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Awesome / The Elements of Harmony and the Savior of Worlds

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  • Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, albeit by accident, created a new connection between Earth and the world where Equestria lies.
  • Megan. Founded. Equestria. She brought the various scattered groups of ponies together, helped weave alliances between them. She brought a ton of books over to provide them with information that was invaluable in building their civilization. She, Molly, and Danny raised Luna and Celestia for the first part of their lives. And that is how Equestria was made.
    • Maybe at the end of the story, Pinkie Pie can tell us how she got her cutie mark. It's a gem!
  • Fluttershy tries to use The Stare on Spykoran the Old after his dramatic entrance scares a bunch of ponies and Megan's kids, and he shrugs it off. Giving him further badass points, he then proceeds to effortlessly trounce the green dragon causing trouble in Everfree forest.
    • Better? Later it turns out Tirac himself is incapable of just shrugging off the Stare. That's how badflank Spykoran is!
  • Kind of off-screen awesome: The Earth Megan comes from has all the Hasbro franchises of the 1980's. All of them. It's why this MLP fan universe is known as "The Hasbroverse."
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  • Danielle and Michelle putting Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in their places for bullying the CMC, even shooting down their "I'll tell my daddy" backup plan by pointing out that they're the adopted sisters of Celestia and Luna.
  • The Reveal of the true villain of the fic: Tirac is back!
  • Celestia versus the Ursa Major.
  • Celestia gives Mike a suit of armor, and later magically upgrades Megan's rifle to shoot lasers.
  • Trixie showing up just in time to save the CMC from one of Tirac's Ursas, managing to successfully fight it off long enough for them to escape.
  • In the side story "Day of the Broken Fang", Cobra Commander telling off Serpentor when the new leader of COBRA confirms that he ordered an attack on the Decepticons, and then getting the hell out of there thus being one of COBRA's few survivors.
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  • Blueblood's Rousing Speech to the Royal Guard during Tirac's attack.
  • The Equestrian armed forces versus Tirac's Shadowbolt army. Especially the image of the ponies fighting with machine guns, artillery, and tanks.
  • Spykoran, Mei Long, and Jormun fighting the Ursas.
  • The Flutterponies taking out an Ursa with a Combined Energy Attack.
  • During the Final Battle, Tirac summons the Rainbow of Darkness to hold off the Elements of Harmony, and does so successfully... until Megan shoots his arms off, disrupting the Rainbow and allowing them to destroy him for good. And then the Elements' wave spreads out and destroys all of Tirac's Shadowbolts.
    • The individual efforts by each of the Mane Six during this fight also deserve mention, even if they didn't accomplish much.
      • Special note goes to Fluttershy nailing Tirac with the Stare and it actually affecting him.
    • Luna killing the last Ursa by shooting it in the head.
  • One of the side stories say that there are legends from the Mag'ne's world of Key'tuck of the greatest warriors of all, who saved the world time and again from evil. These were known as the Bloody Jaws.... but like how "Megan" became "Mag'ne" and "Kentucky," became "Key'tuck" over fifteen hundred years, the name was changed by ponykind. "Ig" for ponies is an acronym for a type of chemical found in blood, so the name of the group of warriors is more properly known as "Ig Jaws." Or, more properly, "G.I. Joes." Fifteen hundred years later and the tales of the Joes still ring strong in the halls of Equestria.
  • From the sequel, Omnicorn Megan: 1/5 earth pony, pegasus, unicorn, flutter and sea pony, half-crazed, half-angry, and 100% focused on taking down TCB!Celestia, as soon as she fights off that pesky brainwashing.
    • Ironically, if there's anyone more deserving of being an alicorn, it's Megan herself.
  • Optimus Prime is now on his way to help save humanity from TCB!Celestia. He even put the Autobots and all Autobot forces on Earth in control of the EDC until he gets there.
  • A nice Gondor Calls for Aid moment- when the Earth and the Princesses call for help when the TCB ponies are invading, no one refuses. Even Starscream and his group of Decepticons join in the battle (though admittedly for more self-serving purposes).
    • Nice little one for one specific character- Little Strong Heart. When we first meet her, she's just another member of the Buffalo tribe. Now? She's Equestria's representative to other worlds.
  • The Mane Six confronting their TCB counterparts, on top of the White House. And calling them out too.
  • The Neo-Equestrian Siege of Autobot City is chock-full of moments:
    • Wheeljack and Twilight Sparkle, Badass Bookworms both, easily handling the first of the Shattered Glass guardian drones.
    • Blaster sees Omega Doom emerging to assault the city, and decides to call Big M. Cue the words every Transformers fan loves to hear:
      Optimus Prime has called for us to help them... And Metroplex heeds the call of the Last Prime!
    • The human defenders showing their own chops against the lightning-towing, spell-slinging Equestrians, with Cybertronian technology, enhancements and power armor on hand.
    • Optimus Prime and Elita-1 dropping in just in time to save a bunker of civilians and a Canadian tank detachment against the guardian drones.
    • Elita showing why she's second-in-command of the Autobots, by completely trouncing SG!Grimlock.
  • The true might of humanity culminates in General Plan 24 - when President Abernathy orders all available Earth Defense Command space battleships to execute Energon cannon Orbital Bombardment of the Neo-Equestrian barrier. 15 Energon blasts against the inviolate magic of Neo-Equestrian invasion... and the barrier finally gives.
  • The RB!Mane Six defeat their counterparts by (unintentionally) proving to the TCB!Elements that their wielders have become the very antithesis of harmony through one collective "The Reason You Suck" Speech. Once they realize this, the Elements rejudge and then promptly abandon the TCB!Mane Six one by one, the process causing them to Go Mad from the Revelation.
  • The final battle against Queen Celestia, who is boosted with the power of her Luna and Cadance and the Heart of Ponyland - The Elements of Harmony, formed into the Rainbow of light, boosts itself with Megan's Omnicorn powers and is channeled through the Matrix of Leadership.
    • Before the battle even starts, there's Optimus Prime's epic rebuttal to his evil counterpart calling him a knockoff.
      Optimus: I wasn't the one given a new name, Nemesis Prime. So be careful who you call the 'knockoff'."
    • Princess Celestia exploits her doppelganger's gullibility by boasting about how the amulet she's wearing gives her power equal to the Heart of Ponyland, and when Queen Celestia immediately shatters it, RB!Cadence is set free to fight alongside her aunt and tip the scales in their favor.
    • In her last moments of being an Alicorn, Queen Celestia gets a vision from Discord who tells her that not only were her attempts to save humanity and stop them from destroying ponykind doomed from the start, he made up the prophecy specifically to get her to do exactly this. So everything she did was All for Nothing.
  • The epilogue:
    • All the Newfoals are getting turned back into humans.
    • Things are starting to look up for Neo-Equestria, as they're about to get aid from Shattered Glass Megatron.
    • Rainbow Bridge Discord is back, taunts Queen Celestia that no one will believe her, reveals that he's been out for a week, and that he's about to have fun.
  • In "Multiversal Harmony," Megan shoots Discord in the face. And it hurts him. Even Discord is surprised.


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