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Season 2, Comic Arc, Issues 83 to 88. In television, starts from The Future Is Now. Next unconnected episode is Friday Lite Brites. This comic arc may not be line with television continuity, as mentioned below. Preceded by issues 61 to 82, the Red Story Gate Arc. No newer arc released yet.

Editorial note: Due to fan outcry over the episode known as Omen From The Future being cut from the TV show, the writers have given the comic book free reign to do a loose adaptation of
The Future Is Now that goes on to wrap up the loose plot threads, giving readers a sense of what might have been, had the missing episode been aired.

The Omen From The Future arc ran from issues 83 to 88. The first issue of the arc was the promised adaptation of The Future Is Now, which took many liberties with the original source material. Naturally, since Fluffykins doesn't exist in the comic book continuity, an angst ridden future was written for Arkemeadieus the Owl where he lost the will to live and was killed participating in an animal fight club.

The biggest alteration to the story is that Future Nerdly is resurrected in the following issue (after Avatar has gone back to his own time) by being turned into a cyborg in an obvious Homage to The Six Million Dollar Man. Or that episode of Dragon Ball Z where Frieza is rebuilt as a cyborg. Some people have difficulty telling. Future Nerdly angsts incessantly about his loss of humanity from this point onwards. After the first of many angst scenes from Future Nerdly, the story cuts back to the present day, where Avatar is recounting his experiences in the future to the other Vampbenders. Just as Avatar finishes, Future Nerdly arrives from the future, apparently 17 years onward from the point in time that Avatar had just visited, during which time, Future Nerdly's future has become even worse.


In the next issue, Future Nerdly elaborates on his situation, though ends up getting sidetracked several times with angst over being a cyborg now. It turns out that after Avatar left for the present day, a long forgotten nemesis of his by the name of Doctor Myro finished work on a super-clone called Nucleus, created from the DNA of the metaverses' strongest fighters, such as Chuck Norris, Mr. T and Vin Diesel. The first thing that Nucleus did upon awakening was kill Doctor Myro, something that Avatar had neglected to do during their first encounter on the grounds that doing so would make him just like his opponent. Nucleus then went on to overthrow the Dark Council and leveled the entire world looking for a greater challenge. After Nucleus' onslaught, Future Nerdly used his handy in-built time machine to travel back in time and warn the Vampbenders of what was to transpire unless measures were taken to prevent it. However, the issue ends with Future Nerdly being consumed by cellular growth from within his cybernetic parts, taking on the visage of Nucleus.


The following issue begins with Nucleus explaining how he regressed to cellular size and hid himself inside Future Nerdly's cybernetic parts in order to hitch a lift into the past with him in search of a greater challenge. A fight breaks out with Nucleus proclaiming that the Vampbenders are fools, to be pitied. Nucleus then proceeds to defeat the Vampbenders with ease through the use of his roundhouse kick. Before Nucleus can claim any lives, Avatar calls out to Future Nerdly, sure that he must be there within Nucleus somewhere. Through sheer force of will, Future Nerdly is able to regain control, causing Nucleus to once more regress into his cellular form. Once everyone has recovered from their injuries, Nerdly does a medical examination on his future counterpart, who takes another moment to angst over being a cyborg to his younger incarnation's dismay. However, an electromagnetic field around Future Nerdly's cybernetic parts prevents anyone from either attempting to open them up or from doing an X-Ray.

The next issue begins with a scene with Renita sitting at a computer in a darkened room illuminated solely by a large number of monitors, one of which is streaming CCTV footage from the Vampbenders' base, another of which is watching Roland in the shower. She is speaking with Naked Boss over a comminications network, assuring him in ambiguous terms that all is going according to plan. Back at the Vampbenders' base, Nerdly has succeeded in breaching his future self's electromagnetic field after rigourous effort, only to discover that there is, in fact, no cellular material inside of his cybernetic parts whatsoever. At that point, Renita hacks into every monitor in the base and explains that she is broadcasting from over 20 years into the future. She goes on to cause Future Nerdly to fall unconscious with her leet haxxor skills and explains that he isn't actually possessed by Nucleus at all, who doesn't actually exist, and that Future Nerdly is actually just brainwashed into developing Nucleus as a secondary personality through a combination of nanomachines and copious amounts of marijuana, which only made him believe that 17 more years had passed in his future where Nucleus had ravaged the world. Holographic technology inside of Future Nerdly's cybernetic parts created the illusion that he was being consumed by Nucleus' cellular material all of those times that the Nucleus persona asserted control. When asked why she went to all the trouble, Renita explains that the true purpose of sending Future Nerdly into the past was to act as a carrier for a new strain of nanovirus that would proceed to hack into every piece of technology on the planet and digitize the entire world by the time that the conversation was over. The issue ends on this cliffhanger.

The following issue starts with Renita giggling, which them progresses into all out maniacal laughter. She then reminds the Vampbenders again that it's too late for them to do anything to stop her before signing off. The transmission ends just as Future Nerdly is reawakening, the Nucleus persona asserting control again. After pleading with Future Nerdly to see the truth and failing, the Vampbenders reluncantly engage him in battle, fairing much better this time for no adequately explained reason. Nucleus is defeated effortlessly, yet the Vampbenders are reluctant to kill him. They are saved the trouble, however, when Future Nerdly reasserts control long enough to activate his self destruct mode, taking his Nucleus persona to the grave. A funeral is held for Future Nerdly, where it rains. The clouds form into the shape of Future Nerdly's smiling face, showing that he is finally at peace. Meanwhile, in the future, Renita explains in an internal monologue how the claim that she intended to digitize the entire world via a nanovirus was false, lampshading how incredulous the idea is, boasting about how the Vampbenders have no idea what her real goal is. She contacts Naked Boss and informs him that The Plan is ahead of schedule before signing off. The arc ends with Renita's trademark laugh which starts with a giggle, then develops into hysterical cackling.


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