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Nerdly is a leading character in the popular TV series Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers. He is generally The Smart Guy on the team, and has in later seasons taken to providing exposition for complex plot details. While the Season 1 pilot A Three Hour Tour and official series descriptions hinted at a crush on fellow team member Cleo, this was never followed up on, perhaps due to the fact that Cleo was preoccupied with yet another member, Solo McPotter. The issue has likely been buried, since Cleo left the team early in Season 3, becoming part of the Dark Council.


Sadly, Nerdly's utility is diminished by the fact that he is only smart, not actually a Gadgeteer Genius. That's Avatar's job. As a result, there is a degree of role overlap between the two. Nerdly received a degree of character development in the Season 2 episodes A Nerd In The Band and Through A Glass Nerdly. We met his potential future self in The Future Is Now.

Beginning with the comic arc Omen from the Future, viewers were introduced to the Nucleus persona, a virus which corrupted Nerdly several times through a complicated sequence of time travel, nanotechnology, and organ transplants. See Back in Black and the three-part-sequence beginning with Seduction.

Still, Nerdly is the veteran of several fights, including The Homeland and Blows That Hurt Most.


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