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Stars Above mostly features TearJerkers, Nightmare Fuel, Love Hurts, and emotional trauma, but there are some genuinely funny moments in it too.

  • Misao asking Kagami whether she's in a bad mood because of "cramps in your lady parts or somethin'" in Chapter 3.
  • Konata glomps Kagami when Homura enters the nurse's office and screams "Noooooo! Kagamin is my waifu! You can't have her!"
  • The trip to Akihabara. All of it before the attack by Duilio, at least...
    • Homura dressing up as Sailor Mars. This has become Hilarious in Hindsight, now that Homura's English VA voices Sailor Mars in the 2014 dub.
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    • The entire show at the cosplay cafe prior to the attack. Also, the Yuki impersonator's response to the whole thing initially, in a Black Comedy way.