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Here are the Characters for Harry and the Shipgirls

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The Nagato Family

     Harry James Potter-Nagato 
  • Adorkable: Yer a Navy brat who bores easily, surrounded by supermodels who are either minor gods or Kitsune, budding harem protagonist wizard, Harry.
  • Abusive Guardians: Before he was taken in and adopted by Nagato, his aunt and uncle did everything in their power to make him feel worthless, a drain on limited resources due to rationing (they were using his rations to benefit Dudley and themselves, thereby engaging in ration fraud), and essentially starved him.
  • Clueless Chick Magnet: Harry's Nice Guy personality has attracted him the affections of Natsumi, Shinano, Regina, and several others. Due to his young age, he hasn't caught on yet.
  • Dogged Nice Guy: He's a nice person by nature. His nice and selfless nature, however, is very much a result of his abusive childhood and his fears that everyone would leave him if he wasn't.
  • Happily Adopted: By Nagato
  • The Gadfly: Only whenever the mood strikes him, or he's bored.
  • Military Brat: He was adopted by Nagato, it comes with the territory. He also intends to become an officer in the JMSDF and become an admiral.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: He killed Quirrell, he knows it, and the psychological effects of it are played painfully straight.
  • Pungeon Master: A Trait inherited from Lily.
  • Secret Secret-Keeper: To Natsumi and Haru's species. If he were to reveal it out loud, they would be forced to leave, or so he believes.note 
  • Verbal Tic: Being raised among Shipgirls have led to Harry gaining tics from Yuudachi, Kongou, Tatsuta, among others.
  • Whole Some Cross Dresser: Occasionally crossplays, and when in 3rd Year he is pranked so that he is forced to wear a female uniform for a week, he milks it for all it is worth.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Nagato's cuteness-obsessed persona, better known as "Nagamon" has to be pushed down by Nagato. Of course, everyone on base is well aware of that aspect of Nagato.
  • Mama Bear: Harry's adoptive mother is a 32,000-ton battleship with 8 16-inch guns. She is very protective of her family.
  • Pungeon Master: Nagato becomes this thanks to Lily.

  • Adorable Abomination: She's an Abyssal Princess, and is as cute as a button.
  • Badass Adorable: She took on five Abyssal fleets that attacked her and decimated them while giving time for the human residents of her islands to get to safety and helped take on a Gashadokuro.
  • Defector from Decadence: By way of near escape from death.
  • Do Not Go Gentle: While she survived the attack on her and her fleet by five other Abyssal fleets, by the time they "defeated" her she was hidden in the rubble by one of her Wo-Class carriers, she and her fleet had completely decimated the attacking fleets, allowing the Americans to easily mop up the rest.
  • Happily Adopted: By Nagato.
  • Last Stand: Her facing five Abyssal fleets which attacked her due to her refusal to kill the inhabitants of the Aleutian Islands, and her commanding a fleet to buy the time needed to give the inhabitants the time to evacuate or get to shelter. She survived, but most of her fleet did not.

A small 'white rat snake', who is nothing of the sort, that was taken in by Harry when he protected her from some schoolyard bullies. Except that she was also on the run from some kind of yokai that cannot allow her to live to reach her true power and potential. In reality, she is a young Mizuchi, and the yokai wishes to devour her to gain her powers.

  • Cannibalism Superpower: After eating a few salamanders, Shiromizu becomes less bothered by cold, and her domain in Japan changes slightly to reflect this.
  • Fisher King: Whatever she is, Shiromizu is at the very least the spirit of a small stream of mountain water. When she decides to be a little rebellious while at Hogwarts and eat several magical salamanders - made of actual fire mind you - her stream turns from a cool running one, into a minor hot springs.
  • Happily Adopted: Nobody knows it with the possible exception of Natsumi, but Shiromizu has effectively declared Harry her little brother in all but blood. This will have huge ramifications down the line. Considering she's most certainly not a small 'white rat snake'.
  • Harem Nanny: She's not interested in the slightest in joining the budding harem antics. However she's more than willing to tweak things occasionally for her own viewing amusement as she is looking forward to it all with something approaching unholy glee.
  • Hero of Another Story: Some side-plots and canon omake feature her and Natumi investigating supernatural incidents around Yokosuka.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: Virtually every appearance of her laughter is accompanied by her tail snapping out a fan from....somewhere....and 'fufufu'. This gets turned back on her a few times by Haru, who's even better at playing this to the hilt if she desired.
  • Ojou: See Above. Additionally, she really IS a noble, but she's kept it so well hidden that nobody at the Yokosuka base knows this fact at all. The entire group of yokai and minor kami inhabiting a hidden/forgotten castle near a mountain lake view her as their rightful Lady, and have done everything they can to keep her safe and hidden from a yokai that wishes to kill her before she can grow into her true potential.
  • Physical God: It gets revealed during the summer after Harry's second year that she is a Mizuchi when they face off against the youkai that wanted to consume her.
  • Snake People: Shiromizu can transform into a lamia-like form, which she uses to beat down Voldemort's Shade to save Harry.
  • Snakes Are Sinister: Averted. As Harry stated to his house-mates who believe in this trope, in Japan snakes are seen as the messengers of Gods.
  • Walking Spoiler: The author has yet to truly reveal what Shiromizu really is, whether it is a yokai or an actual kami - let alone what kind - and it's a common pastime on the two forums the story is updated most frequently on, for the various readers to guess as to what she is. However he has dropped some rather large hints lately that she is definitely not a mere snake.

     Rose Potter 
The spirit of a tea set that has been in Harry's family via Lily for multiple generations. Married to Haruna.

Harry's pet snow owl, and later familiar.
  • Deadpan Snarker: After becoming Harry's familiar, she was quick to start throwing some shade around.

Ono Clan

A clan of Kitsunes now linked directly with Yokosuka Naval Base and Harry Potter-Nagato.

A young Kitsune and Harry's classmate from before he began to attend Hogwarts. She is training to be a miko with her aunt.

  • Beyond the Impossible: She gains a second tail at the age of thirteen, or around eighty to ninety years earlier than she should have when she absorbs the power of the Sessho-senki, or the very stone that, according to Japanese legend, is the stone that is Tamamo-no-mae's corpse, during the battle with Kuroshi.
  • Cannot Spit It Out: While its obvious to everyone who knows her that she is crushing hard on Harry, this is also complicated by her being a Kitsune and needing to keep that a secret. It drives her up the proverbial wall on many an occasion. As of now, the secret is out.
  • Childhood Friend: To Harry.
  • Hero of Another Story: Some snippets feature her and Shiromizu investigating yokai misadventures.
  • Kitsune: Yes. And everyone knows, but Harry is afraid to tell her he does, due to the old stories of such things. It all gets sorted out during the summer after his second year at Hogwarts, when she reveals just what she is to him during the battle with Kuroshi.
  • Secret Legacy: A friend of her family's is Hoshi, a full nine-tailed Kitsune, who may or may not be her grandmother or great-grandmother. To add to the reason it needs to be kept completely secret? Hoshi is confirmed to be the daughter of Tamamo-no-mae.

The miko of a local shrine sometimes attended by Harry and the Shipgirls at Yokosuka. She is actually a Kitsune with great experience and skill with magic.

  • The Gadfly
  • Kitsune: A four-tailed one.
  • The Mentor: Is training Natsumi as a miko, and has helped Harry perfect his skills with Ofuda. Is also training Shiromizu in many things as well.
  • Really 700 Years Old: A Kitsune's tails indicate how many centuries one has been alive. Haru starts the story out with four.


Yokosuka Naval Base

     Admiral Goto 
Admiral Isoroku Goto is the commander of the shipgirls at Yokosuka Naval Base, and de facto commander of Japan's shipgirl force.
The British-born Fast Battleship Kongou
  • A Spot Of Tea: Kongou enjoys English-style tea, and can quickly set up afternoon tea in a few seconds with the help of her sisters.
  • Large Ham
Admiral Goto's main secretary, alongside Nagato.
  • Badass Bureaucrat: Comes with being a shipgirl, but her administrative skills are unmatched, with Ooyodo doing her best to keep resources from running out, important given Japan's status as an island nation in the war with the Abyssals. Despite this she is also a:
  • Beleaguered Bureaucrat: She has become rather stressed from the war efforts, the appearance of multiple capital ship (whom usually means more resource consumption), and Goto keeps avoiding paperwork.
  • Meganekko

The Legendary Pre-Dreadnought Battleship that served as Admiral Togo's flagship during the Battle of Tsushima. Now awoken as a shipgirl. Enjoys sneaking around Yokosuka via the vents, and is part of Goto's office staff, given re relative obsolescence.
  • The Gadfly: She especially enjoys annoying Kongou, or "Chibi-Kon" according to her.

  • Badassdriver: As her namesake mountain is featured in Initial D, this trope is played for all its worth. Haruna drives a Toyota Corolla AE 86 painted exactly like the iconic car in the manga, with plenty of Eurobeat music. She also regularly races, with plenty of hair-raising stunts and drifting.
  • Happily Married: To Rose Potter. They officially tied the knot aboard Haruna's spiritual hull
  • The Gadfly: Enjoys ribbing Zuikaku, to the point of having a pet turkey named "Zui Zui" and getting Harry to call Zuikaku a turkey as well.
  • Badass Driver
  • Big Eater: She along with Iowa managed to complete the Nine-Heads Food Challenge, a nine-course feast in a Yokai sports bar that has defeated Oni, Taka Nyudo, Uwabami, and even a Mizuchi.
One of the shikigami-using onmyouji carriers, she helped train Harry in using that form of magic.
  • A-Cup Angst: Averted. She is proud of her "distinctive figure" and enjoys trolling others, including Admiral Goto, about it.
  • Kansai Regional Accent: Her distinctive accent is translated to a very southern US drawl.
     White Plains 
One of the Casablanca class escort carrier of Taffy 3. Has somehow become "momboat" to the entire Yamato Class. Including Warship Number 111 and Warship Number 797, two members that were never completed
A natural-born, Naka was an aspiring Idol Singer hampered by the industry before discovering her shipgirl nature. A frequent livestreamer that often co-hosts with Harry Potter-Nagato, who she affectionately calls "Chibi".
This special duplicate of Naka has somehow summoned thanks to the Original Naka and Harder. She is in fact based on the original hull for Naka that was destroyed while under construction by fire during the 1922 Kanto Earthquake. This version was scrapped after the fire and construction on Naka was restarted after laying a new keel.
     Ooi (Birth name: Yuuko) 
  • Clingy Jealous Girl: Deconstructed. While she is still clingy towards Kitakami, there is a tragic reason for it.
  • Parental Abandonment: Her parents disowned her for being a nautralborn. Kitakami is all she has left that counts as family.
     Kitakami (Birth name: Rika) 
  • Hero of Another Story: She is the flagship of her own squadron, which includes Yuudachi, Mutsuki, and Kana.
  • Troll: Enjoys pranking Filipino Officer Sheo Darren, and occasionally Kaga.
     Kana Originally: Kaga 
Kanazawa (usually called Kana) is the shipgirl form of the Tosa-class Battleship Kaga, prior to her extensive rebuild as an aircraft carrier. She is normally assigned to Fubuki's group.
  • Sempai/Kohai: Amusingly, she has taken to calling Fubuki her sempai, much to the destroyer's bemusement.

     Tenryuu (Birth Name: Ryoko Matsuda) 
A single mother who found out her twin daughters were naturalborn ships, then found her was one herself.
     Ikazuchi (Birth Name: Aki Matsuda) 
     Inazuma (Birth Name: Ami Matsuda) 

Sasebo Naval Base

     Admiral Richardson 
Admiral John Richardson, USN.
     Jane Richardson 
Jane Richardson is the daughter of Admiral Richardson. For all intent and purposes, a close cousin of Harry Potter.
The sister of Nagato, Mutsu has become an aunt to Harry, as well as wife of Admiral Richardson, currently pregnant with twins, now officially born as Mirai and Mary.
  • Happily Married: Among the first shipgirls officially married. To Admiral Richardson.
The second of the Kongou sisters. A close friend of Admiral Richardson, served as Best Man/Battleship during Admiral Richardson's wedding to Mutsu.
  • Genki Girl: On par for her portrayal, she is very enthusiastic in whatever she does, such as going along with Kongou's ideas.
  • Lethal Chef: Ironically, she is good at cooking American Southern cuisine, particularly comfort foods like fried chicken.

Kushiro Naval Base

     Captain Tanaka 
The commander of Kushiro Naval Base, currently being groomed for flag rank by Admiral Goto and The Chief of Maritime Staff
Kawachi-class semi-dreadnought. Acts as Tanaka's Secretary ship due to her issues.
  • Cosplay Otaku Girl: Due to her history [[note: Settsu was used as a target ship and later as a decoy ship in WWII]] she has the sometimes disturbing, but mostly hilarious habit of cosplaying as other shipgirls, and perfectly mimicking their voices.
  • Foreign Queasine: She tends to offer delicacies from Hokkaido to Tanaka, mostly for her own amusement.
  • Troll

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

     Professor Albus Dumbledore 
The Headmaster of Hogwarts, as well as good friend of HMS Victory.
     Professor Minerva Mc Gonnagall 
Transfiguration Teacher and Head of Gryffindor House.
  • Beleaguered Assistant: Her job is rather testing when your boss is Albus Dumbledore, and some of your students are military brats.
     Ronald Weasley 
One of Harry's friends at Hogwarts. A close friend of HMS Warspite which develops into romantic feelings
  • The Engineer: Thanks to meeting Warspite, he becomes determined to fix her lingering injuries and battle damage, including her rudder issues stemming from the Battle of Jutland. As a result, he has self-educated in naval engineering. His hard-earned expertise is shown as he was able to produce builder-quality blueprints for Warspite.
    • It has become a running gag among the commenters that he should be nicknamed Scotty, and be dressed in a Starfleet engineering uniform.
     Hermione Granger 
Muggle-born Gryffindor, and one of Harry's friends at Hogwarts. Revealed to be in fact the Dido-class light cruiser HMS Hermione, as well as the sole heir to the Dagworth-Granger estate
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Understandably given her sinking, Hermione has a fear of submarines. Of course it doesn't help that she has attracted the attention of RN submarines, who appear to have adopted [1] as their patron saint.
     Neville Longbottom 
     Daphne Greengrass 
Female Slytherin in Harry's year.

Royal Navy

Serves as Secretary ship (and secret lover) of the First Sea Lord.
  • Proper Lady: Pick any sub-trope from the list, it likely applies to Dreanought, Mother of All Modern Battleships.
  • Wound That Will Not Heal: Needed a wheelchair or a cane to move on land thanks to damage lingering from the Battle of Jutland. Averted, as Ron was able to heal all of her old war wounds
     Duke of York 

Allied Abyssals

     Allies in The Abyss 
As the name suggests, these characters - In the Pacific Port Darwin Princess AKA "Wanko," Supply Depot Princess AKA "Suprin," Air Defense Princess AKA Aeroprin, the two Re-Class battleships Revina and Regina, Wo-Class Carrier Wokyuu, Nemo, Renata, the Twin Princesses, and the survivors of Hoopou's fleet; in the Atlantic, we have Ancient Atlantic Gateway Princess, Ocean Liner Demon, Reivana the Re-Class, and Canut the Battleship Demon - are walking spoiler territory. Thou hast been warned.
  • Adorkable: Nemo who trips over her own feet while sailing to the shore, and is still very confused about some human customs we take for granted. This hits near diabetes inducing when she hides behind Takumi, who's a highly squishy ordinary human, when some shipgirls spot them.
  • Action Girlfriend: Nemo to Takumi. She's an Abyssal Cruiser that could conceivably march her way through anything a ground army could throw at her that isn't a nuke and laugh it off until other shipgirls show up. To be fair, Takumi is the male version of this, considering he's a very squishy Ordinary High-School Student but didn't even panic when she sailed right up to the beach in front of him as their first meeting.
  • Cloning Blues: Rhode Island. Short-lived and subverted in that 1) she's a repaired braindead Abyssal, 2) the issue isn't about her identity, but more if she would be fighting her 'kinfolk' or not.
  • Cool Big Sis: Although she not legally a member of the Nagato family, Hoppou and Harry both consider Wanko an older sister.
  • Darth Vader Clone: Ocean Liner Demon. Is the dark mirror of RMS Olympic, bitter at the world - specifically at warships - for things like her sisters both sinking so young, among other things.
  • Defector from Decadence: They each have their reasons, ranging from My Species Doth Protest Too Much to loyalty to others.
  • Expy: Revina, Regina, Renata, Reivana, Galatea (formerly Rebuke) and Rhode Island (the captured derelict Resignition repaired by the USN) are expies of Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and Applejack respectively. Clearly the forums are aiming for a complete set.
  • Everyone Knew Already: Nemo's relationship with Takumi. While its still more or less secret by those knowing Takumi, until an accidental discovering by Akagi, Nemo however was found out almost immediately. Her siblings and the Twin Princesses find it adorable. To the point that virtually the entire OTHER meaning behind the second treaty event was to allow the two to walk around in public without hiding. She kind of blows a fuse over this, briefly.
  • The High Queen: Ancient Atlantic Gateway Princess when holding court, in private she's an unashamed mistress of intrigue who believes in the Divine Right of Kings, the power of the coin, and currently working to secure peace between her realm and the humans to make sure that the Abyssals under her rule in the Atlantic aren't all killed. With her as The Emperor, of course.
  • Hot Librarian: Supprin is this to a tee, if more a secretary (which can be just as hot). As in Wanko's Secretary of Commerce, Energy, and Labor all rolled into one. There are very good reasons why she's considered Ooyodo's Abyssal counterpart. And a certain studious Weasley has most definitely noticed.
  • Neutral No Longer: Wanko really didn't care much one way or another about the other fleets of the Abyss... Then they tried to kill Hoppo.
  • Retired Monster: Tanya, one of the first Allied Abyssals, was a bog standard battleship devoted to her duty. After taking a critical hit in a raid, she was captured and then shown kindness by the doctor who was brought in. Years later and even after having been repaired, her admiration for the doctor is so great that all she wants is to stay by her side.
  • Revenge: Aeroprin's reasons for hunting down and killing her fellow Abyssals. She was once a destroyer in Hoppou's fleet, and believed that Hoppou had been killed by Abyssals who did not like that she had no interest in fighting humans so long as they left her and her territory alone.
  • Royal "We": Gateway, when tending court.

United States Navy Shipgirls

This section includes American shipgirls not stationed in Japan.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: Befitting their size at the end of World War II, there are hundreds of American shipgirls, though only a few are featured here.
The most decorated American warship of WWII.
  • No Sense of Direction: On a trip from Yokosuka to Kure, Enterprise somehow drove to Shikoku even with written directions (though it was written in Japanese).
  • Those Two Guys: A close friend of the Japanese battleship Yamato. Frequently bickers with the Japanese battleship.
  • Airstrike Impossible: Thanks to the legendary Doolittle Raid, she is regularly seen launching B-25 bombers from her flight deck. This proves especially useful when dealing with Installation-type abyssals.
The lead ship of the Iowa-class Battleships, who became a natural-born. Currently involved with Davie, Willie D.'s brother.
     New Jersey 
Based on the character from Belated Battleships.
     William D. Porter 
Nicknamed "Willie D.," the infamous Fletcher-class destroyer is a naturalborn, whose older brother is dating Iowa, much to Willie D.'s exasperation.
  • Olympic Swimmer: Prior to her awakening, Willie D. was actually a talented swimmer, with dreams of entering the Olympics. She is now one of the few non-submarine shipgirls that is comfortable swimming underwater.
One of the 175+ Fletcher-class destroyers built in WWII.
  • Angel Unaware: When in Japan, Taylor is often accompanied by a large white 'dog', which she has named Sunny. Although there are a couple of people have recognized Taylor's 'dog', nobody's told Taylor she's walking around with Amaterasu.
  • Berserk Button: Attempts by Marina Militare officers to recruit her, due to her bad history with the Italians.
  • Insistent Terminology: Taylor does not have a boyfriend. She just has a really good friend, whose hugs she likes. This did not stop him from accompanying her to Haruna and Rose's wedding.
  • Mythology Gag: She looks a lot like the character from "Worm," thanks to a long-running fanfic crossover with Kantai Collection. Most of her sisters like pointing out the resemblance; even to the point where the first version of the Shipgirls Online forum was created solely to tease her about it. Taylor does not appreciate the comparison.
     South Carolina 
BB-26, the US Navy's first Dreadnought, and as such the Mother of All American Battleships.


     Remus Lupin 
  • My Greatest Failure: Feels very guilty about his failure to protect the Potters that Halloween, and for not contacting Harry sooner.
     Cyrus Greengrass 
Father of Daphne and Astoria Greengrass, and one of the few purebloods preparing for the fall of the Statue of Secrecy.
  • Berserk Button: "Poi!" and destroyers on World of Warships tends to bring out his salty side.
     "Sunny" Amaterasu 
  • Cool Shades: Very often seen with a pair while in disguise
  • Shout-Out: Has explicitly taken the form of her character in Okami
  • Troll:

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