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Tear Jerker / Stars Above

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It seems like the authors of Stars Above are trying to invoke TearJerkers in almost every chapter. Here are the best examples:

  • In Chapter 4, when Kyoko dies, Madoka appears to take her Soul Gem.
  • In Chapter 5, Oriko reveals that she knows of Homura's suffering in the previous timelines, and they both recite the prayer from Episode 12.
  • In Chapter 6, Homura says a final goodbye to the other Puellae Magi before leaving her homeworld, and two CallBacks are made: "Believe in us" and "Do your best."
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  • In Chapter 8, Tsukasa is killed in mid-sentence right in front of Kagami's eyes, just a few steps from safety. Kagami rushes downstairs and begs her to wake up, then pleads with Homura and the other Puellae Magi to bring her back to life... only to learn that all deaths really are final.
  • The entirety of Chapter 9. Kagami's descent into complete despair, the reactions of the other characters, the Hope Spot, Homura's anguished realization that she's in love again and her begging of Madoka for forgiveness, Kagami's transformation, the death of Kazumi, all of it.
  • Kagami has a complete breakdown in the cafeteria, after Homura coldly shuts her out of her life.
  • Aya's death, and the other characters reflecting on how, since she died inside the Lair, her parents will just be left for ever wondering what happened to her...
  • Homura dies of Soul Gem corruption in the aftermath of the final battle, just when you thought everything was going to be fine now that Desideria was defeated.
    • Especially Kagami's desperate attempts to turn herself into a Puella Magi if it means Homura survives. Homura has to outright command Kyubey to deny her wish, knowing full well it will hurt Kagami, but knowing she will eventually recover.
    • The fact that Kyubey of all people tries to make Homura let Kagami contract. It's clear that Kyubey has come the closest he ever can to actually caring for another person's life, and as thus doesn't want to see Homura die.
  • Dear Madokami in Heaven, My Sunshine. Kyoko has to Mercy Kill Mami, and that's just the beginning...