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AATAFOVS / Can of Doomy Doomness

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Season 2, Episode 3. Preceded by The Future Is Now, followed by Schooled.

The episode opens with a shot of a mysterious figure standing in the midst of a blighted landscape. It's clear that he was looking for something, but nobody's really sure what. Another thing that's clear, though, is that it's most definitely not here. With one final curse, he vanishes.

Meanwhile, the Vamp Benders arrive in the middle of a jungle. There's a very large temple there, and it's blatantly obvious that they really should go in and look around, but before they do, Hilarity Ensues as they must complete various menial tasks for the natives, much to Avatar's chagrin.


Inside the temple, we see the mysterious figure once again, navigating a Death Course comprised mainly of bamboo and other such materials. It's blatantly obvious again that whatever he's looking for may just be in this temple, and is probably an Artifact of Doom of some description. Oh, who are we kidding? It's obviously the Can of Doomy Doomness mentioned in the title. A brain-dead monkey could figure that out.

Back in the Village, the Vamp Benders discover that the villagers were actually trying to keep them away from the temple with their pointless tasks, in order to guard the ancient artifact within the temple's walls, a can with some horrifying contents.

The VBs swiftly navigate the Death Course, and arrive Just in Time... to see the mysterious figure grab the can and pull out an enormous can opener. Upon questioning, he reveals that he is in fact Pieguy Two Five Nine of TVTW, destroyer of worlds and stuff, and that the can contains his world-obliterating powers. He triumphantly opens the can... only to find it filled with baked beans. He tosses it aside and gets into an epic battle with the Vamp Benders in order to escape, only to realise he can simply teleport out, and does so.


The Vamp Benders, sensing an upcoming secondary plot arc, leave the jungle.


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