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  • Aladdin pulls off a successful gambit against the Genie, showing that he was clever enough to not get overwhelmed by the Genie's antics. By challenging Genie's "phenomenal cosmic power", Aladdin was able to escape the Cave of Wonders without using up one of his precious few wishes. Genie proceeds to close the loophole for future tricks of this sort (and even gets a couple of puns in at the same time).
    Genie: Well, I feel sheepish. (becomes a sheep) Alright, you baaad boy, but no more freebies!
    • Aladdin pulls this off again in the finale, where he tricks the power-mad Jafar into using his final wish to become "an all-powerful genie." Jafar not only gets his "phenomenal cosmic power", but also the "itty-bitty living space" that goes with it: he is imprisoned in his very own lamp.
  • In Barbie and the Secret Door, Malucia employs one in her bid to capture the Queen Unicorn. She lets Nola go and tell the others that she's planning to capture the unicorn so they'll move her, but is secretly lying in wait to ambush them.
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  • In Batman: Under the Red Hood, Red Hood targets Black Mask, who breaks the Joker out of Arkham to kill him. The Joker uses Black Mask and his colleagues as bait to draw out Red Hood. However, the gambit was actually Red Hood's; the Joker was his real target all along and he had gone after Black Mask in order to make him desperate enough to turn to the Joker and save him the trouble of breaking him out.
  • At the end of A Bug's Life, Flik pulls one off on Hopper by claiming that the real bird they just saw was "another one of [his] little bird tricks". Hopper falls for it and promptly gets his ass handed to him on a silver platter in one of the most karmic Disney Villain Deaths EVER as Flik and Atta watch from a safe distance.
  • In Cars, Doc Hudson challenges Lightning to a race around Willy's Butte. Why? Because he knows that there is a hard curve on the track and that Lightning will try to take it at full speed, given his "I'm the Fastest" attitude. As a result, Lightning loses traction and crashes into a cactus patch, and is forced to continue fixing the road.
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  • In Cats Don't Dance, Danny uses Darla Dimple's ego and Fantastic Racism to make him and his friends look good, using everything she tossed at them to improve their dance number.
  • In the Animated film, Dantes Inferno. Lucifer uses Dante's wife as bait, in order to trick him into freeing him from his spiritual prison in hell.
  • In The Hunchback of Notre Dame Frollo tells Quasimodo that he has troops ready to capture Esmeralda at the Court of Miracles. Quasimodo and Phoebus go to warn her first. Frollo is there as well; he didn't know where the court was but knew they would lead him to it.
  • In Pixar's Inside Out, Riley Anderson's Disgust give Riley's Anger a funny "The Reason You Suck" speech in order to active Anger's hothead to burn the glass to bring Riley's Joy and Riley's Sadness into Headquarters.
  • In The LEGO Batman Movie, the Joker pulls this on Batman. He captures all the villains of Gotham, taking away Batman's purpose, thus tricking Batman into sending him to the Phantom Zone to recruit more powerful villains. And releases them all on Gotham.
  • In The Lion King (1994), Scar pulls a fairly sadistic one on Mufasa when he puts Simba in danger. It ends up getting Mufasa killed.
  • Megamind broke out of prison by having Minion send him watch, addressed from Megamind's Arch-Nemesis Metroman, knowing the prison warden wouldn't let him keep it. When the warden put it on, the hologram projector in the watch activated, making the warden look like Megamind. The prison guards threw the warden in Megamind's cell, and he used the confusion to grab the watch and escape.
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (2017): The attack by Tempest and the Storm King's forces on Canterlot is this. They know all 4 princesses are going to be there. They have armor that completely blocks magic attacks, and a limited number of orbs that are also immune to magic that can instantly turn anyone to stone. Their expectation is that magic will be used to try to fight back, it will be completely ineffective, and they will win before anyone knows what's going on. And it works. It comes back to bite them at the end of the movie when the Mane 6 fight back with some new allies, and it's quickly discovered that the armor offers NO protection against non-magical attacks.
  • Nocturna's Moka spends the whole movie working on one. Aside from his insatiable coffee habit, literally every action he takes, down to the last breath, is calculated to put Tim in a situation where his only option is to overcome his fear of the dark, which will save the night from certain doom.
  • Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension: Doof-2 tries to force Perry the platypus to reveal he's a secret agent by ordering his minion, Platyborg, to smack Perry about, hoping he'll try and defend himself. It doesn't work, but then Doof-2 gets the idea to make Platyborg hit Phineas and Ferb instead. As he predicted, Perry immediately sheds his dopey pet persona and defends his owners, but unfortunately confirming his true identity in the process.
  • Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe: The gang approaches Super Super Big Doctor's fortress while singing about how they're a mere diversion, with the main bulk of their forces coming from another direction. The aliens actually believe this and check for the (actually nonexistent) main force... which is exactly what the heroes had been counting on.
  • The Rescuers Down Under: McLeach, realizing he can't torture Cody into coughing up the location of Marahute, lies to Cody about Marahute already being shot and making him worried about the eggs so that the boy will lead him to the location of the nest.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars: In the first act, Anakin and Obi-Wan are discussing the new Padawan the latter requested, and Obi-Wan suggests that Anakin put in a request from one, as he thinks he'd be a good teacher. When Padawan Ahsoka Tano does show up, however, she says she's been assigned to Anakin, who is surprised and irritated. Anakin doesn't initially want anything to do with her, but reluctantly bonds with her and decides to keep her on after a mission. After telling Yoda that he's okay with continuing to train Ahsoka, Anakin realizes something and accuses Obi-Wan of intentionally putting him in this position (by having never actually planned on getting a new apprentice), something that Obi-Wan's satisfied smirk does not deny.
  • In Turtles Forever, the Mirage Turtles lure the 2003 Shredder out of his Technodrome by calling him a coward. It works, and Shredder literally jumps into an ambush, not just by the Mirage Turtles, but the other Ninja Turtles that he thought he killed earlier.
    2003 Leonardo: If there's one constant in The Multiverse, it's the Shredder's big fat ego!
  • Zootopia: Nick and Judy pull an epic one during the climax. With a badly injured leg, Judy can't run or fight and although Nick is a likely target for the Night Howler serum, he refuses to leave her behind. While bandaging her leg, blueberries spill out, which they substitute for the Night Howler pellets as they are similar in size, color and shape. They bolt for the exit but end up knocked into a pit. As expected, Bellwether darts Nick and calls the police to report Judy being attacked by a savage fox. Nick and Judy carry on the "gone savage" act long enough to record Bellwether's evil gloating and buy time for the ZPD to show up. They then have enough evidence to arrest her and her minions, as well as a sample that is used to develop an antidote for those driven savage by the Night Howlers.


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