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Avatar: We have an almost infinite, possibly immortal legion of the Metaverse's most brilliant and powerful beings against us. They have unlimited resources, far reaching political connections and cool costumes.
Solo: I don't know about you, but I like those odds.

The Dark Council meet in the Citadel of Evil, conveniently situated on the Mountain of Terror, between the Forest of Nightmares and the Sea of Blood. On the outside the citadel is but a small, charmingly European castle, but on the inside the citadel is a labyrinthine edifice, built to a scale that matches its overlord's egos. The corridors are wide enough that the warlord of Z'lt'n can fly his flagship, the Doomstar, down them without scraping the sides (although he frequently does as he's a terrible driver) and even the weakest Evil Overlord has a personal throne room slightly larger than Australia, decorated to suit their personality.


When not plotting against the Vampire Benders, or backstabbing each other, the Dark Council like to watch wrestling matches between their evil lieutenants in the Mudpit of Doom. The fight between the ninja nymphettes of Mistress Malicia and the Dread Queen's leatherclad squad of dark magical cheerleaders is a particular fan favourite.

The Dark Council consists of 666 Evil Overlords, including:

Another, far more mysterious group, known only as TVTW, has occasionally made appearances. While several - most notably Seth - have appeared among the ranks of the Dark Council, it seems that their loyalty to their mysterious organization supersedes their ties to the Council. Indeed, it is heavily implied that TVTW are tied to the creation of the Story Gate, the formation of Dark Council, and even may be guiding the efforts of McPotter and the Vampire Benders to their own ends...

Their machinations are backed by the manpower of the Unknown Troopers, an unnaturaly diverse team of sleeper agents; anyone, anywhere, at any time, could be an Unknown Trooper without even being aware of it! (Hence the name.)

Wild fan speculation holds that the TVTW are the representations of the metaverses gods, and have power over the entire universe. The diverse number of members is cited as the reason continuity is totally disregarded between episodes. A less wild theory is that they are just author avatars, but that's not as fun.

Presumed members of TVTW include...

Other recurring and significant one-shot enemies include:

  • The Amazing Spider-Spider. Has the body of a spider and the proportional strength of a different spider. Suspected to merely be a spider that was unfortunate enough to wander into the Citadel. Nobody is actually certain if the Amazing Spider-Spider is evil, because it doesn't talk. Seth and Professor Van Doom often have long, pointless arguments about whether the Amazing Spider-Spider is male or female. Scrounge has his own theory, but it was put forth on the other side of a soundproof door, and all the Audience saw that hinted at it were Scrounge's hand getsures and Jimmy's disturbed reactions.
  • Devil Jirah, a massive, flame-spewing reptillian monster bearing a passing resemblance to a T-rex with horns and a back covered in razor-sharp, wickedly curved fins. Don't call him a lizard. Or a dragon.
  • Hang Ten, surfer, executioner, and cruel spirit of the tides. Said to be spawned of Davy Jones himself. His hatred for Admiral Black is deeper than the darkest reaches of the ocean, and he has little regard for the lives of those who set foot in his waters unless they prove themselves worthy.
  • The Guppy Poop Troupe, a rather awkward group of teen miscreants that are mainly used for comic relief. When we first meet them in "Ring Rats", they're working at a pet shop, and all have a crush on Cleo. The members are:
  • A nameless, driverless hearse that can be briefly seen following the Vamp Benders in certain episodes.
  • The Order Of The Cleansing Flame, a group of fanatical warrior-monks who personally mete out dire punishment for even the smallest of misdeeds, such as jaywalking or the use of silly nicknames.
  • The Blakesville Behemoths, a football team controlled by the forces of evil. Between games, they run rampant, looting and destroying like the Vikings of old. Ironically, this makes them better role models than about half the other teams in their league. Appear in Friday Lite Brites.
  • A little dog named Flippy.
  • Angry Jock, Furious Jock, and Calm And Rational Jock, three thugs from Glasgow. They do not appear that often, although that may change.
  • Loki. Yes, the Norse god of mischief. In a surprisingly non-traditional move for this show, he's not Satan. Rather, he's an homage to Q from Star Trek.
  • N'Hemia: A succubus queen from "the Netherworld". Her goals, if any, are unknown. Likes to toy with the Vampbenders.
  • A disembodied, mobile hand with superhuman strength and orange, rock-like skin. It has yet to write out its name, so everyone simply refers to it as "that thing."
  • Penny Dreadful, villainess for hire. She originally went into villainy to stop her mother from nagging her about finding a nice boy and settling down, but she stays because she's become an adventure junkie.
  • Mr. Mannheim and Mr. Steamroller, the Middle-Aged Firm, troubleshooters, exterminators, recreational gravediggers, and retaliatory chiropractors.
  • The Tabernacle Of Bacchus, a cult worshipping the god of wine. Though allegedly a religious order, they behave more like a group of frat boys with cloaks. Most people refer to them as the Pink Hierophants.
  • A pair of Affably Evil Ambiguously Gay gophers who were once simply Affable, but turned to the path of darkness when they were mistaken for chipmunks one time too many. Now whenever someone makes that mistake, they kindly explain the primary differences between the species while butchering up the offender's body for fertilizer in their vegetable garden. Whether they're actually members of the Dark Council is unclear.
  • The Brotherhood of the Cold Sun: a conspiracy of scientists who have allied themselves with the Gay Haitian Needle-Drug Yakuza in order to perpetuate the myth of global warming to bring about a new ice age so their Cro-Magnon overlords can take over the world. Thag McLarg at first seems to be in control but latter in turns out the evil mastermind is Al Gore who is secretly an evil Cro-Magnon. An AATAFOVS expanded universe novel Time After Crime involves the gang going back in time to rig the 2000 Florida presidential election in favor of George W. Bush.
  • The Shadow Sculptors, a band of champions from a universe of chaos and shadows created or gathered by Professor Udite's twisted counterpart, the Savant. Not especially evil, their goals- to save their own universe by stealing or gathering Narrativium from this one, as well as sustain their own lives- still put them in opposition to the Benders, and they have a wary alliance with the Dark Council. Have become popular among some fans for their essentially heroic, if twisted natures, and often feature in spinoff stories, comics, and episodes. Their members include:
    • Persona, Avatar's counterpart. A pale, ruthless young woman, Persona will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals and achieve revenge upon the Savant, whose unethical experiments imbued her with tremendous magical power in exchange for a ravenous appetite for others' personal Narrativium. Wields a bladed stave in combat and wears elegantly dark attire at all times. Is not responding well to Avatar's attempts to resolve their differences without fighting one another.
    • Gestalt, Solo's counterpart. Persona's older sister, outwardly shy and chaste, but with a hinted-at highly creative imagination. Gestalt suffers from an extreme example of multiple personalities and, thanks to the Savant's experiments, can manifest any one of them more or less at will. Generally dresses in a warped nun's outfit; her various projections vary in outfit and personality.
    • Claude, Sue's counterpart. A lean, almost feral night-skinned teenager with a very quiet, raspy voice and some difficulty relating to others. It's been hinted Claude literally devours Story Gates to keep his hyper-flexible, almost liquid body stable. He usually serves as the team's spy. Dresses in loose cargo pants and a sleeveless top, and carries a frankly terrifying assortment of knives. Oddly enough, he got on well with Nerdly for some reason the few times they've met.
    • Debutante. A sixteen-year-old, stylish teenaged fangirl of Persona who somehow managed to tag along. Stunning, socially adept....and she gives no indications she's got a brain in her head. Most of the time. The rest of the team generally humors her more out of exasperation than any real use...but harbors a terrifying, world-destroying Eldritch Abomination, the Wyrm of Twilight. Dresses in a rather warped cheerleader outfit.
    • Andrews von Mansfield de Litchensteinen the Twenty-Fifth. A Shadow-verse holy man, he serves as the team's chaplain but isn't averse to mixing it up a little with his favorite oversized, bayonnet-mounted shotgun. Takes most of his religious oaths with a shaker's worth of salt, but staunchly chaste and in fact Allergic to Love, much to many female characters' disappointment.
    • Scales. The team's pet juvenile dragon. Occasionally displays the ability to become...a small, fluffy kitten, always with an overblown Transformation Sequence and Ominous Latin Chanting accompaniment.
  • Stainless Steel, a three-tailed, magically-enhanced Fox Demon with gray fur. He first appeared in the Web Animation Krystal Clarity, as an enemy Krystal was on the run from before joining up with the Vamp Benders. In the end, he is seen talking to Persona in a bar of the shadier sort. Very furry, very bishy, wears a spiked collar. No ones sure if he's gonna be in the show or not, but the fangirls (and certain fanboys) seem unnervingly fond of him. Conceived as one of the Shadow Sculptors, but replaced with Debutante at about the same time Eidolon and Appreggio's names were changed to Persona and Gestalt; according to the web site, the character design would have gone to waste, so they used it for the webisode.

The makers of AATAFOVS have stated that Schlorph, The Countess Sirena, Pervertigo and other members of the Council of Evil will have a more prominent place in the third season. They refuse to comment on the future role of TVTW, promising only "something interesting". As for antagonists not in either group, the official response was "Huh? What? Oh, those guys! Er.... Can we get back to you on that?"


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