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AATAFOVS / Through A Glass Nerdly

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Season 2, Episode 6. Preceded by A Nerd In The Band, followed by Down The Series Of Tubes. See also The Red Story Gate comic arc, issues 61 to 82.

The action picks up where the previous episode, A Nerd In The Band, left off. Nerdly stands agape at the foot of the strange man in front of him, metres away from a red Story Gate.

Nerdly: Father?!
Nerdly's Father: Yes, Nerdly! It is your father!
Nerdly: Why are you dressed like that?
Nerdly's Father: I know things haven't been great between us before. But I have a way out! A fresh start! I've made new friends that have given me greater power than ever before!
Nerdly: What are you talking about?
(Two Energy Beings appear next to Nerdly's father.)
Nerdly's Father: This is a Story Gate to an alternate universe. My friends are all-powerful. They can end my gambling debts! They can destroy my enemies! They can fuel the rage that is Dorkros!
Nerdly: Father, please! You can't trust them! They're German!
Dorkros: But Nerdly, my are we!

Cut to Avatar, racing to open the doors to the bridge. The Vamp Benders prepare their weapons for the La Mal onslaught.

Dorkros holds up Nerdly's birth certificate, covering the last name. He slowly moves his finger away to reveal Nerdly's full name: Nerdly Javert Mullerkaiserfuchslang-Schroderschulzbeckerbauer. Nerdly cries "NOOOOOOOOOO!"

The opening credits roll.

Once the credits are finished, Dorkros shouts "IHN ERGREIFEN!" and the energy beings move to seize Nerdly. Helpless, they pin Nerdly to the floor.

Nerdly: What're you doing?
Dorkros: You will share a body with the leader of the Germlons. His knowledge will be your own. Together, we will destroy this pitiful universe!

A dark-red cloud, clearly the leader, appears from the Storygate, and floats slowly over to Nerdly, entering through his mouth and nose. Nerdly begins to writhe painfully upon the floor, and the Energy Beings release him. At last, he rises, his eyes a shade of deep red like the cloud.


Dorkros: Nerdly? (His voice is now hushed, his former confidence reduced).
Nerdly: Silence, fool! You hoped that by choosing your son as my next host, you could reduce me to being your equal?! That by trading my external powers of control for a true body, I would be weakened?
Dorkros:, of course...
Nerdly (now clearly the Leader): You never understood, did you? I have been pulling the strings from the start. I cast my power over this station, slowly weakening your son so I could control him, and also using the crew for my purposes. You have lost, and will do as I say now. Your son is no more.
Dorkros: What about destroying this universe? We agreed on that!
Nerdly/Leader: Yes, all will be turned to ruin. I will gain great power on the Dark Council, and who knows, your dedication to the cause may even earn you a minor seat... But first, we must destroy those who could stand in our way. I failed to kill Avatar McPotter and his followers before, but now it will be done directly!

Nerdly/Germlon Leader snaps his fingers, and three additional energy beings, probably Germlons from the alternate universe, appear besides the original two. He gestures, and two of the five approach the closed door leading from the room. They touch it, and it opens amid smoke and leaping sparks.

Nerdly/Germlon Leader: To the bridge!

Cut to the Vamp Benders defending the station from dozens of La Mal. A huge hole has been made in the station's wall, and several dozen La Mal are already in the hallways. The Benders fight well: Solo and Sue fight La Mal hand-to-hand (actually, Sue's picked up a long metal pipe), while Cleo, who has found her pants, holds off 3 La Mal by waving them over her head... Despite this outstanding effort, the Benders are short-handed without Nerdly and Avatar. The trio backs up to the locked doors to the bridge. Conveniently, Avatar blasts them open at this moment with explosives he made from the VCR and videotape of the comet collission. He joins the fray, but still the heroes fall back, until they and the aliens come to a stand-off on two in the middle of the bridge.

At this point, Nerdly (still possessed by the Germlon leader), Dorkros, and the Energy Beings blast through the wall of the bridge. With a fearsome cry, the La Mal turn away from the Benders and charge the newcomers. The Germlons are powerful, blasting many La Mal, but their opponents sacrifice themselves without a thought, wave after wave keeping the new enemy back. Avatar, Solo, Sue, and Cleo are left alone with Dorkros and Leader/Nerdly. Another stand-off ensues, as the Benders try to break through to Nerdly and make him fight the leader's will, and the Leader tries to control his host.

Several things suddenly happen at once. The last Energy beings falls before the few remaining La Mal, who turn their attention upon Dorkros and the Leader. Possessed Nerdly begins moving his hands in likely magical gestures that will likely allow him to escape, but this is interrupted by Sue, who tackles, and then kisses*, him. The Leader is expelled from Nerdly's...ears, and Nerdly's eyes return to their normal color. He and Sue quickly move apart.

Germlon Leader (now a mud-brown puddle on the floor, projecting into the minds of everyone in the room: I was never meant to leave the host until their death. You have destroyed me... In the name of the Dark Council, I will do the same to you...

The leader turns to dust, and alarms begin blaring across the station, warning of a self-destruct sequence. The La Mal, who were merely attacking the station to destroy the Dark Storygate mechanism, are now quite friendly with the Vamp Benders, and help them to locate spacesuits. Cut periodically to Dorkros running back through the station to the portal, trying to reach the evil Storygate before the countdown ends. Just as he sees the portal, and the Benders are safely away, the station explodes in a blinding flash of red. The Storygate and Dorkros are destroyed. The exhausted Benders decide that it is time to return home through their own storygate, partly since the goal has apparently been accomplished, but mostly because their spacesuits will run out of air. Only once they and a previously forgotten Fluffykins are safely in the base does a dazed Nerdly ask if anyone got the space station crew out before it blew up. No one did. Cue sad music.

The end of the episode is followed by a brief plea from the Organization for the Protection of Unconscious People (OPUP), with Klaus, Hans, Ada, and Agnes putting in appearances. Viewers are directed to call 1-800-UNAWARE to learn more about the cause.

  • This is widely speculated to have been the writers' response to a sizable nerd demographic's requests for development of a Sue/Nerdly ship. Episodes immediately following this one have no reference, leading some to suggest that a rather disturbing aspect of the series has been safely buried, and others to hope that the Ship will reappear in a more substantial form in the next season.


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