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Cleo has in the past been a main character on the show Avatar and the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers for several seasons. Considered by most fans to be stunningly attractive, she generally fills the position of The Chick in the Benders' Five-Man Band. Official character descriptions first mentioned her having a "thing" for fellow Bender Solo McPotter.

Unfortunately, Cleo received very little character development. In the end, her prime contribution to the group was the fact that nearly every episode involved some form of Fanservice on her part. These included frequent Clothing Damage and various accidents. It is actually easier to list episodes that did not in some way make use of Cleo's role as Ms. Fanservice:


And to be clear, this was over the course of some 30 episodes. A number of the above have very brief descriptions, indicating that at least two could contain Cleo fanservice we are not aware of.


Unfortunately, Cleo was aware of her frequent wardrobe malfunctions, and hated her role with a passion. This was revealed in the episode Battles Of The Mind. In the following episode, Blows That Hurt Most, she mercilessly killed the Big Bad (this was the conclusion of the the three-part Season 3 premiere). She promptly gained psychic powers and left, quickly joining the Dark Council.


As a result, Cleo was replaced by Krystal. She is expected to appear in numerous future episodes.


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