsundere: As Konata puts it in her inimitable manner, "You're deredere for Akemi and tsuntsun for me, huh?"
    Kagami: Shut up!
  • Power Gives You Wings: The shadows of black feathered wings emerge from her back when she's seriously pissed off. Her Star form makes the wings solid, with points of starlight.
  • Wooden Katanas Are Even Better: After joining the kendo club, she starts using a white oak bokken to help fight Demons. Until it gets broken... She replaces it later with a real one in her Star form.

Miyuki Takara

  • Named Weapons: Heshioru, a magic book that links to her glasses and transforms into a hammer.
  • The Smart Guy: This figures into her Star powers: her book and glasses can gather and display the information that she collects from multiple sources.

    Characters from the Puella Magi universe, 2012- 2013 

The Puellae Magi, Magical Girls from a parallel universe set two years after Madoka's ascension. Most of them were killed during the war with Vittoria. Kyubey is listed here too, of course.

Homura Akemi/ Star Violet

  • Broken Bird: The events of her past haven't been kind at all to her emotional state. Being raped by the Second has only made things worse, though Kagami is helping her recover.
  • Dark Magical Girl: Very much so. She's willing to use extreme measures to protect Kagami, even breaking her heart.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen: Being around Kagami brings out her deredere side. Awww.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Refuses to let Kagami contract to spare her from a Fate Worse than Death, knowing full well she'll die otherwise from Soul Gem corruption.
  • I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: Her motivation for rejecting Kagami, and then for stopping Kagami from making a wish to save her, knowing full well she will die without it.
  • My Greatest Failure: She blames herself for failing to Mercy Kill her universe's Kagami when she had the chance, and thinks of all the death and suffering that followed as her fault. The Second takes full advantage of this.
  • The Stoic: Though more free with her emotions than before, she's still calm and unflappable when she needs to be.


  • Blue-and-Orange Morality: As is typical of his species. However, he seems to be showing more human traits, possibly as a result of all the time spent around Homura and the disaster his old world suffered through.
  • How Dare You Die on Me!: Says this in his own way when Homura is about to die from Soul Gem corruption, pressuring her to let Kagami contract.
  • Lack of Empathy: As expected from Kyubey, of all people. However, it's clear he 'cares', in some form, for Homura, and tries to convince her to let Kagami wish her back to life to no avail.
  • Last of His Kind: He was left behind when the other Incubators abandoned Earth, and is the only one of his species in the Lucky Star universe.
  • Weasel Mascot: Konata calls him a "fairy", leading Homura to choke on her drink.

Oriko Mikuni

Nico Kanna

  • Cloning Blues: She isn't exactly thrilled with taking care of her seven-year-old clone, Kanna, but they seem to enjoy each other's company by the end.
  • Fling a Light into the Future: Nico builds a deep space probe with this purpose, designed to outlast the end of the world and contain as much knowledge about humans as possible.
  • Last of His Kind: The last of the Pleiades. Pioneer establishes that she becomes Earth's last Puella Magi after Oriko and Yuma die.


The Demon of Mourning, responsible for destroying the Earth and killing billions in Homura's universe. Every Puella Magi on the planet teamed up to fight her, engaging her in a war that lasted a year and a half before she finally fell. However, as she died, she spread her essence throughout The Multiverse, spawning Demons in universes without magical girls to protect them. She is the one that birthed the Nine. Vittoria is actually the Demon form of the Madokaverse's Kagami Hiiragi, born from her despair at seeing Tsukasa die in front of her eyes.

  • I Have Many Names: "Vittoria" was the name that Puellae Magi from around the world had decided to give her, so that they could communicate more easily.

    The Nine 

A group of super-intelligent Demons. They are the children of Vittoria, and the story's main antagonists.

The Ninth (Lucio)

The Demon of Treachery. He leads the Nine, though he plots to betray them, as it is part of his nature. He takes the form of a winged, three-faced figure carved from ice.

  • Team Killer: Perfectly willing to kill the others of the Nine, though the only one he actually kills off is the Eighth.


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