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Heartwarming moments in Stars Above.

  • Chapter 6: Homura and Oriko reciting the prayer. Also doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Chapter 8: Homura's memories of Madoka help her to bond with Kagami.
  • Chapter 17: The entirety of Kagami's speech which brings Homura out of her Heroic BSoD and back over the Despair Event Horizon. And later in that same chapter, the Big Damn Kiss, after 17 chapters of emotional trauma.
  • The epilogue: As a last gift, Kagami uses her newfound powers to cure her timeline's Homura of her illness.
    • Prior, Kagami, Homura and Madoka holding hands and staying by Homura's side to ensure she does not die alone.
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    • Kyubey, in his own way, trying to save Homura's life also counts. He even comes closest to showing true emotion, realizing that his companion-of-sorts is about to die.
  • The end of My Sunshine, when Kyoko is reunited with Mami in Madoka's afterlife.

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