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Game Examples

  • In the opening movie of 2, Hideyoshi causes a volcanic eruption just by powering up. What do Masamune, Yukimura and Keiji do? They power up themselves and take flight. And Keiji has no problem busting floating debris like nobody's business while he does it.
  • Keiji punching Hideyoshi across the room at the end of his story in 2. Hideyoshi isn't the only one whose punches can make heads blow up.
  • In the Battle Heroes opening movie, Nobunaga and Hideyoshi both grow to the size of a building and shoot laser beams from their eyes!
  • Ieyasu squaring up to Hideyoshi at the beginning of 3. They stare each other down, getting ready for a fight to the death, and at the last moments, their presence sends out a shockwave that destroys the surrounding area before throwing their punches at each other. Manly moment indeed.
    • The fact that up until this moment, Ieyasu was mostly known as the Bratty Half-Pint overly dependent on his Tadakatsu and becoming a Distressed Dude that even Hideyoshi participated in kidnapping in the last mainline game. It's this same kidnapped kid that has now grown up and challenged Hideyoshi... and won.
  • Masamune and Yukimura's clash in Yukimura's blue path in 3 is particularly awesome, seeing how hyped they are for it in their encounter and ending the fight in a stalemate before commencing round 2.
  • From the third game - Keiji breaking up the fight between Ieyasu and Mitsunari, then taking them both out with a headbutt when they refuse to listen to him!
    • Doubles as a Funny Moment because of how he does it. Keiji casually walks right up while the two of them are engaged in a Blade Lock, grabs their wrists, and starts talking down to them like a couple of preschoolers bickering over a toy. Ieyasu just looks a bit bemused, but Mitsunari's "WTF is this guy thinking?!" expression is just priceless.
  • From the third game, Oichi beating Nobunaga by herself; the man who needed an alliance between Ieyasu, Mitsunari, Yukimura, Masamune and Keiji to only wound him and she beat her brother just like that, almost casually. Demon Queen of the Fifth Heaven indeed.
  • Magoichi has many, but the best is after she recovers from her Heroic BSoD.
  • In his story mode in Utage, Hisahide KILLS ODA NOBUNAGA! As in, not sending him back to hell, as Oichi did, but physically murdering the Demon King! And then he blows up his corpse!
  • Date Masamune spinning his six swords like jet engines, which results with him flying on his horse.
    • Goto Matabe's wonderful plans for Masamune:
    "Date! I condemn you to diecrawlingatmyfeetandhaveyourfacestompedin!"
  • Ii Naotora going toe to toe with the man amongst manly men, Shingen, in a straight up fistfight.
    • In the Ii-Takeda clash stage, you walk into to find Naotora in a non-stop Blade Lock with Yukimura. After beating Sasuke, you find that in that clash, Naotora is standing victorious above Yukimura, who's kneeling down. That's right, Naotora won. A real Lady of War if there ever was one.
  • The Takeda Trio of Shingen, Yukimura and Sasuke, where Shingen stands on their shoulders and fireworks go off in the Takeda Dojo stage. Made even more awesome when you realize that Yukimura and Sasuke can support the stature someone who needs two horses to carry him on their shoulders.
    • Slightly subverted for Sasuke, who silently admits that carrying Shingen is difficult.
  • Azuchi: The Gathering. A four-way battle royale between the Yoshiteru and the Three Unifiers - Nobunaga, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu. Probably the most enemy-heavy stage in the game, and for good reason.
  • Sakon vs. Yukimura - Sakon pretty much dodges and counters all of Yukimura's moves, until the latter eventually pushes him off of his spears. Sakon managed to get away with his coin necklace though, and Yukimura's pretty clearly frustrated at getting played around with.
  • Yukimura vs. Mitsunari - Yukimura attacks with rapid-fire spear jabs while Mitsunari rapidly slashes back in glorious iaido butcher-happy fashion as he slowly zooms into the camera perspective.
  • Mitsunari clashing with Ieyasu in a headbutt.
  • Ieyasu vs Yukimura - Ieyasu fights with Yukimura in a spear-on-spear battle, and shows that he's even more proficient with one than he was when he was 15, even after discarding it for his fists.
  • Ieyasu vs Hideyoshi - After Hideyoshi tries to grab for him, Ieyasu throws a punch, ony to be stopped midway after being grabbed by Hideyoshi. Ieyasu then proceeds to pick him up and launch him, and Hideyoshi shows that he's still pretty acrobatic for such a big guy by recovering.
  • Hanbe vs. Kojuro - Hanbe attacks Kojuro with his whip sword, only for Kojuro to counterattack with both his swords and create a deadlock.
  • Hideyoshi strangling Matsunaga Hisahide. Alternate universe karma for the Humiliation Conga that transformed Hideyoshi, and you can't help but feel satisfied while he chokes the life out of Hisahide.
    • Averted TOTALLY when Matsunaga proceeds to blow him up at point blank range, essentially winning again.
  • Hideyoshi and his main men (Ieyasu and Tadakatsu included) Power Walking away from Hanbe's burial site in Hanbe's drama ending.
  • Sakon vs Katsuie - They run at each other and look into each other's past before clashing just as Sakon's die land on the floor. During this, the musical greatness that is Bet on the Future plays.
  • Masamune vs Mitsunari. That is all.
  • Mitsunari vs. Motochika - Motochika throws his anchor at Mitsunari, who casually jumps over it and runs down the chain of it. Mitsunari attacks...and Motochika catches his blade by his teeth. Followed by him asking how he's doing. Easily one of he most badass scenes in the game.
  • Yoshiteru invokes moments of awesome from himself and his enemies quite a lot:
    • Yoshiteru vs Masamune - Masamune tries to aerial attack Yoshiteru - Yoshiteru reacts by pulling out three swords from his shaku and halting his attack in mid-air. With one hand. By the tips of his blades.
    • Yoshiteru vs Sakon - Sakon's switch from happy-go-lucky to serious really is something.
    • Yoshiteru vs Keiji - After a chat, Yoshiteru tries to attack Keiji, who blocks it. After you beat him, Keiji disarms Yoshiteru - who goes on to run in for a punch. Keiji throws his sword in the air and tanks Yoshiteru's attack. What follows is a Funny Moment that totally steps on the serious mood - Keiji's sword drops on both their heads.
  • ANY of the animated cutscenes in Sumeragi! Special mention goes to Mitsunari's final cutscene versus Masamune. As the two are brawling it out, Matabe tries to get a sneak attack in on them. Cue Mitsunari and Masamune teaming up and absolutely wrecking Matabe's shit!
    • Masamune and Yukimura clashing so hard in one ending that it creates an explosion large enough to engulf Japan and then it goes out into space and shows the universe as a Tiger Versus Dragon.

Anime Examples

  • Are You Ready Guys?! PUT YA GUNS ON!
  • Masamune's introduction in the first episode - "I am the Captain of Oshu, Date Masamune. Here I come!"
  • Any one of Yukimura and Shingen's epic, manly name calling sessions.
  • You know whenever Nobunaga is gonna turn up, due to all the Dramatic Thunder and Ominous Latin Chanting, not to mention an awesome theme song.
  • What happens when you give an already badass character a Hyper-Competent Sidekick? You get Katakura Kojuro. His military ingenuity is a match for even characters like Shingen and Hanbe. Also he routinely takes on the Big Bad's second in command allowing Masamune and Yukimura to face the main villains themselves.
  • Pick a fight scene. Any fight scene...
    • Shingen taking Hojo out with his Flaming Fist.
      • Not to mention his previous fight against Fuma, when he managed to block the ninja's attack when it was bare millimeters away from stabbing him in the eye!
    • Masamune and Yukimura's first and second fights.
    • Though short, Nagamasa's fight with Masamune was still pretty epic.
    • Kojuro vs Mitsuhide. 100% pure win.
    • Chosokabe's battle with Masamune in season 2.
    • Not to mention Chosokabe's fight with Hideyoshi just episodes earlier. Even after getting beaten to a pulp (and nearly drowned) Motochika comes back perfectly fine and manages to give Masamune a good run for his money.
  • Shingen defying gravity by riding up a vertical wall on his horses, all the while standing still like a badass!
  • Nohime pulling a BFG out of nowhere and proceeding to launch a rocket at Tadakatsu. Tadakatsu picks Yukimura up and flings him into the sky out of harms way. Next thing... KABOOM! Also a very sad moment.
    • In addition, that aforementioned rocket was launched through the ground. No explanations are given to how that works, but who cares?!
  • Keiji gets his in the OVA. Unable to stop Motonari from killing the soldiers he had befriended, Keiji breaks free from his bonds, attacks Motonari with his arms still tied together, dodges several volleys of arrows, fakes his own death, escapes, grabs his sword out of nowhere and proceeds to turn up just in time to stop Motochika and Motonari from killing each other. He then unleashes a cloud of sparkly Cherry Blossoms and gives a heartfelt friendship speech before heading off to fight Nobunaga. Awesome!
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi parts the sea. With his fists. It has to be seen to be believed.
    • Also, swatting away a massive volley of arrows, and creating a ridge of rocks to stop an island-sized boat.
    • Or blocking an eleven foot cannonball WITH HIS FIST!
  • Kojuro finding Hanbe's unit. The first 48 seconds are awesomeness incarnate.
  • Yukimura manages to stop Mori's rebuilt Fugaku Fortress with nothing but his spears and pure Manry Spirit.
  • Every second of Masamune's final battle against Hideyoshi. No matter how many brutal hits Hideyoshi manages to land, Masmune absolutely refuses to stay down! Even after getting punched THROUGH AN ENTIRE CASTLE CAUSING IT TO EXPLODE! Masamune just bursts forth from the rubble, delivers some badass one liners and finishes Hideyoshi off with one final strike! BRAST OFFU!
  • You thought Masamune and Yukimura's fights in the regular anime were ridiculous? Their reunion and fight in The Last Party take it to a whole new level. And it is AWESOME.
    • Then of course Keiji comes in pulling a What the Hell, Hero? on them for fighting at a time like this, then proceeds to BEAT THEM BOTH AT THE SAME TIME!
    • Speaking of the movie, the return of Oda Nobunaga is amazing, as is the battle that follows. From Yoshitsugu briefly constraining Nobunaga's Scorched Earth, to Mitsunari practically decapitating the Demon King!
  • Three Words: Jumping Jack Breaker!
  • And to put the cherry on top of the movies sundae of awesomeness, the dancing mooks from season 1's OP make their return to dance through the credits.