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My Superhero Academy Crisis Of Infinite Reboots - Characters

Save us,
What we are,
Don't look clear,
It's all uphill from here.
-Who We Are, Imagine Dragons

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     Squad Four in General 

Squad Four in My Superhero Academy

Perry: If I have glove, I slap you and demand satisfaction.
Felicity: But God's grace forgives us all. If it's in our nature to sin, it's also in our nature to strive for betterment. Remember that, okay?
Iona: I've had enough! And this time, I'm not powerless to do anything! If people are going to make me out to be some dangerous freak, I'll give them a reason! Make them think twice about showing it!
Dawn: I understand your pain, but we mustn't take it on those who have done no wrong. We're heroes. We must be better than our enemies.
Alex: We have to be better than them, and show everyone that hates us that they're wrong.

Squad 4 is the Cinnamon Roll Brigade with a side of Iona. Its original members included every PC that drew a d'aww reaction and Iona. The latter, Fluffy took responsibility for defrosting. Its revolving around Fluffy proved to be a major weakness and was exasperated by the lack of dynamics around or in spite of her. Thus, the squad courted collapse when Fluffy left under pressure from Gaea's campaign. Even more than squad 3, squad 4 is currently a mass of individuals.

     Peregrine "Perry" Alastor (Stray) 
Player: Jumping Fruit

Wandering Summoner of Lost Spirits
"We always be together, right?"

     Iona Bassano (Hecate) 



     Clay Cole 

Player: Enirboreh
Grandma what big eyes you have

  • Blind Seer: Affected by the "eightball fracture" level of hyphema, a condition where blood collects in the anterior chamber of the eye (in this case due to her body experimentation effectively destroying the surrounding blood vessels). Also gives her a case of Red Eyes, Take Warning as a side-effect.
  • Eye Scream: See above. Also the fact that her Third Eye literally tears through the skin on her forehead.
  • Heroic Albino
  • Shrinking Violet: Certainly seems to be; judging by her quiet manner of speaking an occasional stuttering. At the very least she doesn't seem as bad as Lucy was in the first year.
  • Third Eye: Has one located behind her forehead. Unlike in typical portrayals, Evelyn's Third Eye is actually biological—tied to her pineal gland and physically pushing through her skin to manifest itself.

     Joshua "Jo-Jo" Eldritch (Sol) 

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