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AATAFOVS / The Red Story Gate Arc

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Season 2, Comic Arc, Issues 61 to 82. In television, starts from A Nerd In The Band. Ends with Through A Glass Nerdly. Next unconnected episode is Down The Series Of Tubes. This comic arc may not be line with television continuity. Preceded by issues 51 to 60, the King of the Forest Arc. Followed by issues 83 to 88, the Omen from the Future Arc.

The Red Story Gate Arc is a dramatic arc in the AATAFOVS Comic book series. It is told from issues 98 to 112, and prominently features the concept of the Red Story Gate introduced in the two-part episode A Nerd In The Band and its conclusion Through A Glass Nerdly. Nerdly receives heavy character development, and four issues are devoted to awesome fight scenes involving Benders hitting Germlons with magical abilities they do not possess in the series.



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