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Tear Jerker / Monk

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  • From Mr. Monk Takes The Stand: "OBJECTION! BADGERING!...yourself."
  • "Mr. Monk and the Three Pies": Adrian's brother Ambrose confessing to Adrian that the reason he never went to see him after Trudy died was that he felt guilty because he asked her to get him cough medicine when her car blew up. Ambrose breaks down crying, "It was me, Adrian! It was my fault!" and Adrian hugs him, assuring him it wasn't.
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  • The multiple breakdowns that Monk has in "Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine" certainly qualify. The episode begins with him on the verge of tears in Dr. Kroger's office, saying that he wishes he was different and can't stand what is constantly going on in his head. When Kroger offers him medication, he resists, and later cries to his memory of Trudy that he's afraid of change but afraid of not changing. When his phobias cause him to let the man he believes hurt Stottlemeyer escape, he lies awake at night before finally taking the pills. The pills end up completely changing his personality until he finds himself alone in a pool playing Marco Polo by himself after a bunch of college students ditched him, which results in him crying into Trudy's pillow on the floor alone.
  • "Mr. Monk and the Red Herring"
    • Mr. Henry is a Tragic Keepsake from Julie's father. That's why she cares a lot about him. Then Natalie is forced to reveal to Julie's teacher that she's been replacing Mr. Henry every time he's died, because she doesn't want Julie to lose that last connection to her father. The teacher is sympathetic since Mr. Henry was the subject of Julie's science fair project, and he disqualified it on the grounds that a goldfish can't live that long. He re-qualifies it since it turns out Julie has no idea.
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    • Monk and Julie go to a pet store to find out if Marblefishes are special. The answer is no, but Monk notices that a parrot in the shop is sad. He commiserates on deducing that it is a widow, like him.
    • During the investigation, Monk offers Natalie the job of being his assistant. When she demurs, he reassures her You Are Better Than You Think You Are. Later, Natalie takes the job because Monk saved Mr. Henry, knowing how much he meant to Juile, and Julie says that "Daddy" would have done the same thing.
  • The reason behind Vicki's murder in "Mr. Monk and the Naked Man": she was trying to save Magneri after her roommate Arlene confessed in private that Magneri was very ill and going to die soon; Arlene was an X-Ray technician working at the place where Magneri got his medical exam, switched his X-ray with that of a healthy patient and quit her job before investing in the stock market. Arlene's plan was apparently involving splitting the money she would earn by betting against Magneri's company with Vicki, who couldn't abide letting a man die for profit. Vicki ran to warn him with the proof, shouting that it was a matter of life and death. Arlene caught up to her with a knife, stabbed her, and ran off with the actual X-ray. As Stottlemeyer puts it, Arlene is going to have to explain her motives to Vicki's parents.
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  • The episode where Monk finds the man who killed Trudy. It's revealed that he's in the hospital, dying a slow, painful death from cancer. Monk steps in to talk to him about Trudy. As a demonstration of how much she meant to him, Monk turns off the morphine drip, relishing the pain the killer feels, describing that as the thing he himself wants to do. After a long pause, Monk then turns on the morphine drip — stating that that was what Trudy wanted. A very powerful scene showing us a visceral scene of just how much Monk was devastated by Trudy's death.
    Adrian Monk: This is me, turning off your morphine... [tearful] And this is Trudy, turning it back on.
  • The ads for the final season of the show set to Keane's "Time to Go".
  • The final episode is possibly one of these, depending on how emotional you can get. Keep your tissues handy:
    • From Part 1:
      • The opening scene at the apartment, seeing as it's the last conversation Adrian ever has with Trudy.
      • When Stottlemeyer gets the phone call about Trudy's death, as he and Adrian are talking to Dr. Malcolm Nash. You see his face immediately turns pale as he listens and his voice just BREAKS when he stammers out "When?". When Adrian asks Stottlemeyer what has happened, Stottlemeyer has a very pained look on his face as if it physically hurts him to tell Adrian that Trudy's been killed.
  • Any scene when Monk is talking to his dead wife.
  • "Mr. Monk and the Kid," when Monk becomes a temporary foster parent. He begins to fall in love with the child and considers adopting him. However, the child begins to take on Monk's OCD-tendencies, and while telling him a story (Which was a bit like the situation the child was in!) Monk comes to a conclusion and states that the child won't be happy with Monk. The ending was sad, where Monk has to give him up for the kid's own good.
  • "Mr. Monk and the Captain's Marriage". Monk's caught the killer, but Leland's found his marriage with Karen crumbling, to the point that he thinks she's having an affair with someone else and has Monk and Natalie follow her. But then Leland learns she's been seeing a divorce lawyer and has decided to end their marriage after 20 years.
    • Even worse, Leland's marriage problems had been hinted at ever since the pilot.
    • Leland and his oldest son become estranged as a result of the divorce.
  • "Mr. Monk and the Dog". It turns out Shelby's puppies were proof of an affair and manslaughter, so Steven DeWitt comes in to destroy the evidence but Monk talks him out of it. At the end, Monk's selling the puppies but is too afraid to separate them. Someone with a farm comes by and buys all of them, since they have space for all of the dogs and are able to take care of the whole litter.
  • "Mr. Monk's Favorite Show" certainly counts. Monk explains that the reason he loved it so much as a kid was that it showed his view of the 'perfect family.' A family that he never had.
  • "Mr. Monk Buys a House", as the first episode to be filmed and aired after Stanley Kamel died of a heart attack in April 2008, necessitating Dr. Kroger to die. In fact, in the first scene, where Monk and Natalie are talking about it, one can see that some of Tony Shalhoub's and Traylor Howard's genuine emotions slip into their performances during the scene, Tony especially.
  • There is an episode where Captain Stottlemeyer gets kicked out by his wife and ends up staying with Monk. Monk drives him crazy, particularly the fact that while everything else in the apartment is perfectly straight, the coffee table is crooked. After Stottlemeyer has left, Monk sits and looks at the coffee table. Then he flashes back to when Trudy was alive. When he would come home from work tired, she would pull one end of the coffee table closer and put her feet on it, then put his head in her lap.
    • The same episode, Stottlemeyer revisits a case where a bright young teen who'd just been accepted to college was killed in a hit-and-run, even visiting his grave. While there, the undertaker actually recalls the day he dug it, saying it was difficult because it was really cold out and the ground was iced over. "It was like the Earth didn't want him." Luckily Stottlemeyer gets closure when he catches the perp by the end of the episode.
  • "Mr. Monk Goes Home Again": Monk is told by his agoraphobic brother Ambrose, who has only stepped outside once in many years, that their father, who abandoned them when they were young, is going to return to their old house (where Ambrose still lives} on Halloween night. Monk doesn't believe it, but Ambrose insists that it will happen. Monk, while waiting with his brother, realizes that there's a poisoner on the loose, just as Ambrose eats some of the poisoned food, something from which there is no hope of recovery. They call an ambulance for Ambrose, and Monk and Ambrose say their goodbyes, before they realize that Ambrose hadn't been poisoned at all. Upon returning to Monk's old house, it is discovered that their father left a note telling them that he came and went while they were out, and the end of the note reads 'P.S. Ambrose, I'm proud of you for going outside.' Sniff...
  • "Mr. Monk Meets His Dad": Midway through the trip, Monk calls Natalie in the middle of the Christmas party and begs first her and then Julie to come get him, as things with his dad have been going miserably. Neither of them can come for him, as all the adults have been drinking and Julie doesn't have a license. Towards the end of Julie's part, he even starts crying before he hangs up.
  • "Mr. Monk and the Secret Santa": most of the scenes with Frank Prager (a murder suspect). It turns out that he didn't murder anyone, but was guilty of assaulting Stottlemeyer. The crowning moment comes when Stottlemeyer releases Prager from custody so he can spend Christmas with his family because he feels terrible for what he did.
  • "Mr. Monk and Mrs. Monk": An old informant of Trudy's hires a woman to impersonate her to get a key that belonged to her old partner, leading Monk and his friends to briefly think she's still alive. As if Monk breaking down so badly his doctor has to physically help him just to take a drink of water isn't heartbreaking enough, he then comes to his senses enough to go her gravesite and cry, "It's not you... It's not you." He tells Natalie at the end he knew because "I went to the grave, and it still hurt." But nothing got as many tears as the scene when the imposter is dying from a gunshot and tells Monk, "I'm so sorry. You loved her... I'll tell her." What do you mean this is a comedy?
  • "Mr. Monk's 100th Case"-Ambrose Monk's heartbreaking description of how Adrian was affected by Trudy's death.
    Ambrose:"..and I sat there and watched as his soul left his body. The bomb exploded across the city... but it killed my brother too."
  • "Mr Monk Fights City Hall". Monk tries for most of the episode to save the parking garage in which Trudy was killed from being demolished to make way for a children's park. He's ultimately unsuccessful, but the City Council elects to call it the "Trudy Monk Memorial Playground" in her memory.
  • "Mr. Monk makes a Friend" really plays up Monk's No Social Skills and he was so happy to make a friend that turns out to be a murderer. Even when he's confronted by the truth, he still doesn't want to believe it. Especially tear jerking is Monk's wish to have a best friend when he was a little kid in his usual therapy session.
  • The ending to "Mr. Monk Is on the Air" definitely counts. After catching a radio shock jock who arranged the murder of his own wife Monk is watching the wedding tape of him and Trudy with tears in his eyes.
    • The ending of the episode gets worse when one considers the video shows one of the few moments where Monk genuinely laughed. As noticed by Captain Stottlemeyer in "Mr. Monk's 100th Case", ever since Trudy’s death, Monk has been a lot less cheerful, for good reason.
    • The shock jock, Max Hudson, insults Trudy brutally without hesitation, prompting a enraged Monk to seek vengeance. He made it personal. After revealing how Max killed his wife, Monk confronts him one last time.
      Monk: You’re not laughing now, are you?
      Max: No. I’m not laughing.
      Monk: Join the club.
  • Throughout "Mr. Monk Is Up All Night", Monk is haunted by a woman he bumped into, losing sleep for days because he can't figure who she is to him. At the end of the episode, he finally meets Maria Cordova, the taxi driver he encountered and realizes why: after Trudy's death, her eyes were donated to Maria, who was suffering from Retinitis Pigmentosa and caused her vision loss. In effect, Monk was seeing Trudy's eyes and that is what kept him from sleeping. Even after her death, Trudy was still saving people. The ending scene has an incredibly touching moment of Monk embracing Maria after the truth is revealed.

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