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Senran Kagura is known for the fanservice really well, but let this page remind you that this franchise takes place in a World of Action Girls whose job is to fight Eldritch Abominations.

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    Portrait of Girls 

  • The Openings of the Games have some Fanservice but they establish how skilled the girls are; one notable example is Yagyū juggling a small semi-truck with her umbrella.
  • For the Hanzo storyline; Skirting Shadows; Asuka defeating her rival Homura and then defeating the Eldritch Abomination Orochi BY HERSELF right afterward. Goes to show how far she came from being a rookie to a badass shinobi.
  • For the Hebijo storyline; Crimson Girls; despite being assimilated into Orochi, Homura frees herself from its control and proceeds to free the rest of the Hebijo girls from its influence, all while the Hanzo girls fight Orochi from outside. Their combined efforts eventually defeat Orochi.

    Deep Crimson 
  • Deep Crimson is filled to the brim with these:
    • The first chapter of the game ends with a retelling of Burst's final battle against Orochi. Whom is now seen on all of her glory.
    • The second chapter has the Crimson Girls returning to Hebijo (despite being marked for death by them) to save the school from Dogen.
    • Homura taking down Rin on a one to one fight and then teaming up with her to finish Dougen and another giant Youma. Bonus points for Rin since said Youma is the same class of the one that nearly killed her in the past.
    • The third chapter introduces Naraku -a girl who was been groomed since birth to be Kagura's protector- fending off an assault of the ten Yoma Generals with ease. All while being wounded and carrying a helpless Kagura
    • Homura's rescue of Asuka from Naraku. It quickly turns into a Crowning Moment of Funny though.
    • Hibari facing the Youma on equal terms. Gone is the scared girl from Burst and Versus
    • Kiriya gets an special mention since he openly defies the shinobi council's orders to help his students, well aware of the fact it could mean the end of his career as shinobi.
    • Asuka and Homura teaming up to fight Daidouji and Rin. The past and the future golden pairs of Hanzo and Hebijo, trying to see who's the best. They even lampshade the fact!
    • Daidouji and Rin finally live up to their reputation as the strongest shinobi on Chapter 5. First they pull a Big Damn Heroes by showing up from nowhere and taking down a pair of Giant Youma on the last second. Then Daidouji voluntarily stays behind fighting an army of Youma while Rin goes to assist Homura with another giant Youma.
  • The post-credits scene. After everything, Asuka and Homura decide to settle everything with one last match. Both of them are in Super Mode, and they're dueling on the rooftops of Kyoto as fireworks explode all around them, and Hanzo is narrating with an epic monologue. It ends with them having one last clash... and the game ends. It's the perfect way to end the game.

    Shinovi Versus 
  • The Crimson Squad's story ending in Shinovi Versus as it is the only ending in the game where all four groups not only end up befriending each other, but band together to fight off an ever-increasing amount of youma, ending with a united Badass Creed from the four leaders.
    Yumi: When Good and Evil become one...
    Miyabi: The yoma stand cannot stand!
    Asuka: We strengthen our sword and shield...
    Homura: So that we may fight to protect everyone for another day!
    All: Come! We dance to honor the path of the Shinobi!
  • The final battle. While the ending of Burst had a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere, what does Shinovi Versus give you after beating all 4 story lines? A one-on-one fight, Asuka Vs Homura. The buildup is incredible, with nearly the entire introductory scene being fully voiced as both girls recount how much they mean to each other. You get to pick who to fight as, and despite the other girl being tough as hell, it still manages to be a Best Boss Ever. Not to mention you have the main theme from Skirting Shadows or Crimson Girls, depending on who you choose, and afterwards, the two bid goodbye, not even caring who won or lost. And epic way to end the game.
  • After witnessing Miyabi go utterly insane and kill everyone else, Imu manages to retain enough presence of mind to remember and cast a Ninja Art that brings Miyabi back to her senses. She had never even done this Art before, (it being a Dangerous Forbidden Technique) but still succeeded!
  • The Story Mode and both of Rin and Daidouji's character final battles wherein all four of Asuka, Homura, Rin, and Daidouji get the one-on-one epic duel they'd been waiting for. Regardless of which of the four you play as, it is one of the hardest but most rewarding victories in the game.
    • Bonus points for the player for winning any of the duels without needing to rely on transforming or getting a level up to heal.
  • In Rin's character ending, her epic battle against Daidouji has drawn an army of youma towards them. They keep Kiriya out of the battle with their barrier and prepare to take on the youma as if their own duel had just been the warm-up. This is also one for Rin herself as she shows no fear or hesitation despite being told the trauma of her first encounter with a youma would keep her off the front lines for the rest of her life.
  • In Hebijo's arc, Imu taunts Haruka about her "dishonour" (read: valuing life over a pointless death in battle). Haruka replies that she defied shinobi law for her loved ones and asks if Imu would do any differently. Imu can't say.

    Estival Versus 
  • In Estival Versus, Hibari has had enough of Haruka and Yagyuu treating her like some kind of prize and snaps! Yagyuu and Haruka form a truce to try and calm her down, and the game makes it look like they're the two playable characters for the next mission. Instead, the player gains control of Hibari and gets to enjoy the satisfaction of her taking on both of them and winning!

    The Anime 
  • Ikaruga getting Asuka to overcome her fear of frogs by utilizing her kindness and thinking the frog was about to get squished by a boulder. Asuka completely forgets her fear and pulls it to safety.
  • The reveal of why Kiriya is so highly-respected as a teacher: He knows exactly how to get the girls to learn from their mistakes and overcome their previous failures with flying colors.
  • Yagyuu and Hibari doing the impossible twice: Connecting their shinobi barriers (which are normally completely isolated) and dual-summoning their respective familiars in a combined secret ninja art.