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Headscratchers / Sengoku Basara

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  • So what does Inahime look like then, Sengoku Era KOS-MOS?
    • Or perhaps not existing at all? Until Capcom says she's in, we'll never know.
  • Toshiie supporting Nobunaga. I know the Maeda clan worked with Oda in actual history but in this it makes no sense. Okay, Nagamasa's Lawful Stupid and Ieyasu's Just a Kid who to his credit openly acknowledges that Nobunaga's well Nobunaga. But Toshiie...I just don't see it.
    • In the case of the game, it's more nominal than anything.
    • Anime wise, I think they were more or less pressured into it. If you don't side with the guy, you're as good as dead.
  • In SB3, the opening movie that features Hideyoshi's seige on Odawara, Kanbe can be seen next to Magoichi. The problem is Kanbe's already in chains. Was he arrested that battle? And if so why wasn't he in Ishigakibara? Or did they pull him out for this battle?
  • Nohime's disappearance was never 100% explained. Oichi hints she killed Ranmaru in a fit of rage after Namagasa's death, but it was never really said what she did to Nohime. While it's entirely possible she died during the events of 2, she also could have slipped away, as historically she lived through Nobunaga's death. She also may have finally bore a child for her late husband, as her ending in 2 hints she became pregnant, and decided to live away from battle to raise him. This could be seen as surreal because she was historically unable to have a child.
    • In Oichi's campaign in Heroes, Oichi killed both Ranmaru and Nohime after killing Itsuki, which was the snapping point for her.
    • The SB3 manga confirms that Mitsuhide killed both Nohime and Ranmaru at Honnoji.
  • So...was it ever explained why Kotaro was in the Seto Sea? Seems like a long way from Odawara and his story didn't do anything with any information he could've gotten there.
    • He could've just been protecting Tsuruhime. Also, the Hojo aren't the only clan Fuma works for, there's also Hisahide.
  • Ok, the series shows an utter disregard for anything resembling accuracy and goes for the wildest anachronism. However, in the third game, being mostly focused around Sekigahara battle, certain "old" characters (Nagamasa, Hideyoshi, Ranmaru etc) are kept dead. What was the whole point!!? I mean, what's the point of that "accuracy" if they still keep around guys like Shingen and Kenshin (who both should be dead and buried by that time) and even decides to resurrect Nobunaga and turn Oichi into a walking Eldritch Abomination container? By the way they handled things, they could have just kept the old cast without problems, why did they suddenly cared?
    • The only one justified would be Lord Hideyoshi as far as I know. His death was the entire catalyst for the events of 3, causing the split into the Eastern and Western armies.
  • I know it is a part of the level just to add variety and such, but why in Hetsugigawa: Memories, does Muneshige refuse to use all the bridges once they are lit up? I know he said he would never step on a depiction of his lord, but those are very big paintings. He said he doesn't care about disrespecting Xavism, so he could easily have crossed the bridges by just walking on the half that depicted Xavi and therefore not have to step on Sorin. Even for someone of his size the picture is wide enough for it to be possible.
    • Rule of Funny
    • As fanatically devoted to Pontiff Xavi as Sorin is, he'd never forgive Muneshige for defacing Xavi's image any more than Muneshige would forgive himself for defacing Sorin's image. The samurai knows this.
  • In Samurai Heroes, what exactly do you do to unlock allies? The unlockable playable characters have basic conditions to unlock them (with the exception of Oda Nobunaga) that you can find on gaming sites and such, but I have yet to find out what the conditions are to unlock allies, who I seem to unlock at random without knowing what I did.
    • Allies are unlocked by completing different levels in the story mode in all the different routes. It's time consuming, and it's a bit of a gamble since you have to pick and chose your missions.
  • About Kojuro's katana. I can't remember where I saw a translation for what the characters engraved on the blade mean, I think it was in a sub of the anime, nor can I remember exactly what they say since I can't read Japanese, only speak it due to alternate character readings. But I remember something along the lines of: "Bonten will become the one-eyed dragon soaring the heavens." Can anyone confirm this, or if it is wrong, tell me what exactly it says?
    • Yep, that's more or less what it says.
  • Why doesn't Kanbe just ask his subordinates to break his cuff? It's just a wooden cuff, how hard is it to break with a standard pickaxe anyway? I don't think he would mind a scratch or two...
    • If I remember right, those style of cuffs are made mostly of wood, but are then wrapped in a band of metal, holding it tightly in place. May not answer the question, but the cuffs would be sturdier than they look.


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