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Twilight Sparkle is a direct descendent of both the original Twilight and Princess Sparkle of the Princess Ponies.
In my opinion she is descended from G1 Twilight on her mother's side and Princess Sparkle on her father's side.
  • Partially confirmed; it's already been stated that G1 Twilight is Twilight Sparkle's distant ancestor, but not on which side of the family, and no direct connection has been drawn between her and Princess Sparkle.
    • Actually it's hinted heavily that FiM Twilight also descends from Princess Sparkle's daughter, little Sparkle.
    • In chapter 12, in the flashback Celestia told FiM Twilight that "One in particular..." will like her.
  • Explains why FiM Twilight's mother told her the legends of The Mag'ne and about G1 Twilight.

Tirac will be resurrected and will free Discord from his prison, or vice versa, and they'll team up.
Celestia told her General that she didn't want to be disturbed from her meeting with Megan unless that scenario happened. How is that not Tempting Fate Foreshadowing?
  • Maybe it's a Red Herring?
  • If they do team-up, they'll eventually double-cross each other.
    • Well, Tirac's back (mostly), so we're halfway there.
    • Actually happened in the show's canon.

Chrysalis and the changelings will appear and be revealed to be connected to Rosedust and the Flutterponies.
Cadance and Shining Armor have shown up and are getting married, so the author is obviously incorporating the events of "A Canterlot Wedding" in this timeline. That implies that the changelings exist too; given the nature of the Canon Welding in this story, it's hard to imagine that the author won't come up with a comparison/explanation for these two insect-like pony races.
  • Changelings = Flutterponies corrupted by Discord?
    • So maybe Chrysalis is related to Rosedust?
  • Jossed by the author. He hates that theory.

The prophecy is true.
Namely, this prophecy: "'The First shall become the Last, and when the Mag'ne returns she shall lead old and new against the Corruption.'" Now, what is "the corruption"? I have several guesses. First, there's there's my strongest possibility that the corruption is another way to say The Smooze. Second, is the idea that there is some ultimate evil that has corrupted hundreds. Third, perhaps it's a metaphorical corruption, meaning that with her return, the corruption of the hearts of ponies will be addressed. (Kinda like how they freed Morning Glory from her own mind)
  • Another possibility: the Corruption is Tirac, somehow reborn. After all, he did use the Rainbow of Darkness to transform ponies into monsters, and I'd say that qualifies as corruption. Plus, he was the first villain Megan ever fought (the First), so it's fitting that he'd be the one she'd have to defeat as the final threat in Equestria's history (the Last).
    • And it's said that "somebody" talked Luna into becoming Nightmare Moon, and many of the creatures that served NMM were said to have served Tirac and Grogar.
    • Tirac may have corrupted King Sombra, whom he takes some resemblance to.
    • The dragons mention the Ursas seem to be drawn by some force. A foreshadowing of something to come?
  • Currently, the corruption seems to have been revealed as The Conversion Bureau. It fits pretty well.
  • As of chapter 28, it seems it really was referring to Tirac.
    • And he indeed drew the Ursas.

Pinkie Pie is a direct descendant of Surprise.
In "Giggle at the Ghosties" Pinkie states that her Granny Pie sang her that song ("But Granny Pie said that wasn't the way/To deal with fears at all…She said: 'Pinkie, you gotta stand up tall/Learn to face your fears/You'll see that they can't hurt you/Just laugh to make them disappear.' Ha! Ha! Ha!") In one of the flashbacks Megan and Celestia sing a different version of the song and credit it to Surprise ("It's like that song Surprise likes to sing. You gotta stand up and face your fears..." "Laugh and they'll just disappear! Hah, hah, hah!").
  • That would make her part-Pegasus.
  • In chapter 26, Danny mentions her to Pinkie Pie.
  • Pinkie Pie is part of the Apple family, but isn't a direct descendent of the G1 Applejack.
  • It's been a thousand years- it's possible that there's tons of people out there directly related to the original G1 ponies by virtue of descendants spreading out.

Tirac turned Queen Majesty into Chrysalis
The flashback to her defeat at his hands ends with her being consumed by the Rainbow of Darkness. And since we know what that thing does to ponies, it'd be fair to say it didn't kill her, but worse.

The Matrix of Leadership in Optimus Prime's chest WILL be used during United We Stand.
The Elements of Harmony will combine with it. This will happen during the final battle with the TCB ponies, thus negating everything done to the Earth they already conquered and turning all the newfoals back to humans. There will also be a big boom.
  • Prime WILL also say most of his famous quotes, including "Freedom is the right of ALL sentient beings." as well as "One shall stand, one shall fall." The freedom one might get turned into "Friendship is the right of all sentient beings." The Touch will be playing during the final confrontation as well.
    • I can hear Rainbow Dash saying "One shall stand, one shall fall."
  • Before that, "Dare" will be played when the good guys fight through the mooks to get to TCB!Celestia.
  • This has happened. Megan channels her Omnicorn powers, alongside the Elements of Harmony, through the Matrix, into Queen Celestia. While "Dare" didn't play, at the end of the chapter, the author posted a link to "The Touch."

My Little Pony Tales also happened at some point.
Perhaps a century (more or less) after Megan, Danny, and Molly leave Ponyland for good. The Ponyville in Tales may or may not be the same one in FiM, which was founded 999 years after Megan's last visit in the fanfic's timeline. Somehow and some reason, only Earth ponies are living there, and magic may have been forbidden for a brief period of time.
  • G4 Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops is related to/descended from the G1 Bon Bon.
  • At one point, DJ Pon-3 will play a song by The Rockin' Beats. According to history, The Rockin' Beats were a very popular band (like The Beatles). Melody once said to the pony press that the band is "more popular than the Mag'ne" (which Celestia and Luna are likely unhappy about).
    • Confirmed on the first part in Chapter 28.

Beast Wars will happen in the far future (and had happen in the past).
Or at least a version of it, since Beast Wars is a pseudo-sequel to the G1 cartoon.
  • Optimus Primal has saved the Maximals, Earth, history, humanity, the universe, the Autobots, Cybertron, the Transformers, and the Alternity. He may have also saved Equestria.

If the above Beast Wars Theory is true, then Dinobot is incredibly important.
His sacrifice showed Humanity how to fight back against threats. How is this important? Were it not for that instinct, on how to defend yourself, that Dinobot showed them, Humanity would never have been worthy allies to the Autobots, the Decepticons wouldn't be on the run, and Megan wouldn't have helped fight off all the threats that early Equestria and Dream Valley saw. So the happy future where the Decepticons are on the run and peace returns to Equestria wouldn't have been possible without Dinobot.

Inhumanoids also happened in this universe.
After all, it is another Hasbro cartoon.
  • If you're willing to accept "The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand" as an official sequel, then it confirms that this is the case; the president mentions "self-proclaimed gods" (with the sentence linking to the article on Inhumanoids on the Transformers wiki) as one of the threats humanity has faced and overcome in chapter 7.
    • Word of God states that United We Stand is in fact an official sequel, meaning that Inhumanoids is in fact part of the Hasbroverse.

Same for C.O.P.S.
  • C.O.P.S. definitely hasn't happened in the continuity, its set in 2020 and the story starts out in 2013.
    • Author here. The story starts in 2011, actually.

The rest of the Mane Six are descendants of the following G1!Ponies...
Posey = Fluttershy
Firefly = Rainbow Dash - Firefly married Bloodwing of the Sky Clans, who founded Cloudsdale.
** Confirmed: Tirek noticed the resemblance.Sparkler = Rarity

The "ancient castle of the royal ponies" was once Dream Castle.
Once Celestia and Luna became of age, they made Dream Castle their palace to rule for a time.
  • It seems Paradise Estates became a full city that they used as their capital until it was destroyed in the battle with Nightmare Moon. So this isn't out of the question.
  • Also the Grundles may have abandoned it during the great blizzard to find a new home.
    • The Grundles live outside of Equestria in the middle of the desert far beyond Appleloosa as a Proud Warrior Race.
  • Confirmed! It turns out that the castle and surrounding area was destroyed in Nightmare Moon's war, and then abandoned by Celestia.
  • They will start rebuilding it, much sooner than in the show's canon.

  • Only Optimus doesn't die again. At least not too soon.
    • Think of it. The Targetmasters. The Pretenders. The Godmasters. Star Saber all helping in the final battle of United We Stand.
      • Minerva makes an appearance in Chapter 28.
  • "The Rebirth" also happened, since the Nebulons are mentioned. Unless the Autobots met them earlier like in Marvel Comics' Headmasters.

Megan's return would inspire a new age, and bring back other creatures.
The Flutterponies already came out of hiding. Soon, many other good creatures who were the ponies' allies in the G1 cartoon would re-establish relations to the ponies.
  • At least partially confirmed in United We Stand, as the Ponies have started forming alliances with other races to form a sort of Federation of sorts. This includes the Stonebacks and Flutter Ponies.

TCB!Celestia will see Omnicorn Megan's memories of Dream Valley
During the final bout between the two, Celestia will pin Megan down and try to use a spell that let her see and destroy her memories, making her easier to control. However, memories of Megan first meeting of Firefly, saving Dream Valley from beings like Tirec, help found RB!Equestria, her siblings and her caring for RB!Celestia and RB!Luna during their fillyhood, and Danny's accident from saving Luna, will cause her views on Humanity to be shaken.
  • Averted. Queen Celestia loses her hold over Megan before the final battle, and the final battle never involves mind magic (minus what TCB!Luna and TCB!Cadence went through in the past).

In the side story where the CMC + Dinky, Sparkler, and Megan's kids find the TARDIS and use it to find the Brig and Sarah Jane...
They will also stumble upon Susan Foreman, AKA the Doctors Granddaughter. He will be plenty surprised to not only see very old friends, but also a family member he thought was long dead. Of course, there will be awkwardness when Susan realizes Dinky and Sparkler are her aunts.

Corona will either appear or be mentioned.
To which RB!Celestia will sigh and say, "Oh great, another one."
  • Sort of. While Corona from the Lunaverse does not appear in relation to any of the Hasbroverse characters, RK Striker is a Lunaverse writer and has worked on two projects involving Hasbroverse characters meeting Lunaverse ones. One is a one-shot where Lunaverse Trixie teleports into Hasbroverse Ponyville, and the other is "Multiversal Harmony," where Hasbroverse Pinkie Pie teams up with other Fan Universees (such as the Lunaverse, Flipverse, and Cadenceverse) to save another reality from a lack of Elements of Harmony. When the Elements selected meet up, Corona is mentioned by Lunaverse Ditzy Doo when Celestia is brought up.

Applejack's hat once belonged to Megan.
In chapter 12, Applejack said "wears a hat like the one I got on now", meaning Megan was wearing a cowboy hat on her first two visits. She may have often wears a cowboy hat on her days in Dream Valley and Paradise Estate. She probably gave one to the original Applejack as a token of friendship, and has been passed down from mother to daughter all named Applejack.

Princess Platinum, Commander Hurricane, and Chancellor Puddinghead will be thawed out at some point.
It's been mentioned a couple of times that while frozen, they're still alive, and in a recent blog post, the author did suggest that they might still have a role to play.

Twilight Sparkle is the true heir of Queen Majesty.
In addition to being a descendant of the original Twilight and maybe Princess Sparkle, Twilight Sparkle must be descendent of Queen Majesty from her father's side. Or the original Twilight herself must be Queen Majesty's daughter. Majesty was "killed" by Tirek 20 years before the G1 cartoon, and original Twilight must have been sent hiding for protection. Her royal blood must have been kept secret from her and her pony friends in Dream Valley. Princess Sparkle must be referring to Majesty when she told Twilight Sparkle that she'd make her proud. This may contribute to her coronation.

Tirac is responsible for the greatest threats to ever face My Little Pony
Upon his Resurrection, his body seems to be composed of a smooze like material. He gained power by creating Nightmare Moon. For all we know, he might have been the one to push Discord into his reign of terror. Thus, the first was also the mastermind, and all the great villains of MLP owe him for pushing them to their schemes.
  • Tirac will summon the creatures from "The Scariest Cave in Equestria" into his army.

Discord was another reason (if not THE reason) the humans fled.
Knowing what humans are usually like, they are easily vulnerable to Discord's powers to bring out the worst in them.

The Covenant of Primus foretold the events in United We Stand.
Hence the Autobots' involvement.
  • Seemingly Jossed- the Autobots never mention the prophecy and want to help the humans because they're friends and allies.

Jormun the Red is Garble's father.
  • Or grandfather. Garble's father is the red dragon in "Dragonshy", and the author says he's Jormun's son.

They'll meet their gender-reversed counterparts at some point.
Megan, Danny, and Molly's counterparts are named Morgan, Dani/Danielle/Daniela, and Mark.

Dream Valley/Paradise Estate was one of the few (if not the only) enclaves that have all three pony types living together.
After Queen Majesty was killed and the united nation divided into mini-states, it's safe to assume each species live in their own communities. And this led to racism between different ponies.

The Breezies are below the Flutterponies in the evolutionary ladder.
The Breezies are the fairies of ponies, as the Flutterponies are the elves.

Pax Cybertronia has already taken place on Cybertron.

The other Earth was devastated by World War III when Neo-Equestria appeared.
Since the other Earth and SG!Earth are the same, the Cold War eventually escalated into a global war. TCB!Firefly got killed on the crossfire, which explains why she never came back. Thus perfectly understandable why TCB!Celestia wish to ponified everyone.
  • TCB!Firefly DID end make it to this Earth. She was spotted and spoken to by one of the Joes, who was very drunk, so no one believed him.
    • No, that was RB!Firefly.
    • Jossed somewhat. Redheart never mentions anything about an actual war, merely that the humans were in the middle of a Cold War. And Celestia wished to Ponify that earth for other reasons.

Tirek and Scorpan being brothers is just one version of the myth.
  • Tirek and Scorpan may have once been friends, practically brothers, until Tirek became evil.
  • Or like in Pony POV Series, Tirek did have a brother named Scorpan while he transforms a human prince into a copy of him.

Michelle will play her mother/the Mag'ne in the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant.
She's blonde and is about the right age.

The "psycho" Danielle mentioned is Sunset Shimmer.
This is the author's idea for his version of Equestria Girls. Sunset might go by the "real name" Susan Shelby. The reason Mike was the one who stopped her is because she was trying to steal him from Megan.
  • In The Conversion Bureau: United We Stand, her name is revealed to be Shelby Smith, but she is Sunset Shimmer. So confirmed!

The RB!Decepticons will want to help against the Shattered Glass Autobots and TCB!Celestia
The RB!Decepticons have lost the war against the RB!Autobots and are looking for reconciliation, at least Starscream's group is. Galvatron's group is still wanting to fight to take over the universe. Starscream may find the current war against TCB!Celestia as an opportunity to prove to Earth's goverment that he is on the level. Galvatron may see it as an opportunity to go to another universe and take it over. In either case, it is a win/win. Earth goes back to peace, while Starscream gets his chance to reconcile with the Autobots and be marked as a hero for Earth, and Galvatron gets his chance to win a war and take over a dimension.
  • Jossed. They never show up except as brief mentions by the Shattered Glass Autobots. However, Starscream's faction of Decepticons (from the main Hasbroverse) do show up as allies.


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