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Detective Adrian Monk

  • In the Season 6 finale, when Monk finds the hitman who killed his wife, even though he has a gun with him, Monk just lunges at the guy and starts beating and kicking the crap out of him.
  • He also gets a couple of good moments when up against a shock jock. The episode deals with the insecurities Monk feels about his general lack of humour compared to the apparently hilarious DJ Max Hudson. He goes on Max's show, and it goes well until Max jokes about Trudy's death, prompting Monk to leap over the table and attack him. Then, at the end of the episode, when Monk's finally figured out how Max killed his wife Jeanette and gotten him placed under arrest, he solemnly tells him "you're not laughing... now... are you?" Max Hudson says "No. I'm not" and Monk replies "Join the club".
  • Then there's his response when he manages to get his Arch-Enemy Dale 'The Whale' Biederbeck arrested for murder in "Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale"; Dale, who is grotesquely overweight, lunges at Monk to try and throttle him, but can't quite reach:
    Sharona Fleming: What's he doing?
    Adrian Monk: [highly amused] I think he's trying to kill me.
    [Monk slowly leans in towards Dale, though he stays about two inches out of reach. Dale eventually gives up in frustration]
    Adrian Monk: It wasn't much of a fight, was it?
  • In the Season Four episode, "Mr. Monk and the Astronaut," Monk runs out onto a military airstrip and stands in front of an F-22 fighter to prevent Steve Wagner from taking off to dispose of evidence. The same Steve Wagner who previously mocked him over his lack of conviction.
    • And to top it all off, when it finally comes to a halt in front of him, he uses his sleeve to polish the nose cone.
    • Plus, he stands his ground with the laser sights of several rifles pointed at him, which had earlier caused him to completely flip out.
  • In the Season Two episode, "Mr Monk and the Paperboy" when reading a newspaper (he was trying to find out why someone would kill the paperboy over it) Monk solves a hit and run and a murder in France, before finding the actual reason the paper was stolen.
  • In the conclusion to "Mr. Monk is on the Run", Monk confronts Dale the Whale, who again proves to be the mastermind behind Monk's woes. Dale yells that even though he (Dale) is in jail, Monk will forever be a prisoner of his own hang-ups and defects. Monk responds by simply walking away, leaving Dale sputtering impotently in the background.
    Dale: You hear me? Come back here! I'm not done!
    Adrian Monk: [without looking back] Oh, yes, you are.
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  • His street brawl with a Bad Santa in "Mr. Monk and the Man Who Shot Santa Claus".
  • In the episode "Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan," when Monk gets to see Warrick Tennyson, the guy who built the bomb that killed Trudy.
    Adrian Monk: This is me turning off your morphine. [waits a few seconds] This is Trudy, the woman you killed, turning it back on.
  • Monk studying the mummified body of a prehistoric man for a few seconds before saying "I think I know what happened."
  • To fend off a bear in "Mr. Monk goes Camping", Monk tells it a story. And it backs down.
  • From "Mr. Monk and the Badge" is the confrontation with Mikhail Almonov, who murdered SFPD officer Russell DiMarco. While Monk does fall for a Have You Told Anyone Else? moment, what happens afterward is all sorts of awesome — when Mikhail tries to drop him from the scaffold by tilting and shaking it, Monk pulls himself up from the bottom, stabs said guy in the leg with his badge, and then throws away his pistol before suspending him upside down from the scaffold, all while terrified by being many stories off the ground.
    • Made even better by his one-liner when announcing his retirement from the force.
      Officer: You're turning in your badge?
      Monk: He has it.
  • In "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife", Leland's wife Karen has been hospitalized after Coker shoots a tow truck driver, causing the truck to swerve into the path of her oncoming van, and she collided with the car the truck was transporting. Despite Monk identifying Coker as the guy who committed the shooting, as well as shooting another truck driver at the truck depot, they are unable to find the evidence needed to arrest Coker: the MacGuffin that Coker was after (the car was his, and it was being repossessed; he was trying to grab a pistol he had stashed in the glovebox that connected him to another crime), and a pair of shoes that he took off the driver (as Coker hadn't had time to get his shoes on before racing out the door with his rifle to shoot the driver). Monk then hears a garbage truck being loaded and realizes that today is garbage day, and runs after the garbage truck, jumps on and flings the bags out of it. After a few minutes of searching, they find one garbage bag containing the pistol and the driver's shoes.
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  • "Mr. Monk Gets Jury Duty": Monk manages to change the mind of all the jurors in the room except Number 12 by re-analyzing the evidence and disproving the plaintiff's story.
  • The finale: Monk waits outside Judge Rickover's house and makes him dig up evidence at gunpoint. While near-death from poison.
    Adrian Monk: Your garage was open. I borrowed a shovel.
  • In "Mr. Monk and the Game Show", Monk realizes how Roddy Lankman is helping Val Birch cheat (he indicates the right answer by the corner he's holding the question card from) and makes it to the bonus round (to expose the murder) by defeating Birch with his own method.
  • In "Mr. Monk Stays in Bed", when Natalie is taken hostage by a criminal and brought to the dump in order to find a piece of evidence that could get him convicted, Monk manages to come in, tackle the guy, and then beats him down with trash long enough for the police to arrive. Monk. Weaponizing garbage, his true nemesis. And succeeding. Oh yeah, and Monk also happened to be sick and wearing nothing but his pajamas and bathrobe at the time.
  • Monk and Willie Nelson, on clarinet and acoustic guitar respectively, serenading Trudy's grave, in "Mr. Monk and the Red-Headed Stranger".
  • "Mr. Monk and the Leper": Monk is contracted to testify that Derek Bronson is not, in fact, as legally dead as he appears. Given that his testimony is shaky (they met in a dimly lit bar and parking garage), the judge heading the proceedings decides to test Monk's observation and memory and asks him to first turn around and then to describe his shirt.
    Adrian Monk: Which one?
    Judge Lawrence Barr: "Which one?"
    Judge Lawrence Barr: Uhh...
    Adrian Monk: You cut yourself shaving, and there's a tiny drop of blood on her collar.
    Judge Lawrence Barr: What are you implying?
    Adrian Monk: You were having a sex affair with her on that couch. The cushions are backwards and one of her earrings fell off. So, it’s right here. Under here. [Monk walks over to the couch, picks up the earring with his tweezers, and sets it down on the table] She must have torn her blouse. I can see it sticking out of her briefcase. Your honor?
    Judge Lawrence Barr: I’m ready with my decision. I will accept Mr. Monk’s word that he met with Derek Bronson. Therefore, Mrs. Bronson will retain control of the entire estate.
  • Monk's first case, as described by Stottlemeyer in "Mr. Monk and the Carnival": A woman had supposedly committed suicide by overdosing on pills. Stottlemeyer called it suicide, every cop on the scene called it suicide, the medical examiner called it suicide. Monk walked in, took one look at the room, and called it murder. There was no water in the room, so the victim could not possibly have consumed the large pills by herself. Eight people were in that room, and only Monk noticed it.
    Lt. Randall Disher: Well, I'm sure you would have seen it eventually, sir.
    Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: Don't kid yourself. There is only one Adrian Monk.
  • In the season two finale "Mr. Monk Goes to Jail," Murderer of the Week Sylvia Fairbourne has hired several inmates to try to kill Monk. He's been lured into the laundry room, where he holds them off with the sprayer from one of the sinks. Apparently, obsessive cleanliness comes in handy occasionally.
    • In the same episode, Monk goes undercover as a prisoner to solve the case, as Dale "the Whale" Biederbeck has hired him by promising to share everything he knows about Trudy's death in exchange for having his name cleared (Dale's an inmate in the same prison and can't have a window installed in his cell until the murderer is found). Monk's put in the same cell as "Spider" Rudner, an inmate who's murdered four people and ended up in solitary for putting a guy's head through a wall. Why? The guy touched his stuff. Everyone is naturally convinced that Monk's a dead man, but whenever anyone doubts him, he says the same thing: "It's for Trudy." That pure determination and dedication even wins Spider over—he and Monk become friends, with Spider saving Monk's life and Monk promising to put in a good word at the parole hearing fifty years from now.


  • In "Mr. Monk and the Earthquake", Captain Stottlemeyer arrives just in time to save Sharona from being knifed by Darryl Wright. He grabs Darryl's knife arm and twists it behind his back, causing Darryl to swear in response to the pain.
    Darryl Wright: Son of a bitch!
    Darryl Write: I don't have a broken jaw!
    Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: Not yet.
    [Stottlemeyer shoves Darryl against the wall and belts him]
  • Natalie's first scene in "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring" is her stabbing an intruder with a pair of scissors.
    • How about The Plan she pulls in "Happy Birthday, Mr. Monk"? She put one over on Monk.
  • Randy saves the day in "Mr. Monk Gets Married," where Dalton Padron has married Randy's much older mother. He finds the body of Padron's partner and arrives just in time (after Monk, Sharona, and assorted extras have been locked in a closet) to stop him from fleeing the scene and to heroically demand, "Where the hell is my mother, you son of a bitch?!"
  • Any time that Captain Stottlemeyer ends up on the same page as Monk and gets a Monk-like eureka moment:
    • "Mr. Monk Is Up All Night": realizing that the tissue he was given in Jacob Posner's coin store is actually a cocktail napkin from a diner that he claimed he'd never visited.
    • "Mr. Monk Makes a Friend": figuring out Monk's new Poisonous Friend Hal Tucker is using him because he knew that Tim Hayden was pistol-whipped instead of shot (due to the firing pin being worn out).
    • "Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas": Solving a murder just by looking at the inconsistency of the victim's earrings in a photograph of her as she was when last seen alive, and as she looked like when first found dead... while drunk.
  • "Mr. Monk Is Up All Night": Randy stopping criminals while dressed in Captain America PJs. While drunk. With a garbage pan lid for a shield. The only reason it works is that the criminals are still trying to figure out how to react when the proper, non-drunk cops show up.
  • "Mr. Monk Goes Camping": In the span of a few seconds, Randy goes from being unarmed and sneaking up on Luke and Del Johnston to holding a rifle in his hands and forcing them both to surrender. Moments like these we realize why he's still a cop...
  • Sharona giving a piece of her mind to a teenager who threw a chalk duster at Adrian:
    Sharona Fleming: Look, I know when a man's lying, okay? I was married for three and a half years.
    Kyle Patterson: I didn't do it.
    Sharona Fleming: I know that smirk. My husband had that same stupid smirk on his face when he got back from Bally's, where it turns out he spent the weekend with Betsy Bennett, his so-called "ex-girlfriend"!
    Kyle Patterson: Bally's, lady? What are you talking about?
    Sharona Fleming: Is that chalk on your hand? Maybe I should call your parents.
    Kyle Patterson: You don't have to. My dad's a gym teacher here, and he's gonna be pissed!
    Sharona Fleming: I'm really scared.
    Kyle Patterson: You should be.
    Sharona then stamps on his foot.
    Kyle Patterson: Ow! You're gonna get fired, lady!
    Sharona Fleming: Yeah? I don't work here, chump.
  • In "Mr Monk and the End (Part 1)", Stottlemeyer needs some info from an associate of Joey Kazarinski's. Intensive grilling and pleading doesn't work.
    Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: You were with Kazarinski yesterday, we know that you sold him some fake ID! What was it, a driver's license? Passport?!
    Ronnie: [shrugs, indifferently] I don't know what you're talking about! [Stottlemeyer grabs Ronnie by his coattails and shoves him against the wall]
    Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: Ronnie, I don't have time to dance with you today. My friend is sick. Do you understand?
    Ronnie: Your friend is sick. What does that mean?
    Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: It means that I need that name! I need to know the name that Joey Kazarinski is using now.
    Ronnie: [chuckles] So you need a name. What're you going to do? Hit me with a phonebook? There are no phonebooks in here, Captain. Nobody uses phonebooks anymore. They all use computers.
    Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: [mulls it over] Yeah, you're right. [His gaze falls on a laptop in the room]
    Lt. Randall Disher: Did you get a name?
    Captain Leland Stottlemeyer: Yes I did. Oh, and your computer crashed.
    • The writers get one at the end of the episode, when we find out Trudy's present for Monk, the one he never opened, contained a video message in case something happened to her. The same present they've mentioned throughout the entire series.
  • At the end of Mr. Monk and His Biggest Fan, Randy gets one. Throughout the episode, he had been wasting time playing a Jenga-like game, much to the annoyance of Stottlemeyer and the amusement of the others. When confronting John Ringel in a warehouse filled with large bundles of wood, Randy lifts out a long 4x4 piece of wood and shoves it back through the hole, hitting Ringel on the other side and knocking him out. "Stupid game, huh?"
  • In "Mr. Monk goes to the Circus", Bindi the circus elephant gets one when she stops the culprit Natasha from not only escaping on a jeep, but saves Sharona from being run over by said-vehicle.
    • It's also awesome in the retribution factor. First, she's avenging her trainer, who Natasha had killed for knowing too much. Second, she's avenging Sharona, who was further traumatized by the trainer's murder during an attempt to overcome her fear of elephants. Lastly, Bindi's avenging herself for being used by Natasha as an unwitting tool to commit the murder in the first place.
  • "Mr. Monk and the Rapper": Snoop Dogg rapping The Summation song "Set Up".
  • Natalie and Sharona teaming up to beat Perry Walsh into submission in "Mr. Monk and Sharona".
  • In Mr. Monk and the End, Stottlemeyer and Randy are racing to stop Monk from killing the judge. Their way is being blocked by a slow delivery truck which is reluctant to get out of the way, so Stottlemeyer pulls out his gun and fires into the air to make it move.
  • In "Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico," Sharona and Monk head to a resort full of rich kids in the country during Spring Break to get some information from one college student in particular. The kid in question turns out to be a Jerk Jock frat boy who propositions Sharona when he sees her. To get the necessary info, the student suggests a drinking contest: Monk and Sharona versus him and one of his friends—whoever finishes a full pitcher of beer first wins. Monk's naturally no help (he spends the first fifteen seconds pouring a glass so the foam is even), so Sharona grabs the pitcher, throws her head back, and chugs the entire thing without drawing breath—and then she finishes Monk's glass, too! That's right—Sharona outdrinks two college age frat guys. That is TALENT.
    • Stottlemeyer gets one in the same episode. A man wearing Monk's suit dies (his suitcases had been stolen when he and Sharona first arrived), and the captain is informed of the news. Though heartbroken, he immediately begins planning Monk's funeral, and tells Disher that he wants Adrian to be buried with full police honors, including everyone in their dress blues. When Randy nervously tells Stottlemeyer that Monk is technically no longer on the force and thus can't receive that sort of service, Stottlemeyer instantly becomes furious and tells Disher that if Monk isn't given the burial he deserves, the captain will personally go to the mayor and resign. Stottlemeyer is often The Stoic and a calm foil to Monk's foibles, so to see him get so riled up and be willing to risk everything for his friend is amazing.
    • Monk gets one for solving the case in the episode while severely dehydrated. He was fearful of drinking the water in a foreign country and packed entire cases of the only brand of water he drinks in his suitcase, but since they were stolen, he spends the whole episode without taking a sip of anything. After almost 48 hours, he's absolutely miserable and barely functioning...and he still manages to crack the case and expose the murderer.
  • In "Mr. Monk Goes to Jail," Sharona solves the case at hand on her own, with very little input from Monk. When Monk tries to tell everyone what happened, Sharona announces "I know, I already did the whole summation!"
    • In the same episode, Monk's cellmate Spider (played by living incarnation of awesome Danny Trejo) pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment for the ages when he takes out three Neo-Nazi skinheads who had been hired to kill the detective.

Novel series

  • In Mr. Monk and the Blue Flu, Monk and Natalie are put in charge of the homicide division of the SFPD by the mayor. The mentally-impaired detectives he has all get some awesome moments:
    • Cindy Chow demonstrates Monk's ability to piece connections together that make him realize that three seemingly improvised murders are the work of one individual.
    • Points go out to Jack Wyatt, when, during a SWAT raid that captures serial killer Charlie Herrin, he executes a Shoot the Hostage ploy when Herrin tries to use Monk as a human shield. Herrin falls for the ploy, and lets down his guard, and this lets the SWAT team capture him without further incident.
  • Mr Monk And The Dirty Cop:
    • Natalie unflinchingly training a gun on someone.
    • While Monk puts together the pieces, he insists Natalie did it first, and she and Danielle, Monk's Intertect assistant, are actually responsible for getting the evidence to put the perps away.
  • In Mr. Monk Goes to Hawaii, we see Monk demonstrate that he can be protective of Natalie when someone tries to prey on her personal emotions.
  • In Mr Monk In Trouble, Natalie singlehandedly saves Monk from falling to his death after an old mine shaft gives way, even though she dislocates her shoulder in the process.
  • Ellen breaking into and escaping from Damien Bigley’s room in Mr Monk helps himself.


  • During the COVID-19 epidemic, Tony Shalhoub, Ted Levine, Traylor Howard, and Jason Gray Stanford all reunited to do an update of the show set at that time. And despite the show being over for a little over a decade at that point, they stepped back into their old roles as easily as if they were still shooting.

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