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Opening Themes

  • "Crosswise" by TM Revolution, the opening to the first game in the series, and it's still a cash as hell theme. Bonus points for a snippet of it being played in Sengoku Basara X when a character does a Basara K.O.
  • "DIVE into YOURSELF" by HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR, the opening of SB2. It's a shame it didn't do as well as the songs done by abingdon boys school and T.M.Revolution but is a good song nonetheless.
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  • "JAP" by Abingdon Boys School, the opening for Battle Heroes. Ironically enough, despite Battle Heroes not being a main instalment, "JAP" is arguably the band's most popular song to come from the series, and was even used as the opening of the anime's first season.
  • "BLADE CHORD", the opening of SB2's Expansion Pack Heroes.
  • "Naked Arms", the opening to the third game (or Samurai Heroes). Yes, that's English they're speaking. Try to understand it if you can.
  • "FLAGS", the Chronicle Heroes opening (sucks that copyright took away the audio to the actual opening). Again, despite it not being a main installment, it was used as the theme of the the anime movie The Last Party.
  • "Utage", the opening to SB3's expansion game, Utage. Funny, it was supposed to be an attempt to make the bummer story more lighthearted...and then they re-introduced Matsunaga Hisahide...
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  • "wE aRE", the opening to the HD Collection, and freakin' amazing. You must not have a sense of flair if you don't replay that remake of the Power Trio's flight scene from the second game's opening at least once.
  • "Count ZERO", the opening to the fourth game. Easily the most epic opening cinematic in the series to go with it to boot, being a full-blown Space Battle representing the Big Bang Theory - or in this case, Sengoku Genesis.
  • "Sword Summit", the anime's second Op, is no slouch in the awesome department either.


Character Themes

  • Date Masamune's theme is pretty fitting of his cool, hot-headed personality and the main character of the series. Also, LET'S PARTY!
  • Sanada Yukimura's theme is pretty damn amazing, and is filled with as much passion as the man himself. Nothing less expected from the main character's rival.
  • "BASARA", the main theme of the series, which first plays during the anime opening of the first game. It has quite a few remixes:
    • "BASARA ver. 2", the Masamune vs. Yukimura theme in SB2.
    • "Azure-Crimson Clash" (aka "BASARA ver. 3"), the third remix of the main theme in Utage.
    • "BASARA ver. 4", the Vs. theme for rival characters facing off. note 
  • Maeda Keiji's theme is a jazzy and upbeat tune to match the equally cheerful and eccentric head of the Maeda army and third member of the Power Trio.
  • Ieyasu Tokugawa's theme - "In It To Win It"!
  • Ishida Mitsunari's theme - "Out for Blood".
  • Shibata Katsuie's theme is tragically epic and heartfelt, which is suitable for who you can only call the series' male version of Oichi.
  • Shima Sakon's theme is a smooth and triumphant jazz theme in the same vein as Keiji's. Those saxophones really do the job well.
  • Sarutobi Sasuke's theme has a smooth electric guitar that really gives off that awesome shinobi vibe.
  • Katakura Kojuro's theme is a great theme that comes with the awesomeness that is the Dragon's Right Eye.
  • For the man(?) who is supposed to be the Strongest General in the Warring States, Honda Tadakatsu's theme is surprisingly lax. Not like that stops it from being awesome.
  • Chosokabe Motochika's theme, as fiery as the pirate himself.
  • Mori Motonari's theme. He's about to turn you into a pawn and sacrifice you to the Sun.
  • "Demons Raining Down From Heaven", Oichi's melancholic theme to go with the most tragic character in the series.
    • "Sleeping Scarlet Flower", which played at the end of Oichi's story in Heroes, and one of the most well-known themes in the series. Sung by Oichi's voice actress for extra sadness.
    • It's piano arrangement too. Happiness just wasn't made for the poor woman...
  • Azai Nagamasa's theme, the dynamic and justice-obsessed super sentai husband of Oichi (and forever Katsuie's hypotenuse).
  • Akechi Mitsuhide/Tenkai's theme, a pretty demented theme for the guy out for Nobunaga's head.
  • "The Sixth Demon King Rises", Nobunaga's theme when he rises from the dead to wreck the world.
    • You thought you killed him? Yeah, he simply comes back to life, as strong as before, but this time his main theme "The Abyss" plays to show just what deep shit you're now in. With the guitar riffs and powerful vocals, it's spine-chillingly epic.
  • Matsunaga Hisahide's theme is incredibly menacing - he's called The Villain of Sengoku for a reason.
    • The Utage remix is just as sinister for someone who sets fire to all in his way.
  • Ashikaga Yoshiteru's theme is utterly glorious, with an amazing choir and orchestra of instruments driving the song. Easily the most regal theme in the series for the Shogun of Japan.
  • Fuma Kotaro arguably has one of the best themes in the series - not just in respect to character themes, but in respect to the series' music overall. There's a reason why his theme is one of two themes that hasn't changed at all since his debut, the other being Oichi's theme ("Sleeping Scarlet Flower").
  • Uesugi Kenshin's theme just screams God of War.
  • Saika Magoichi's theme sounds as western as her design. Dat flute and Spanish guitar.
  • Kuroda Kanbe's theme has a driving beat throughout that is great to listen to.
  • Takenaka Hanbe's theme sounds cool in an elegant action way and has a real bounce to it.
    • It's back in SB4, complete with violin, piano and epic guitar riffs. Fabulous and ready for business.
  • Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Conqueror King, wife killer, past destroyer, Raoh reborn into the Sengoku era, utter badass.
    • His theme gets a triumphant remix for his return in the fourth game.
  • Kyogoku Maria's theme has an Arabian-esque vibe going for it, and sounds awfully seductive. Not surprising for the woman who not only makes men faint in battle from her looks, but seemingly has no qualms hitting on her brother Nagamasa.
  • Ii Naotora's theme is action packed with awesome guitar riffs, chimes and a prominent Japanese vibe to it for the man-hating Lady of War.
  • Goto Matabe's theme is frantic and, quite frankly nuts - to go with easily the most blatantly INSANE character to appear in the series so far.
  • Muneshige Tachibana's theme is an epic piece for the most samurai-like warrior in the series - besides being Sorin's Butt-Monkey.
  • Otomo Sorin's theme is the updated version of Xavi's theme. The "XAAAAAVIIIII" chant will send chills down your spine if you're not prepared.
  • Kasuga's theme is almost prettier than she!
  • Sen no Rikyu's theme very vividly portrays his conflicting sides of serenity and aggression.
  • Yoshiaki Mogami's theme is just hilariously weird and simply fabulous.
  • "Enraged Soul" - This is the duel theme that plays between characters who are related but aren't archetypal rivals. Interestingly enough, this plays for Ieyasu vs Mitsunari scenarios instead of BASARA despite them officially being rivals, which just goes to show how much deeper the animosity runs in comparison to Masamune and Yukimura. note  It also plays when you face Kasuga one-on-one in story mode (with the exception of Keiji's drama route), who is out for blood because Kenshin has been killed.
  • "Bet on the Future", the Sakon vs Katsuie theme. It also plays in Ieyasu vs Motochika fights, which makes sense since Motochika needs to make a decision whether to embark on his dream and set out to sail the Seven Seas or help Ieyasu conquer the country.

Sengoku BASARA 3

  • "Will" is a very intense theme, which is fitting for what is supposed to be the final battle in the Sengoku era.
  • "Unification of the Land" is an incredibly epic remix of Ieyasu's theme.
    • The piano arrangement is a lot more solemn, and plays at the end of Ieyasu's red route where he mourns over Mitsunari's death.
  • "See You Again" is a cool theme that is usually associated with Masamune, and plays after he beats Mitsunari in his red route.
  • "Tiger Soul", which reflects Yukimura's struggle to reclaim himself after Shingen falls ill.
  • "Azure and Crimson Forever". Right there in the title.
  • "The Red Bell", a solemn remix of Magoichi's theme that often play at the end of her routes.
  • "Life", so epic, and yet it's just one of the map themes in the third game!
  • "Friendship Revives", which plays in any of Motochika's routes where he finds out Ieyasu wasn't behind the Shikoku massacre.
  • "Farewell, Friend" plays at the end of Motochika's red route, where he kills Ieyasu for something he didn't do, but Ieyasu took his anger anyway as well as in many of Keiji's routes, particularly when reminiscing about Hideyoshi.
  • Osaka Siege in general has music that is great for trying to cinch the castle that was once Hideyoshi's:
  • "Dead Heat", which plays when you face off with Masamune in his Oshu horse race.
  • "Violent Quake", the non-character mini boss theme. Incredibly intense, but really fits when it plays in Osaka - Winter Siege.
  • "Chance Meeting" is a mellow theme that plays when your character meets a friend of theirs, allowing for some much-needed breathing space.

Sengoku BASARA 4

  • The fourth game gives us Oshu - Aoba Castle's theme, which sounds similar to "Dead Heat" from SB3.
  • "Overrun", which notably plays in Osaka - Toyotomi Hajou. No surprise such an intimidating theme would play when taking on the most boss-heavy stage in the game.
  • "Blanket of Snow on the Rabbit-Ear Iris", notably Oichi's Sengoku Genesis theme. Incredibly beautiful, and reflects Oichi as she slowly and mournfully walks to her next destination.
  • "Courtship Road", Naotora's Sengoku Genesis theme. That wedding vibe is unmissable.
  • "Runaway's Shadow", Shikanosuke's Genesis theme. Fitting of a Kid Detective chasing his missing master.
  • "The Shoulders that Carry Countless Feelings", Katsuie's Genesis theme which, like his regular theme, is jam-packed with emotions.
  • "The Die is Cast", Sakon's Genesis theme and something that makes you want to get up and dance.
  • "Grade Book", Matabe's Genesis theme - as one Youtuber put it, "Sengoku goes Djent".
  • "Compass", which usually plays during the most tense parts of characters' stories, usually during their special routes in the Genesis march screen.
  • "Takeda's Master Dojo", quite literally sounds challenging.
  • "Stalemate"
  • "Spirit of the Blazing Sun" might as well just be called the theme of the Takeda in SB4, since this theme is heavily associated with them all. Fits them to a T as well.
  • "Kai - Tsutsujigasaki Mansion".
  • "Kai - Takeda's Complaint", known the most for basically being the Naotora vs Shingen battle theme.
  • "Omi - Sawayama Castle", which is one of the most ominously driven themes in the game, and acts as the theme to Mitsunari's castle stage.
  • "Kaga - Maeda Keiji's Festival", which is the first of a three-part theme that plays at the entrance of Keiji's Kabuki Matsuri stage. Doesn't sound much like a war theme until you claim a base...
    • ...and Toshiie enters the fray, at which point "Maeda Keiji's Festival - Dance" kicks in, as a frantic rearrangement of the first part of the theme. It gets you pretty hyped for a brawl with the Maeda clan, and then once you defeat Toshiie or take out another base, Matsu enters the battle...
    • ...and "Maeda Keiji's Fesival - War" kicks in, which makes the battle even more frantic by adding the chants of festival-goers to the mix and increasing the pace of the music even more. It does really seem like a build-up towards fighting Keiji.
  • "He Who Opens the Door". Sure fits Yoshiteru ushering in the start of the Sengoku Genesis.
  • "Genesis" is the general (epic as hell) Genesis march theme, with a pretty touching beginning.
    • The piano arrangement of "Genesis" which notably only plays in Keiji's route, during his Genesis march when thinking about Hideyoshi or his doubts about being commander of the Maeda army. It also plays when Keiji has to accept the reality that his friendship with Hideyoshi won't come back after beating him in his drama route.
  • "Echizen - Kitanosho Castle", which plays during the Sakon-Katsuie intrusion stage.
  • "Heavenly King", one of the first themes heard from the game during the first trailer.
  • "Otomo - Xaviland", which will make you smile the first time you hear it. It's just...the essence of fun in musical form.
  • "Remains of Onin". It's a sinister theme, and for good reason - you're fighting on the ruins of a 10 year war that began the Sengoku period. And how fitting that the boss of this area is the Shogun himself.
  • "Floating Stronghold: Heavenly Sun", Itsukushima's stage theme.
  • "Azuchi's Four Lords Gather", an epic piece that plays during the Unifier four-way battle between Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, Ieyasu, and Yoshiteru.
  • The Battle of Sekigahara themes:
    • Eastern Sun's theme sounds like one heck of a climactic battle, and is probably the theme that will fill you with fighting spirit the most.
    • Western Shadow's theme makes it sound like you've really gone and walked into a death battle. While Sekigahara - East makes you feel as though you're fighting in the final act of a war, Sekigahara - West strikes with a ton of urgency that only Mitsunari could give you.


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