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AATAFOVS / A Pirates Life For Me

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Season 1, Episode 10. Comes after Win Frankensteins Money, followed by A Slice Of The Limelight.

This episode begins as Avatar's crew go through the story gate to the island of St. Maarten in the year 1853. They quickly discover that the whole island is being held hostage by a crew of bloodthirsty pirates aboard the dread ghost ship, the Blood Pearl. The Vamp Benders acquire a small boat of their own, and head out to investigate.


It's not too long before the Vamp Benders are boarded by the Blood Pearl; they are then quickly captured, and brought before the pirate queen, Admiral Black. Black reveals to Avatar and the gang that her pirates have been cross-training as ninja, and that's made them the most feared crew in the Caribbean. The Vamp Benders try once more to resist, but are subdued quickly and forced to walk the plank (except for Fluffykins, who Admiral Black decides to adopt as ship mascot—"Parrots are so passe", after all).

The crew washes up on a deserted island, out of luck and out of ideas—all except Nerdly, who whispers a plan to Avatar, who shouts, "That's so crazy, it just might work!" They start using coconuts and bamboo to build robot dinosaurs, as well as a raft and a crude sail. Once they're complete, the Vamp Benders set out to find the Blood Pearl once more and rescue Fluffykins. They board the Blood Pearl, and the robot dinosaurs out-awesome the ninja pirates, but not without an extended fight scene. Avatar and Cleo finally make it below decks, just in time to see Black escape with Fluffykins through a dark Story Gate. The rest of the Benders take over the ship, and bring it back to port, delivering the pirate crew to justice. They then commandeer the ship and fly through the dark Story Gate to chase Admiral Black...



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